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Kerin Miller is an expert WordPress developer having years of experience in working with various web development technologies. Currently, she is working for a custom WordPress development company – Stellen Infotech. She is always trying to share his intangible knowledge with others on the web.

CMS or Framework – Which is More Efficient for a Startup

If you are just starting up a new online business and wondering what is better – CMS or Framework, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the effects of both Framework and CMS in four features. When it comes to developing a website to start up a new business, understanding [...]

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How Widget Options trump the other Widget Management Plugins ?

How Widget Options trump the other Widget Management Plugins? Widget options play an important role in maintaining better control of the widgets. Widget Options helps to display them at proper locations on the web page. In comparison to widget logic, display widgets and widget classes, management versions are different. In the following paragraph, let’s find [...]

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