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10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best

WordPress is commonly used by website designers, it is the best option for designers and there are many reasons why it stands out among other platforms. Today we will discuss the 10 top reasons why choosing WordPress is the best choice for you if you want to build a site to offer dissertation services. So let’s dive right in:

1. Free To Use for All

WordPress is a free platform that can be used by anyone anywhere. Other platforms can be very costly as compared to the free platform of WordPress. Since it is free, you don’t have an excuse to not use it. If you are a beginner with not much in the bank, WordPress is the best option for you. You can kick start your work without having to pay a dime. Many people argue that since WordPress is free, it does not have all the good functions that you need to work. However, this claim is completely false in the case of Software. In the world of software, such platforms are kept free with all the functions that a paid software would offer. Therefore, this is not a valid excuse and every beginner must use WordPress.

2. Easy To Use for All

WordPress is a very easy software to use. People who are familiar with computers and easy platforms such as Microsoft Word can easily use WordPress. You just need to be computer literate and you can be the master of your own website. The basic functions include writing a page or a post. Beginners don’t have to spend hours learning how to navigate through the application. It is pretty self-explanatory.  You can choose whichever font you want, add pictures, and align the text in the way you want. The possibilities are endless. If you don’t want to jump right into complicated software, working on WordPress is the best.

3. Additional Features for Functionality

WordPress has solutions for all your website needs. It offers a large number of plugins that you can use to add functionality to your website. You cannot just design a cool website on WordPress but you can also make it highly functional. You can easily find a plugin for any function you want to include on your website. There are even varieties of plugins you can add that complement the theme of your website. All of this and more for free is the best option.

4. Helps In Seo

WordPress makes it very easy and simple to carry out search engine optimization. People who want to hit all the benchmarks of SEO should try their hand at WordPress. With WordPress, you can even optimize images that hold great importance in SEO. It allows you to include alternative text in place of the image to include all your keywords as an image description. Moreover, WordPress is optimized for users who will access your website using their mobile devices. In addition to this, you can link your website easily with social media and that will increase the traffic on your site immensely. If SEO is your goal, feel free to use WordPress as you can avail of all the plugins that are specially made for SEO.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing Websites

It is essential for your websites to appeal to the eyes of the visitors. The colors should be able to grab the attention of the visitors, which will help you keep the visitors on the site without them leaving the page within seconds. Your website is the first impression that you will be leaving on the visitors therefore it should be good and lasting. WordPress allows you to play with different themes and colors to make your website easier on the eyes. The design of your website can be elevated with the help of all the features of WordPress.

6. Blogging Features

Websites nowadays have a very important feature of a blog. Blogging helps you engage more and more visitors on your site and even increase traffic that comes because of the blog. Therefore, it is essential to include a blog on your site, so that you can easily market your products or the services you offer. You can use it as an opportunity to impress your visitors by giving them quality content to read and woo them with your writing skills. WordPress was originally designed for blogs which makes it all the easier to add blogs on your site.  However, it is not absolutely necessary to add a blog on your site but if you want to then WordPress is your best option.

7. Everything Under One Roof

WordPress is gaining popularity as a Content Management System. You can do almost everything on WordPress. There are many widgets that you can use to include different features on your site. All you need is a good imagination and the rest will be taken care of by WordPress. You don’t need to be a tech genius to use these features and more at WordPress. Its best quality is the simplicity of the software. Anyone can use it to manifest their website dreams.

8. Great for Your Business

WordPress is a great support to your business. You must’ve made the website sell or market your business therefore, it is important for you to use a platform that makes it easy to conduct your business. WordPress is very friendly for your online business and gives you plenty of options to choose for your plugins such as a button for PayPal payment. You can include on-site forms that customers can fill in to place their orders and give other information. If you want to conduct a smooth online business, then going for WordPress is the safest and most efficient option for you.

9. WordPress Community

WordPress is used by a large number of people. Those who have used WordPress have come forward with their tips, tricks, and complete guides that are available for people to go through and learn from. If you have questions regarding the software, you can easily get the answer online. You can indulge in forum discussions and learn efficiently. This makes the already easy to use the platform even easier to use. You can avail help from top professionals who have written blogs on the topic and have answered questions from newbies.  

10. Start Working Now

There are many benefits to using WordPress, starting from attractive themes, interesting plugins and accessibilities. If you have been waiting to make your own site and needed proper guidance hopefully we were able to do justice and explain the way WordPress works and how it is the best choice for anyone looking to design their own sites.

If you are looking to design a website for dissertation services, you should definitely go for WordPress as you can use different plugins such as payment options and even include a blog which is a great addition to your site as it will attract the attention of students looking for dissertation help. Hopefully, our directions were easy to understand and we were able to convince you how WordPress can be of the biggest help to you. Good luck!


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