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6 Soul-Satisfying SEO tips to make your WordPress website stand-out

The stunning website with an attention-grabbing content, but still there is no traffic on your WordPress website.

Sounds familiar?

No need to worry. In this post, you’ll know some tips that can help you survive the SEO apocalypse.

Just like any other skill, WordPress SEO is an art. And once you’re able to understand the game, you can modify the rules to gain benefit from it.

Here are 10 simple, yet effective WordPress SEO tips to make your website stand out from the digital crowd.

Start with the custom permalinks

Permalinks are URLs of the links that WordPress create.

By default, WordPress will assign random alphanumeric text to every page you create. But, if you want to control the way WordPress deal with your links, you can assign custom permalinks by writing your own permalinks.

So, instead of

you can simply do it like this:

This sounds relevant to Google spider and even the customers who’re searching for content writing tips will find more meaning in the SEO slug than some random number.

 Use SEO themes

There are tons of SEO themes that are available for users. You need to do the necessary research. Check out essential SEO aspects before you go for the theme.

The only problem is that users are not aware of the power of using SEO-based themes on their WordPress blog.

The good thing about SEO optimized theme is that you don’t need to do extra work on the SEO on your WordPress website.

In a Search engine optimized theme, most of the things are already implemented. Just like having a template. You just need to update a few things and your website will be able to rank in the search result pages.

Use of Anchor text and links

One mistake that most of the WordPress developers make while building their website is using Anchor text and links that define the purpose of the brand.

An SEO service company will know that whenever you assign anchor text to an image it gets easy for search engine pages to improve the ranking of the page.

What most of the Entrepreneurs don’t realize is the power of internal linking.

In WordPress, if you link posts that are related to your article, it will increase the authenticity of your website.

The power of quality content

The theme alone is not enough to impress the end-user.

You need to grab the attention of the user for them to make a sale.

Quality content can help you to attract the relevant audience to your website and if you do it right, your content will help to make the user think before moving away from your website.

There are tons of options that can help you save a lot of time while you create the quality content. You can start with Grammarly plugin which will help you to correct some grammar and point out the irrelevant text that is present in your content. You can devise a content marketing plan to keep things in check.

The correct hangtag and website titles

When you start a website, your aim is to generate sales. And if the website is not showing up in the first few pages of Google, it is best to find a job and do that.

Creating engaging titles is one of the core methods that helps brand rank better in Google search pages.

You just need to spend some time on each page and think of a title that contains a keyword and the best titles are those that use long-tail keywords.

Don’t let your user feel that you are enforcing a keyword on them.

The second thing you need to take care is the use of hashtags.

Ensure that you treat keywords as hashtags. Make the hashtags as natural as anything else.

Chose the right hosting

Everyone knows by now that Google is giving more points to websites that have a good speed.

Despite the website development part of the speed of your WordPress website will be derived from the hosting that you use.

A solid WordPress website hosting will help you to create a website with fewer speed issues and more smoothness while users browse your website.

Wrapped up

Creating a website is easy. The hard part is, sustaining the traffic on that website. If you’re able to create a website that is filled with quality images and good content. This is not just enough. You need to reach to your target audience.

Social Media platforms can help you reach your potential customers in no-time.

But, with WordPress, you need to integrate your social media with the SEO plugins like Yoast to amplify the SEO effect.

SEO is not an easy task. But, thanks to WordPress that takes all your worries away and gives you a better chance to rank higher than your competitors.


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