How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to a New Host

Migrate Your WordPress Site Migrate WordPress Site Are you facing issues with the current hosting service provider? I have personally encountered few issues related to the hosting environment and it can certainly give you a headache. Some people prefer taking the professional help and some use the service by a new host but, if you [...]

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A Guide to Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

A Guide to Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder If you are looking to create a new web project and you are looking to find an easy to deal with backend or frontend editor then you should know that the WordPress is an ultimate option and you will be able to find it extremely [...]

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5 Cool WordPress Themes

5 Cool WordPress Themes ThemeVision presents you a 5 cool WordPress themes for January 2017. We believe you will like those cool WordPress themes which are listed below. KingNews WordPress Theme KingNews is a premium and features rich WordPress theme for magazines and newspapers. If you are in publishing business or just want to create eye [...]

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How Widget Options trump the other Widget Management Plugins ?

How Widget Options trump the other Widget Management Plugins? Widget options play an important role in maintaining better control of the widgets. Widget Options helps to display them at proper locations on the web page. In comparison to widget logic, display widgets and widget classes, management versions are different. In the following paragraph, let’s find [...]

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5 Steps To Fully Restore Your Website After Getting Hacked

5 Steps To Fully Restore Your Website After Getting Hacked Has your website been hacked? There is no need for you to panic, stay calm and follow the right procedure to make appropriate measures. When you have been hacked, the only solution is to try figure out the steps you can use to resolve the [...]

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Ways to Improve Your WordPress Development Skills

Ways to Improve Your WordPress Development Skills WordPress continues to be the ever growing software which is projected to keep growing even till the next decade. No wonder it powers over 25% of websites today. However, since this is the case, it is important for WordPress development companies or personnel to keep updating their skills [...]

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Top 5 Tips to Improve WordPress Performance

Top 5 Tips to Improve WordPress Performance There is no doubt that WordPress is becoming popular and this means that many people are using it for their websites. However, have you actually given a thought about the performance of your WordPress website? Do you have an idea how visitors find your website? How do you [...]

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Top 10 WordPress Themes for Church and Events

A good user experience, readability, and minimalism are the top qualities that a church WordPress websites should aim for. As a matter of fact, a majority of church websites don't usually pay a lot of attention to the details and the overall value of the website in reaching the masses. However, they often forget that [...]

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5 Tips to Tackle and moderate Comment Spam on WordPress

5 Tips to Tackle and moderate Comment Spam on WordPress If you have a blog/website with a comment section, the one thing you can be sure of receiving is overwhelming amounts of comment spam. That applies to WordPress too. There are a few ways people deal with the massive spam influx on WordPress, commonly by disabling the comment [...]

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How to Hire WordPress Developers

From being used as a blogging platform, WordPress as a content management system has evolved and today it is one of the most popular and used open source web development platform. WordPress is so popular that it powers millions of website all over the internet today and has produced technically competent developers. Due to the [...]

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