Best WordPress Hosting Companies that offers 1-click Installation

Whenever you are about to create a website, you should know that there are always few important factors that you will have to keep in mind. There are few basic components that you need to focus on so you can run a WordPress site without any issues. Selecting a hosting company is one of the [...]

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5 Reasons Why the Speed of Your WordPress Website Matters

Having a slow website can create a lot of problems for you. It can be the worst thing that you can imagine for your business. And, you should know that no one is going to stay on your website if it does not has good speed. The speed of your WordPress website always matters, and [...]

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Essential SEO Aspects When Launching a New Website

If you have a business idea that needs to be brought to life, registering a domain name and building a website are usually the first steps toward that goal. However, it’s not that simple as it seems – Google and other search engines are important when it comes to being found and seen, and therefore [...]

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6 Reasons to Design Your First Website Using WordPress

WordPress is renowned for being one of the most popular content management systems and creation platforms to ever grace the Internet. It’s used by some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world and, in fact, the websites based on its platform currently controls around 28% of the total World Wide Web. As you [...]

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How to remodel the WordPress oEmbed functionality ?

It is very easy to embed content in WordPress website. Why am I saying this! Well the reason is pretty simple. Embedding content is indeed very simple, all you have to do is drag a YouTube link/URL and drop it in the post editor, after this, all you have to do is just watch how [...]

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CMS or Framework – Which is More Efficient for a Startup

If you are just starting up a new online business and wondering what is better – CMS or Framework, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the effects of both Framework and CMS in four features. When it comes to developing a website to start up a new business, understanding [...]

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5 Tips On How To Secure Your WordPress Website

5 Tips On How To Secure Your WordPress Website The sheer popularity of WordPress as a content management system makes it an ideal target for attacks. What most website owners don’t realize that most of the time, it’s their fault that the website got hacked in the first place. There are numerous responsibilities when it [...]

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5 Related Post Plugins For WordPress You Should Try

5 Related Post Plugins For WordPress You Should Try The success of your website as well as the loyalty to your brand depends on how much of your website content is consumed by your audience. The quality of your content is essential, but it is also very important that your visitors can easily navigate your [...]

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How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to a New Host

Migrate Your WordPress Site Migrate WordPress Site Are you facing issues with the current hosting service provider? I have personally encountered few issues related to the hosting environment and it can certainly give you a headache. Some people prefer taking the professional help and some use the service by a new host but, if you [...]

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A Guide to Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder

A Guide to Visual Composer Drag & Drop Page Builder If you are looking to create a new web project and you are looking to find an easy to deal with backend or frontend editor then you should know that the WordPress is an ultimate option and you will be able to find it extremely [...]

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