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1 888 Go Answer Review 2022 – Top 10 Call Center Services

Go Answer is one of the best call center services for inbound support. They have thousands of customers across the country. They offer flexible pricing to fit small, midsized, and established businesses. Custom pricing is also available if you have unique needs. Outbound client calls, call forwarding, and off-hours live streaming are some of the services their team offers. If you have been searching for a way to handle inbound calls, GoAnswer might be worth trying. If you don’t know what the company is about, this review will help you learn.

The Verdict
1 888 Go Answer 1 888 Go Answer

Go Answer is a reliable call center company with an impressive overall performance. Based on the reviews they get from clients, they offer satisfactory services. They cover all aspects of communications, not just telephone calls. They can handle internet communications on your behalf. Their prices are affordable, starting from $ 50. They don’t bind you in a contract; they offer month-to-month services. Based on this review, it should be easy for you to decide if 1 888 Go Answer can be worth a try. Ensure you analyze your business needs first before you choose a plan.

  • Go Answers is HIPAA compliant; it’s ideal for healthcare professionals
  • They have one of the fastest pickup times in the industry
  • They offer a 30-day risk-free trial
  • They have a swift and convenient mobile app that allows you to keep tabs on your account activities.
  • Customizable pricing available
  • They favor all sizes of businesses
  • Dedicated account management
  • The call answering services are available 24/7
  • They have impeccable customer support services
  • There aren’t many limitations associated with the company. The only downside is that it’s hard to understand the full scope of their outbound services because it’s offered on a case-by-case basis. Generally, it’s a better answer call center. You will have to speak to a representative if you want to learn about their outbound services.

About Company

A family of entrepreneurs founded 1 888 Go Answer. They work with companies of all sizes, no matter the monthly call volume. The highly recommended call center company has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau. Their services are personalized to fit different professionals and businesses.

They mostly serve North America; they work with eCommerce, legal, publishing, finance, and real estate establishments. They take time to understand your industry so that they can provide the best services. They don’t like answering machines; they believe that a live person should answer every message and call. They are bringing back the era before answering machines and giving all your clients a personal interaction.

The company is focused on providing excellent customer service. The 24/7 bilingual call center has received a lot of global recognition. They have a strong list of features that favors any business that needs to outsource call center services. Working will be like having a friendly receptionist who handles your calls and messages. Not all businesses can afford an in-house call service team; that’s why GoAnswer offers the services at a fee.


Go Answer meets all the expectations you have about a call center. They anticipate your needs by offering a long list of services. They focus on inbound services, but they can also offer outbound services when you request. The number of services you enjoy depends on the package you choose. These are their outstanding services and features to expect.

  1. 24 Hour Call Answering Service

The highly-trained agents will handle your business calls and inquiries. The 24/7 presence makes them unique and a better answer call center. They ensure you never miss an opportunity or an important call. Even after you close the business for the day, you won’t have to worry about official calls. You will provide the agents with a customized script that they use for uniformity and professionalism on all your calls.

  1. Quick Response For Emails

Besides answering calls, the company offers email follow-up services. Your clients expect a fast turnaround; keeping them waiting is not ideal. Go Answers them as quickly as possible, so they don’t have to hit that refresh button over and over again. You will receive a text message or email notification of any updates on your account. If the agents capture any messages, you will know about them.

  1. Web Chats

As more and more business happens online, web chats are expected of any business. Go Answer contact center will handle web chat inquiries for you and provide your customers with solutions. They help you remain reachable at all times, even when you are doing other things. No customer has to feel neglected. Internet answering service is also available.

  1. Appointment Setting Services

1 888 GoAnswer can handle your appointment calendar. You don’t have to be worried about no-shows and canceled appointments. They work with you to ensure every appointment they set is on your terms and based on your specific schedule needs. Appointment setting is a crucial part of any business. You need a team of experts to handle clients and give them appropriate days for appointments.

  1. FAQs

There are those questions clients usually ask about your business. You can give Go Answer about 10 to 15 frequently asked questions and appropriate answers. This information will help them assist callers better. You might not be able to respond to every query from your customers, but you can use the GoAnswer team to resolve some of their issues. They can handle client complaints on their own without contacting you every time.

  1. Legal Intake

Handling cases might be stressful for busy law firms. The company can help them manage the incoming business and handle legal intake. They even handle potential leads. This gives the firm a chance to focus on other important business areas. A legal firm needs someone who understands the industry to handle calls from clients. Luckily GoAnswer takes time to understand your industry so that they can handle each call with professionalism.

  1. Message Taking And Call Patching

The agents will take down possible messages from your clients. They forward the message to your email so that you can remain informed on what your customers needs. Most call center companies will charge you extra for call patching services but Go Answer doesn’t. They will patch the calls directly to your relevant contacts.

  1. Outbound Services

Outbound services at GoAnswer are case-by-case; if you don’t request them, they won’t offer them automatically. They help you handle outbound calls and follow-ups. Speak to your account manager and discuss which outbound services are suitable for your business. These are extra services that might reflect on your pricing.

  1. Mobile App

When you work with the company, you will get access to a mobile app. You will view your account details and activity in real-time. You can check the remaining minutes and usage to know if you need to budget for more. Reporting will be at your fingertips. You can learn how long an average call is. This app makes the company more accountable because you will be keeping track of everything on your end.

  1. Bilingual Support

Agents at the company are fluent in Spanish and English. It’s always an advantage when your call center company can speak more than one language. Even if most of your clients speak English, the Bilingual support might come in handy from time to time.

  1. Customer Retention

Customer retention is single-handedly the most important aspect of any business. Without returning customers, it’s easy to fall out of business. The agents at Go Answer can engage in customer retention services like reaching out to dissatisfied callers. They can also mail discounts and vouchers to your clients on your behalf. These extra services can help you grow your client list and keep customers coming back.

  1. Order Taking

The agents can take your customers through the buying process and take their orders. They will take orders as if they are customers in your store. They can also help you cross-sell or upsell. They offer all-around services that can help you increase sales especially order taking. The agents work hand in hand with your sales team and forward all the orders your way so that you can complete sales with different customers.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing at the company starts at $ 50. You will get a 30-day risk-free trial to sample their services before you start paying. The plans are flexible, and you can get a custom quote if none of the plans suits you. All the plans require extra costs for additional minutes. The setup fee is $ 75 for whichever plan you choose. The setup fee might be a bit higher than other competitive companies. Here is an overview of their prices.

  • Pay-as-you-go: $ 50 monthly
  • 100 minutes: $ 110 monthly
  • 250 minutes: $ 250 monthly
  • 500 minutes: $ 475 monthly
  • 1000 minutes: $ 900 monthly
  • 2500 minutes: $ 2200 monthly
  • 5000 minutes: $ 4200 monthly
  • 10000 minutes: $ 8200 monthly

If your minutes are below or higher than what appears on their plans, you should request a custom plan. They accept all major credit cards; if you want to pay using a different method, you have to reach out to them. You can cancel their services at any time without paying a fee. They don’t have a contract; their services are month-to-month. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription when you want.

You may need to pay $ 14.50 per hour if you need dedicated agents. But you can only hire a minimum of five agents. If your business can’t afford the extra costs, stick to the general services. Some additional services come at a fee. These services include additional phone numbers and an interactive voice response menu.

Go answers is one of the most competitively priced call center companies. They accommodate all sorts of businesses, and you can pay as you go if you don’t want a monthly plan. Their flexible pricing is part of the reason why they have a huge customer base. They have included many features on all the plans, including free CRM integration. What matters is the call volume at your company. Try to find a plan that suits your business needs because it will save you from paying extra for services you don’t need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Unused Minutes Roll Over To The Next Month?

With go to answer, you have to use the minutes before you lose them. They don’t offer roll-over minutes. Ensure you pick the best pricing plan that fits your business needs to avoid paying for minutes that you never use. You should understand how many calls your company is likely to make every month. If you overestimate, you will end up with unused minutes all the time.

How Long Will My Customers Wait Before The Phone Is Answered?

Go Answer ensures the phone is answered after approximately three rings or 20 seconds. Their time is impressive; your callers won’t have to wait for long. They have surpassed the standard time of 30 seconds. Even your receptionist might not be able to answer calls in such a hurry and make customers feel important. That’s why most businesses opt for outsourced call center services. Their team is efficient and will help your company acquire a great reputation.

Can They Answer Multiple Calls At The Same Time?

The company can handle up to 100 inbound calls at once for your account. There is no chance your callers will hear a busy signal when they call. If you have been experiencing busy lines, it might be an issue with your phone carrier. It’s always wise to tell your phone carrier that you will be forwarding your calls to the call center so that they can route your calls. The great thing about using call center services is that they can handle many calls compared to your limited staff.

What Will My Callers Hear When They Are Placed On Hold?

Your customers will be hearing standard hold music. But if you want, you can customize a message that will be played for them or determine the songs they will hear. It’s always nice to customize your message to uphold uniformity on all your calls.

Can 1 888 Go Answer Handle an Account That Needs HIPAA Compliance?

If you are a healthcare provider, the company can securely handle your account, which requires HIPAA compliance. This is such a relief because not all call centers can securely handle sensitive health information from clients. You have to safeguard such information to maintain client confidentiality and make customers trust your services. Being HIPAA compliant can also help your business avoid issues with the law. You will keep the sensitive information private, which is required of you as a healthcare service.

Can I Put My Account On Hold?

Some businesses are seasonal; the go to answer allows such companies to put their accounts on hold. However, you will have to switch to their lowest rate of 30 minutes, which costs $ 30 per month. This will keep your account on hold until you are ready to return. When you return, they will expect you to pay the setup fee of $ 75. You can switch back to your original plan after you are back. If putting the account to hold doesn’t favor you, cancel the subscription or plan until the next time you have a large call volume.

When Are Dedicated Agents Available?

The dedicated agents are available from Monday to Friday. If you want them to be available for the weekends or outside working hours, you should request. Dedicated agents are the best when you have a large call volume. They will focus on your clients and provide answers and solutions where possible. It might be costly, but it will be worth it in the end.

Do I Get To Keep My Toll-Free Number If I Cancel My Services?

The toll-free numbers are only functional when you are an active client. Once you decide to cancel their services, the number won’t serve you anymore because it won’t be active. You should get a toll-free number for your company if you plan to be a consistent customer of Go Answer.

Is The Company Right For You?

Go Answer is the right company for any business looking for a call center. If you generate 100 minutes in calls or less every month, you are eligible for their services. Their pay-as-you-go plan allows small businesses to only pay for services they need and nothing more. The company has worked with businesses from different industries, including legal firms, healthcare providers, and eCommerce. Go to answer has helped such businesses streamline their communications and handle clients better.

The call center handles emails, SMS, web chat, and telephone calls. You can benefit from these services if you conduct appointment setting or lead nurturing through calls or emails. Go Answer can also be right for you if you want a 24/7 call center that can handle calls after you close your business for the day. It’s the best way to ensure you give every client enough attention and support. If you have Spanish clients and your staff doesn’t speak the language fluently, GoAnswer has the solution. It’s a bilingual service provider that can manage English and Spanish-speaking clients.