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7 Professional-Level Web Design Tips for Beginners

When building a business website, it is important to consider the user experience throughout the entire project. 

Keep in mind that a poorly-designed and complicated website will repel users instead of attracting them. Visitors of your website will get confused and frustrated when your site is not user-friendly.

If you want to have more visitors who will keep revisiting your website, your site has to stand out and be user-friendly.

When building a website, you should consider these nine things to create an excellent website for your business.

This article presents the top 7 professional-level web design tips to help you build a stunning website.

Select Best Colours

The color to use on your website is an essential thing to consider. With every design you choose, you will have numerous color options.

The color you choose for your website plays a significant role in communicating with your audience.

Most web design experts believe that too many colors are unnecessary and will only complicate the website.  

Try as much as you can to use fewer colors, and if they are two or more, ensure that they blend well to keep everything clear. The color in the call-to -action words should also be outstanding to be easily seen by the readers. 

Don’t Use More Than 3 Fonts

You don’t have to use too many fonts as it will only make the website look messy. Work with a maximum of three fonts.

Keep your work visible and straightforward. You can use a different font in titles and subtitles from that of the content. 

The font size should also be legible and of the right size. It should not be too big or too small. The most recommended is 14 to 16 px for the content.

White Space is Key

White space should be your friend as it makes your websites look perfect and uncluttered. Filling all the areas in your pages with different colors may seem unprofessional.

Always keep it simple and let your website look cleaner and precise. It will encourage your visitors to stay focused on the important information you provide.

You don’t have to fill the whole page with superfluous words just because you are afraid of the white space. In fact, the white space increases readability. 

Build the Website with Mobile-phones in Mind

Recent research reveals that more than 60% of people who do online research use their mobile phones. Computers and laptops are rarely used.

While designing your website, prioritize responsiveness because many people will visit the site with their mobile phones. If visitors find that your site loads slow, they are unlikely to revisit. 

Stay User-Friendly

If your website is difficult for the users to navigate and find the information they need, they will definitely move on to another site. 

Let the clickable words and texts be easily seen and lead to a relevant destination. 

The smoother the navigation in your site, the better it is for you and viewers. It is a win-win situation because both viewers and website owners will benefit.

Incorporate Content Hierarchies

Mostly, a page full of lengthy content can discourage visitors. Many people want to read or scan summarized texts and get the information they want.

In pages that have a list, use subheadings with short bodies to follow. This makes the text easily readable or scannable for users. 

Focus on SEO 

However good your website looks like, it will never help you is users cannot find it easily. 

It would be better to allow a professional web design agency to build your website as they know much about strategic SEO. They can help you create a website that can be easily found by more users.


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