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6 Reasons to Design Your First Website Using WordPress

WordPress is renowned for being one of the most popular content management systems and creation platforms to ever grace the Internet. It’s used by some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world and, in fact, the websites based on its platform currently controls around 28% of the total World Wide Web. As you can see from these facts alone, WordPress must be doing something right.

Still need some convincing? Here is a list of reasons as to why you should be using WordPress for your first website.

It’s Free, For Life

If you’re just starting out in the online world, whether you’re looking to create a blog or launch your first online store, you may not have thousands to invest in your project right now. With that in mind, WordPress is completely free. Of course, you’ll still have to pay for hosting and a for a domain name, something WordPress also offer, but to create the actual pages of your website is completely free, now and forever onwards.

High-Level Ease of Use

WordPress is incredibly easy to learn. Once you’ve spent about half an hour on your Dashboard, you’ll pretty much know you’re way around and exactly what each feature does. In fact, everything is so easily and clearly labelled, there’s such a minimal chance that you won’t know what you’re doing. For the situations that you are a bit unclear on, there are millions of websites with helpful guides and tutorials.

Ricky Warner, the WordPress copywriter for State of writing, explains, “In my line of work, I spend the majority of my time setting up WordPress websites and writing content. However, one of the main questions I’m asked is how to add pages further down the line or update content as their business grows. When I show them that adding a page can be completed in less than five seconds, the users are astounded with how easy the platform is to use.”

WordPress is Open-Source

Now, this point may not matter to you right now but it will. If you’re looking for a certain plugin to carry out a certain task on your website, or you’re looking for new ways to design your website or for a specific feature, the fact that WordPress is open-source means that somebody has probably already invented it. If they haven’t, you can simply hire someone to make you a plugin for you. This is only possible because WordPress is open-source.

It’s Easy to Add Content

Content marketing is easily one of the biggest businesses in the world right now. Scroll down your social media feeds now and you’ll see endless blog links, company blogs, top-ten lists and more, all pointing you towards websites where sales can be made. Likewise, you’ll be uploading constant streams of content to your blog, and thankfully, WordPress makes this incredibly easy.

Billy Harvey, a freelance writer for Write my paper, exclaim, “I’ve written for countless blogs and companies over the years, and since WordPress has made posting content so easy, the business is only booming. Using a platform such as WordPress, especially for your first website, means you never have to worry about posting and formatting, you can simply save your template to use every time.”

A Plethora of Plugins

As mentioned above, the plugins that exist for WordPress are designed to make your life as easy as possible. For SEO, you’ve got around 226 pages of results to choose from. Looking to back up your website? There’s 206. With around 20-30 plugins per page, you really are spoilt for choice. Always bear in mind that avoiding plagiarism is such an important part of creating content and that’s the only comprehensive plugin that seems to be missing, but there is a range of alternatives, such as Academized. But don’t forget about it as it can be crucial for your website’s content.

Endless Responsive Themes

If you’ve ever been on a website on your desktop computer or smartphone and it’s just worked perfectly on both, the chances are that it’s running a WordPress theme. There are millions of WordPress themes available for you to download, each one completely customisable, giving you complete control over how your business looks and feels to your users. Also, lots of themes are created the way that you can make changes by yourself by using CSS and HTML. It is necessary if you have to make changes to the theme style.


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