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4 Simple WordPress Plugins for Security

4 Simple WordPress Plugins for Security

There are many web hosting providers who set up all encompassing security measures aimed at ensuring that WordPress websites are given top security so that they are not easy target for hackers. For example, Malware scanners, SPI firewalls, Web application Firewalls and many other firewalls are usually applied to servers for the main purpose of ensuring that WordPress does not stand the risk of being compromised in online security. However, this has not deterred many website owners to control their own security and install plugins that can work with WordPress to enhance their website security. This article is interested in highlighting those small powerful plugins that help to secure your WordPress website.

Rename wp-login.php

The Rename wp-login.php is a simple plugin in WordPress, with the sole purpose of simply renaming the login page into a custom URL. The importance of this is to help prevent hackers from making guesses of passwords on the login page. This plugin can be useful in making a more memorable log in page link like in or It is important to note that this plugin is no longer maintained. However, it is still popular as it is very simple and easy to use. Note that this plugin does not rewrite rules, change or rename files in core, it simply intercepts page requests. It can work on any WordPress website.

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Limit Login Attempts

The Limit Login attempt is another very important brute force prevention plugin. As the name clearly suggests, this plugin will block multiple failed login attempts when they are same user or same IP address. This will ensure that only the real user is able to log in. This plugin also blacklist failed users and also ban their IP address for a certain duration which you can easily set. Some Auto installer software like Softaculous will allow you to get the plugin installed with the initial WordPress installation as a bundle.

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Sucuri Security

The origin of this plugin is traced to security experts with good understanding about WordPress security. The Sucuri security has a lot of features which can ensure all round security for your WordPress website. It helps to monitor site activities and also carry out file integrity monitoring. It also scans for malware. There is also a post –hack security action that provides some kind of emergency action in response to website compromise. The Sucuri security also provides security advice and also up to date notifications in situations when WordPress upgrade or update is available.

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Block Bad Queries

As the name clearly suggests, the Block Bad Queries plugin help protect your WordPress website against malicious URL requests. It has the capability of checking all incoming traffic and block bad requests quietly. It is important to note that the BBQ script is readily available as a plugin in WordPress. It is also available as a standalone script for any website that is based on PHP. The Block Bad Queries Plugin has the ability of blacklisting custom query strings by using a related blacklist-whiltelist plugin.

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Being a novice and restricted to the use of plugins only; is Block Bad Queries necessary if you have forced SSL over a shared network, using a legit Comodo certificate with free Cloudflare account?

Also what is your opinion of Jetpack, does it slow your site down?

Cheers Bob….

Fred Harrington

Great simple plugins. Thanks for the share.

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