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8 Plugins That Help Websites To Be Highly Responsive And Reactive

With so much of SEO and ranking pressures, website development has seen many new approaches and when the mobile-first strategies took center stage, the paradigm of website development was totally transformed.

3.2 million smartphone users worldwide, which is almost 42% of the global population, will access websites mostly on their smartphones with smaller screens and optimizing the websites for this smaller screen usage created two different approaches.

  • Responsive
  • React-Adaptive

Both are conceptualized as one by many developers and there lies the biggest error. If you are designing a website on WordPress the amalgamation of both the approach is necessary for greater mobile optimization. Hence, here we will explore eight such plugins that can help you revamp or create highly responsive and reactive websites on WordPress.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin:

This is a mobile-friendly plugin tagged by google itself and it helps your content rank higher in Google mobile search rankings. It is a very popular plugin with over five million downloads and the capability of revamping your website for mobile screens without any major change in the content or desktop site.

It allows you to add pages, remove pages, menus, devices for compatibility and facility to specify the blog pages and home page in the mobile layout. The premium version offers advertising options for your mobile version of the website.

Features to look for:

  • Support for WordPress Forums
  • Dedicated Guide.
  • Content Optimization for Mobile
  • Restructuring of the content without any major changes.
  • Mobile Advertising options.

WordPress Mobile Pack:

Go beyond the website is responsive and start making your website more like an app. This plugin provides excellent options for content curators, bloggers and content creators to make the website more app-friendly.

With this plugin, users will feel like using an app, while all this time they will be accessing your WordPress website through a mobile browser. It has support for almost all the major browsers on different devices and OS. 

Features to look for:

  • Mobile-optimized browsing experience.
  • Support towards portrait or landscape mode of the website on Mobile.
  • Different theme options.
  • Personalization options for the theme.


This is basically a speed-up plugin, it helps you find the elements slowing down your website on the WordPress platform and help you fix them to increase the responsiveness of your websites and make them, more reactive.

It provides a suite that helps manage to cache and load pages of your website more faster. With support towards gravatar images and browser caching. Another speeding up feature provided by this WordPress plugin is asset optimization and transfer among HTML and Javascript.

Other features to look out for:

  • Higher PageSpeed scores.
  • Easy website page loading
  • Lower Caches
  • Customization of the load position of the files.
  • The compression of files is easier.

WordPress Mobile Edition:

The CMS service of WordPress right in your pocket! Yes. it is the same old WordPress, with the power of an app. When many CMS service providers started going mobile by partnering with a mobile app development company to create apps for their services, WordPress too decided to go mobile and created an app to manage all your blogs, resources and content from an app.

It has all the features that the WordPress website provides and yet it is accessible and highly responsive as an app. Based on the similar concept developers introduced a plugin called WP Mobile Edition. 

This plugin provides a mobile switcher that automatically optimizes your website for mobile screens. It supports iPhones, Android and Windows Phones for site optimizations. The mobile switcher will detect the user’s device and automatically switch your site to a standard theme or mobile theme based on the device.

Features to look out for:

  • Same mobile page over any mobile device.
  • Users can switch between Desktop and Mobile site
  • Theme customization options.
  • Greater customization options.


One of the most popular plugins on WordPress, Jetpack mobile theme is the simplest tool you will ever get on the WordPress that can help you create mobile versions of your site without any technical background.

This is more of a basic plugin and does not provide too many options. It provides two customization options, where you can choose to include feature images or excerpts based on your needs. 

Features to look out for:

  • Provides options of desktop or mobile versions.
  • Effective and simple switch over to mobile.
  • Two customization options.

Mobile Smart:

Like any other, mobile-based plugin, this plugin too uses the same technique of identifying the user’s device and optimize the website pages according to the mobile device.

It has the ability to identify not only the type of device but, also the level of device OS to accommodate the rich features of the website pages according to the tier of the device.

Features to look for:

  • You can optimize your content for different devices.
  • Better Content visualization.
  • The switch between the versions is smoother.

Auto Optimize:

A plugin that can be used across many CMS service providers, with this managing your scripts, database and deleting the caches become very easy and overall loading and upload speed of your website goes high.

It can reduce the loading time by up to 30% and maximize the faster loading to make it more accessible for mobile users.

Features to look for:

  • Cache management
  • Database management.
  • Easier to use.


Superfly is another WordPress plugin that provides mobile responsive options to the website pages. It is basically a responsive menu creating a plugin that provides responsive menu options in both mobile and desktop versions.

Other features to look for:

  • Easier website navigation.
  • Mobile-friendly menus
  • Customization options
  • Display Control
  • Styling menu

Wrapping it Up:

Every business and brand wants its content to be noticed on the devices that are most accompanied by users and that is why choosing mobile optimizations for your content on the website is not a wrong choice to make.

With these plugins, switching to the mobile version and creation of app versions of your website becomes quite easy and yet you can customize them for more richer user experience.


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