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5 Needed Tips for WordPress Beginners

WordPress is an excellent tool for launching your new business. It is an open source website building program using the PHP programming language. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways in which you can produce a professional blog or website. Although WordPress may have started as a simple blogging platform, it has evolved into much more complete package in recent times. From plugins to widgets, feature you can add to your website are almost endless. WordPress is free, easy to install and easy to learn with hundreds of themes of different designs you can choose for your website. Although WordPress is not difficult to use, there are some things, beginners should know in order to have a more satisfying experience.

WordPress Folder

There are some websites that end up with URL like This is because they have used a WordPress folder while creating their site. Whenever this is done, the WordPress folder will show on the URL. To avoid this, always install the WordPress in the main directory or you can also use a sub domain.

Plugin Overload

It is safe to say that plugins are indeed wonderful and have something in everything from changing font size to post sharing on social media. Although, it is always great tool, avoid the temptation of using too many of them. Note that some plugins may not play nice together. If any problem is noticed after installing a new plugin, it is advisable to deactivate it to see if the problem gets fixed.

Posts and Pages

You will have to treat posts and pages differently. Note that a page is static and fixed. It displays the name of each of the visitors because its code is embedded into the HTML. However, a post is dynamic which means that visitors can fiddle with the content and it is subject to change. For example, your static pages should be the permanent web pages like the About Us, Contact or any content that is expected to remain constant.

Site Backup

Losing a website is never a pleasurable experience. You can ask those who have lost a website in the past. To ensure you don’t have this experience, ensure your WordPress website is backed up regularly. Some hosts are likely to provide a 24 hour back up of your site if anything happens but some others does not. There are also plugins for this purpose. You can search the directory and choose any good one.

Remember Your Footer

It is unfortunate that so many WordPress users overlook the footer on the bottom of the page. This is where you are expected to add your copyright or business information or links to other information. Also ensure that it is up to date as well as many people just check the footer for information to see if the site is actually up to date.

WordPress is the best thing that has happened to websites because of the possibilities it can provide.  WordPress beginners will surely have a pleasurable experience with WordPress if they follow these tips above.

5 Needed Tips for WordPress Beginners



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