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A Definitive Guide For WordPress Theme Optimization

WordPress theme Optimization is an integral part of WP website optimization. Everyone wants to experience a faster web experience. The webmasters work hard to increase their page load speed to cater faster web experiences to their audience.

A WordPress theme is the major component of a website. It decides how your website will look. Elements such as images, layout, navigation, and other visual kinds of stuff are there on your WP website because of the theme. A WordPress Theme can set you apart from your competitors. It has the potential to make your website completely unique or monotonous.

This depends on a webmaster like yourself. You should know how to optimize your WP theme and website to ensure high performance of your website.

In this post, you will learn how you can optimize your WordPress theme. In addition to that, you will also learn some rudimentary information about the relevancy of theme in WP website optimization.

So, let’s see what WP theme optimization is and how it can affect the performance of your WordPress website. Let’s get you started,

Don’t Just See Your Website, Observe It

The great Sherlock Holmes used to say, “Stop seeing things, observe them”. You have to follow this in every possible way. The only way to optimize your WP website is if you know which element is buggy. And how would you know that? By looking for it in the right place.

The first step to optimize your WP website and theme is to measure the page load speed and the overall performance of your WP website. Observing a website performance can be very cheeky with Pingdom. It provides an exhaustive report on the performance of your WP website. It clears what your website’s areas of improvement are.

Once you identify them, you can start working on them. Pingdom provides you with the performance grade, page load time, number of requests, and page size. Also, it gives you all other necessary information for your WordPress website. You will get exhaustive information about your website’s performance insights. This will help you in analyzing all sorts of flaws in your website including your WP theme.

WordPress Theme Is #1 Element That Affects Your Website’s Speed

Yes, you heard that quite right. This is the major reason that you need to optimize your theme. A WordPress theme is directly responsible for showcasing the content of your website in an enticing manner. It may not represent the entire functioning of your WP website, but it does define the layout of your website.

If your WordPress theme is poorly coded or it has some flaws. The effect will immediately appear in the poor performance of your WP website. Most of the WordPress development companies recommend well-optimized and clean coded WP themes.

In the next section, you will learn how you can optimize your WordPress theme to increase the performance of your WP website.

Improve Your Performance Rating By Compressing Images

The first and foremost important thing while optimizing your WP website is the size of images used. You need to make sure that the images are compressed. You can make use of various WordPress plugins to reduce the size of the images. Although, you can compress the images manually as well.

WordPress plugins that can help you in this are:

  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer
  • WP Smush – Image Optimization
  • TinyPNG for WordPress
  • Kraken Image Optimizer
  • EWWW Image Optimizer

Use these plugins and reduce the size of the images. After reducing the size of images, the performance rating of your website will dramatically increase in no time.

Optimizing WordPress Website With Plugins

Before we start this point, I want to be very clear in one aspect. Fonts in the typography and website are also very important. They can affect the speed of your WP website.

The best plugin to make sure that all the heavy elements of your WP website get optimized is WP Rocket caching plugin. This incredible tool by WordPress can have a direct effect on the optimization of Inline CSS codes, inline JS codes, Google Fonts, And HTML codes.

Once these heavy elements get trimmed, your website will serve these scripts as static elements of your website. They will not load again and again which will increase your page load speed.

Still Facing The Issue?

So, after all these exhaustive practices, if you are still facing the problem, you have certain steps to follow. The first thing here is to make sure that you minify all the CSS and JS codes in your WordPress theme.

After trimming the codes, if the problem still persists, then you might need to check other elements of your WP website. WordPress plugins do cater high-level functioning for your website but there is a cost to everything. A plugin does increase the functions of your website, however, the downside of excessive use of WordPress plugin is that they are heavy.

They can affect your website’s performance drastically. Removing unnecessary WordPress plugins will be wiser if you have any intention of improving the performance.

What Have You Learnt?

From this post, you have learnt how deep the effect of WordPress themes and plugins are in the performance of your website. You must take action and make sure that all the elements of your WordPress theme are properly optimized and ready to rock.

In addition to that, WordPress plugins must also be used only if they are important. Needlessly using a WordPress plugin will only lower your site performance.

I hope you like the post. Did I miss something? Let me know via comments. Till then, Ciao!!!


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