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A Guide on how to resolve 403 forbidden errors from WordPress

Have you come across an error message on your website’s server? Are you stuck on how to fix 403 forbidden errors from your website? If you have no idea what it concerns, you don’t have to worry. Many website users encounter this issue from time to time! It is among the dreadful errors that a WordPress beginner may come across. 

This article addresses ways of resolving the 403 forbidden error in WordPress.

It is good to understand what the 403 forbidden is in your WordPress website. Your site shows codes and messages whenever an error occurs on your website. The error shows you have no permission to access the web pages. It is a state that you have no access to the server, the forbidden error. It happens while using an error document to handle the request.

The different scenarios when you are likely to see this error include:

  • When you try to access a denied WordPress admin or log in pages
  • During the installation of WordPress
  • When visiting any page on your WordPress website
  • You can come across the access denied instead of getting full 403 forbidden status.
  • Also, it is possible to come across access to your denied. Therefore, you do not have the authority to view this page!

Causes of 403 forbidden error in WordPress

 A poorly configured WordPress security plugins can cause failure. Several WordPress security plugins can block IP addresses. It happens if they do not trust them. In that case, Sucuri comes in to salvage the situation. It aims at enhancing the security of all the WordPress sites.  

Another cause of 403 forbidden error could result from the ht access file. It could be the incorrect file permission on the servers of your platform.

The hosting company could make accidental mistakes, and it may happen on their server when setting. It could lead to the 403 forbidden error on your website.

Ways that will help you to fix the 403 forbidden error on your WordPress website

 Go ahead and create a complete WordPress backup for your website. It is a cautionary measure in case anything happens. If you are using the automatic backup, ensure you have the latest version. It will help you avoid possible regrets.

When you have the experience of the factors that cause the 403 forbidden error is right for you. It will help you to come up with the best ways you can get rid of it. You can use guidelines explored for you to resolve the issue on your WordPress website. It is easier for you to apply them to other sites with similar problems.

 How to fix 403 forbidden error that results from corrupt htaccess file

The corrupt ht access file in your WordPress website causes this error. But the prominent news is that you can repair this file with ease.

The first thing you need to do is to connect your site to the FTP client. You can also link it with the file manager. Are you there? Ensure you can locate the ht file. It has been found on the root folder of your site. Get a fresh backup of the ht access file. It is suitable for you to download the ht access file to your computer. When you are sure to have downloaded it, delete the file from your servers. It will help you to clear the error.

Try to access your website. Is it accessible? There you are. Your 403 forbidden error fix has been resolved. It means your ht access file was corrupt. Log into your WordPress admin to access a new ht access file.

 Resolving 403 forbidden error caused by file permission in WordPress

The files in your WordPress platform have file permissions. It is the permissions of the data that control you or anyone to access the files. Ensure the permissions are correct. There is a likelihood you will experience 403 forbidden error will occur; they are not accurate. 

It is a protective nature that helps you to curb web malice. The incorrect permission could be a cause of the error occurrence. Thus, you need to solve it.

You can do this by requesting your host provider to check if the file permissions are correct, most hosts can support you. They will examine and fix the issue for you. It is good for you to avoid changing the file permission yourself. It may land you into a serious problem. It is good for you to seek professional help if you are not sure enough.

Resolve 403 forbidden error caused by the corrupt .htaccess file

It is easy to repair this whenever it results from a corrupt .htaccess files of your WordPress site. To solve this issue, you need to connect your website using an FTP client or file manager in the control panel. From there, find the .htaccess file from your website’s root folders. Download the .htaccess file to your laptop to enhance fresh back that will have no issues. After that, you will need to delete the file from your server.

Access your website to check whether the 403 forbidden error has been resolved. It will be evidence it was corrupt. Generating a new .htaccess file is then done by logging into your WordPress admin area and checking into the setting page.


 You can follow the three ways mentioned above. They will help you to get rid of the 403 forbidden error. The 403 forbidden errors may hinder you from accessing your site. But you can fix it. It will help you to bring back your website into action.


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