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7 Most desirable Woo Commerce Plug-ins for Your Store

Are you looking for the outstanding woo-commerce plugins for your website? These are the best part when building a woo commerce platform because it allows you to add new features while still growing your company. There are several plugINS in the market, either free plan or the premium that you can use though not all of them are good. Finding the best plugins for your website is the best thing you can do to the growth of your business.

The technology checkout of woo commerce is the leader in the world of online stores across the globe. It is claimed that about 27% of the online websites trust their business under woo commerce. This is because it offers many extensions that kames it more flexible. Following its level of customization, it is possible to build stores of your dream.

 However, by selecting the best plugins from the several, we have in the market could be quite challenging. Notably, not all the plugins are well developed in regard to their functionality and customer support.   That is why I am introducing to the WordPress Developers the most popular woo-commerce plugins that won’t disappoint you.  The discussed plugin is the high-head tools with outstanding support and, when used correctly, can take your business to greater heights.


It is a broad tool that deals with everything surrounding SEO requirements ranging from website SEO, position tracking, and analytics and adding of the backlinks.  It also helps in analyzing your competitors through strategies like advertisement and linking background. Semrush can list excellent organic keywords and the backlinks of a website. Ideally, it is essential to advanced users, but anyone can be somehow get experienced by learning from it.  It cost begins from $99.95 per month.


The Booster plugin handles all issues that relate to currency conversion, offers, discounts, customization of the checkout page, among others. Its features are genuinely impressive. This plugin helps in displaying the prices of each item in different currencies. It does this with the automated exchange rates, which will help many customers from different parts of the world. Besides, it offers various labels in the likes of adding to the cart, custom pricing among other names. 

In woo-commerce, the support for the plugin is through the emails and comment section provided on the module page. You can as well participate in the booster support forum that is found in the word press platform for more information. To acquire more functionality, you have to buy the plugin at the rate of @49.99 or subscribe for a lifetime at the rate of $79.9.  It functions very well since it offers many advanced features.


It is a social proof notification plugin that helps customers in making their decision to buy your products. The notification shows recent activities by the customer in case they have bought, downloaded anything or just registered to the plugin for your site. It declares the credibility of the website so that the customers compete for their purchases.

The good thing about it is that it is customizable hence offers its users with advanced targets, analytics and timing rules. Besides, it provides varying designs and colors which make the notification to be in line with the design of the site. Trust pulse has both the free plan, which better suits the beginners, and the pricing plan that costs about $5 per month.

Referral candy

The referral candy is a tool that solves issues that relates to the creation of a highly effective referral program on your website. These programs include retaining existing customers while still attracting new customers. This helps in boosting loyalty and helps new clients in converting the rates of the site. Due to its widespread features, you can easily organize on how to track customers, promote channels among other fruitful activities for the growth of your business.

Besides, it automatically distributes rewards like gifts, offers, and discounts to the customers. With its information-driven insights, it identifies the active referrers that you can award.  After the thirty-day trial that it offers you have to pay about $49 for every month, but it changes depending on the sales you make each time.

Member press

 It is a plugin used for selling digital products. It only works when you have content on your site for the present members.  It is an extension that limits your access to different places on your website like, for instance: the web pages, categories, tags and files that are hosted on your website. Therefore you can easily build exclusive content or your site by the use of a few different types of subscriptions. Apart from that, it offers outstanding features that help in giving promotions and giveaways.

The good thing about the press-member plugin is that it is well-compactable with all word press themes and payment giveaways which make it easier to set up. It costs about %49 for every year.

Woo-commerce multilingual

In case you are offering the English language for your site, you could be losing a lot of business hence the need to include several words by the use of this plugin. It makes your WordPress platform completely multilingual an aspect that helps your product page to translate the unique URLs.


It is a marketing tool for both small and medium online businesses. It covers all business needs starting from the collection of the customer’s information, segmentation and all possibilities in marketing automation. The use of woo commerce helps in implementing a channel with marketing strategies. One of its outstanding features is its ability to offer ready-made design and offering copyright services in case you are not particular about sign up details. The omniscient too offers a free plan to help the beginners, but after sometimes you have to pay some cash to use the tool.


The discussed 7 plugins to use in your woo-commerce stores are great and offer outstanding services when used correctly. I hope this article will help in finding the best woo-commerce plugin for your online business.


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