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5 Ways to Find Out If Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

As technology keeps improving, the art of hacking has also undergone metamorphosis. It is becoming difficult to know if the security of your WordPress website has been compromised from the first look. Today, instead of hackers to insert some random text on the website, they have moved into something more serious like inserting harmful content directly into the backend. In fact, in a short time, your website security is likely to be breached and access to restricted information will be obtained by the hackers. It is very important to have appropriate checks in place to safeguard your website. The following are 5 sure signs that indicate that your website has been hacked.

Web Server Files

Preliminary checks on the file logs are very important so as to check files that have been uploaded or updated. If you compare the data time stamp of the log of files on the WordPress web server with your own actions, it is possible to tell the rogue files from the ones that are genuine. However, unless you are technically sound in web development, do not delete any file else it affects your website. In cases you find the rogue files, ensure that it is deleted from the web server and the hidden folders of the website.

Unwanted Content

This is a popular hacking method. You make wake up to see some unwanted content like promotional ads of drugs, illicit activities and pornography on your website. However, today’s hacker have a way of hiding it from your sight by camouflaging the content using the background palette and making them only appear through search engines. The best way to combat this to run “site:” on Google which displays how the public view your website. Reach out to the WordPress development team in case you see something worth reporting.

Access Logs of the Websites

Try checking the backend of the website to spot any suspicious visitor or any unusual activity. Although, this is a herculean task since it is difficult differentiating malicious visitors from genuine ones, you can seek the professional services of the WordPress development team to help you check further.

User and Hosting Provider Complaint

This is a serious issue and should not be treated casually. For example, when your regular visitors start complaining of getting spam mails from your own end, take it seriously even though you cannot see the mails because hackers naturally will exclude you from the list. You may be blacklisted from Google or get information from your hosting provider about the spam mails. Whatever the situation, take it seriously.

Unusual Redirects

One of the most used hacking methods. If your website is redirecting the user to unintended platforms, then it is a sure way of telling something is wrong. You will need to take action immediately.

Finally, the best way of securing your website is to make sure that the Theme and the website software is regularly updated using the right WordPress development platform or find help from WordPress experts.

5 Ways to Find Out If Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked


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