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ActivTrak Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Monitoring Software

ActivTrak, a cloud-based operating service compatible with several devices, is the best worker tracking software for insights into the workforce. Employee data is collected and broken down according to user purpose in this service. Like business, the program provides managers and staff with crucial data. Likewise, you will be impressed with the software’s personalized analytics for every team, a function that allows them to see and control their specific performance and work-life balance. The employee monitoring software includes checking websites and apps, activity monitoring, statistics, notifications, and sophisticated worker intelligence.

The Verdict
ActivTrak ActivTrak

Perfect staff monitoring may have a great impact on the outcome of a business. There are many benefits to employee monitoring in this scenario, outweighing the drawbacks. Even better, if you approach staff monitoring from the appropriate angle, these limitations may be self-resolving. To get the support of employees, you need to be open and honest about your monitoring activities and how you're utilizing the data to improve staff morale, participation, and performance.

  • Consent of the Users
  • Businesses may now regulate IT resource consumption adherence with more discipline. Managers may use the software's s policy implementation and management capabilities. Likewise, it's possible to set the software to run independently. You may customize it to automatically track actions, ban websites, establish triggers, and many other things as you see fit.
  • Speed up the Process
  • The solution may be used to simplify processes. With Aktivtrack, you can identify which parts of your strategy need to be improved or streamlined. Companies may use the data and analysis to prepare for future purchases. Additionally, it aids in the allocation of resources.
  • Top-notch Customer Care Services
  • Activetrac provides different options for users to contact the company's customer service department. Technical help is available by email, live chat, or the company's toll-free phone line if you need instant help. Employee monitoring tools that provide online support correspond to this.
  • Th
  • Mistrust by Employees
  • Employee distrust may lead to sentiments of resentment, dissatisfaction, and even withdrawal, all of which employee monitoring is supposed to fight, not promote. For supervision to be successful, you must show your workers that the data you are gathering is being used for the correct purposes and not just for surveillance.
  • Legal Issues
  • It might be challenging to determine the legitimacy of employee monitoring since it is state-dependent. Staff should be made aware of the fact that workplace tracking is allowed in most situations. Still, full disclosure is often a wise option to prevent privacy or legality problems.

About Company

Cloud-based digital workplace solutions provider Active Trac is available for use. Birch Grove Software, the company’s founder, set up an office in Austin, Texas, in 2009. With Sapphire Ventures and Elsewhere Partners as backers, it has received $77.5 million in the capital. Worker’s supervision has developed into a robust productivity solution that gives businesses access and analytics while encouraging trust and communication between companies and workers.

The original idea was that performance in the new workplace depended not on monitoring or tracing but on the ideas gained from online user behavior. Analysis of this data may provide valuable information about how tasks are performed, how teams function together, how people can learn and grow in their roles, and how the outputs can improve.

Businesses used to rank their performance and production based on physical premises providing openness and control. However, nowadays, the approach to improving output resides in a unique set of indicators tailored to personal engagements with apps and websites and how those behaviors are linked to the intended result. These measures benefit workers and employers seeking job satisfaction and development and productivity increases.


There is a combination of activity tracking and productivity software. The features depend on the package you choose. Here are the best services that the company gives;

  1. Insights Into the Workforce

Robust job analysis and worker insights set Active Trak apart from the competition. To assist businesses in determining where workers shine and where they need refinement, the data provided under the Insights page may be used. Job performance rises, stress levels fall, and burnout is reduced thanks to these facts. Likewise, they ca n be used to detect crucial technologies.

It’s simple to utilize the insights features of the service provider, which quickly break down staff data into valuable information. Additionally, the dashboard provides pointers on how to make the most of your business’s insights while using the program. Listed below are the various tabs and the information they contain;

  • Executive Summary

This category is for the most senior members of the company to monitor and boost overall production. While using this menu, you will find the corporate photos to be a nice touch. Team evaluations based on the attainment of productivity goals and operating teams are only some facts that may be seen.

  • Team Comparison

In this tab, you may compare teams side-by-side, which is very useful for managers. You might look at measures like employee efficiency and dedicated hours against targets to keep your business healthy. If one team excels in a particular area, the rest of the staff may learn from that team’s experience. A team’s workload may be redistributed if it works for long hours.

  • Activity Breakdown

Managers may use this page to compare the activities of different members of their teams. Knowing what services they are utilizing is necessary to assist your staff in flourishing.

  • Work Efficiency

It also provides managers with a summary of staff actions such as group cohesion and attention, reliability, and consistent work levels compared to organizational levels in this tab. This information is essential when coordinating teams and spotting inefficiencies within them.

  • Workload Balance

An easy-to-understand graph depicts employee work hours, pauses, and fatigue potential on the Workload Balance page. Testers appreciated the ease with which managers can see if staff are working excessive hours and may be near to burnout while using our program. For dispersing employment, this sort of labor data is good.

  • Technology Usage

Active Trak can help you track what your staff is doing with technology. You may use this information to verify that your workforce utilizes the right knowledge to remain productive. If employees are adopting programs with overlapping functionality or you are subscribing to a service that no one is running, this data may be applied to minimize high licensing costs.

  • Benchmarks and Targets

The page allows managers to examine prior use and progress to develop better business goals. It can monitor KPIs per team member to guarantee ongoing development for every person.

  1. Individual Insights

The function will impress you, allowing workers to access their private information. Employee buy-in and increased productivity may be achieved using a tool that not many other worker surveillance systems focus on—the Personal Insights option provides you with different information that is simple to analyze.

The page summarizes the employee’s screen time and collaborative hours per day. Likewise, these indicators are shown to the user whether they are up or down their targets, and a graph shows how these metrics fluctuated during the week. Workers can monitor their daily progress and solve any mistakes before they need management help.

Employees can view group norms, weekly statistics, time splits, apps and sites impacting their attention, and hours spent focusing instead of collaborative and multitasking activities. Similarly, the program provides staff with advice on better concentrating, managing work and personal life, and utilizing technology.

  1. Alerts and Statistics

Several comprehensive reports are available from Active Trak in o to keep an eye on the production volumes of workers and the whole company at large. You may see real-time productivity measurements and statistics for teammates, leading users, regular staff hours, popular webpages and applications, trending insights, and other extensive user actions and events records. With this, you will find it to align with industry norms.

  1. Time and Activity Monitoring

If you want to know how much time each employee spends at work per week, ActivTrak can help. The service provider assesses productive and unproductive functions instead of examining particular keystrokes and capturing video as other rivals do. Active Trak allows members to select websites, apps, and events as either productive or wasteful and then tracks the time spent on each. Similarly, it keeps track of mouse and keyboard motions, so it’s possible to see whether your staff are being operational during the day.

  1. Safety and Legal Obligation

By restricting access to particular websites, Activetrac can assist in keeping employees safe at work. This is a fantastic option if you have a tiered organization requiring different permissions for different computers, users, or user groups. Likewise, Social media activity will be restricted with this tool.

If you want to prevent critical data from being copied, the company provides safety features, including audit trails, automatic email, Slack replies, and warnings on USB device usage. We appreciated the ability to set user risk ratings with severity levels so that you can better grasp what is and isn’t allowed in the workplace.

To advise workers of illegal behavior and gather evidence, administrators may customize the software’s configurations and establish alarms relating to such activities. Set a warning, for example, to inform workers that it is illegal to spend time on social media while on the job.

Plans and Pricing

An annual subscription to Active Trak includes a free plan and three premium options covering all aspects of staff monitoring. The firm also offers an industry customary 14-day trial.

Free Plan

A maximum of three people can utilize the plan at once. Users can see what they’re doing in real-time and get alerts and email updates about what’s happening in apps and websites. There are no add-ons to this option, and the only way to get assistance is through email.

Advanced Plan

The monthly fee for each user is $9. Additionally, the advanced plan has many more features than the Free plan. It includes a team productivity pulse, working time tracking, enhanced Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications, alarm-triggered screenshots, an output categorization for groups, remote setup, and USB file transfer recognition. We appreciate that this subscription package includes phone, email, and online chat help. Additionally, the package contains diagnostics and healthy checks, as are tools for onboarding and activation.

Premium Plan

The service has a monthly fee of $15 per user. Everything in the Advanced plan is included, and a slew of additional functionalities is designed to help businesses run more efficiently. Superior efficiency insights include work balancing and technology usage, personal and team comparisons, goal planning and monitoring, group and personalized performance dashboards, an enterprise health panel, and online coach suggestions. Similarly, the package includes a thorough productivity lab with suggestions and a learning center.

Enterprise Plan

The company can tailor an employee monitoring strategy to suit the demands of large enterprises. There is the option of custom pricing.

Likewise, ActivConnect is available as an add-on function for the company’s premium plans, costing $2 per user monthly. Data transfer, software connectivity, and preconfigured productivity dashboards are all possible with ActivConnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Active Trak Operate?

Employers may track their workers’ websites and apps with ActivTrack, an internet time tracking solution. When the software is updated on a computer, the program is entirely invisible to the user if you don’t inform them.

Is ActivTrak Able to Function Without the Internet?

Yes, even if you lose internet access, ActivTrack will continue to update the activities of your workers as much as the ActivTrak agent is still functioning on their computer. The details will be stored on the employee’s device.

Does Activ Trak Operate in The Background?

Yes, Activetrac may operate either visibly or silently in the background, based on how you wish to keep an eye on your staff. When viewing their performance statistics, your workers can see that they are under observation even if you run the software in stealth mode. According to the company, Employees should know what they are watching.

Is There an App for Mobile Devices?

An application is available for phone usage. By utilizing it, managers may monitor their employees’ behavior and use records on a simple dashboard. Chrome OS or Windows mobile operating systems are required for the app to execute its functions properly.

Is the Camera Accessible to ActivTrak?

Instead of snooping on your staff, you need a system that gives them more control. The company’s productivity monitoring technology never records keystrokes, employs a webcam to collect screenshots or video footage in actual time, or keeps track of workers during idle time beyond work hours.

What Activities Does the Company Monitor?

Anything your employees do on their computers is recorded by ActiveTrak, including URLs, names of websites, and images. You can also see how long people spend on each site and app by looking at the number of hours they use there.

Is The Software a Stealth?

To avoid detection, the Activetrak agent uses incognito names for its program and document functions. As a result, they are hidden deep inside your PC’s database. A real-time stream of data is continuously collected.

Why do Businesses Check Up on Their Workers?

Systems may serve other functions for tracking and monitoring employees. These audits aim to prevent internal theft, examine staff productivity, ensure proper use of business resources, and provide proof for any pending lawsuit.

What do You Mean by Passive ActivTrak?

Activetrac records and displays passive time, which shows the time a tracked user spends not actively using their computer. Taking a break from one’s computer or being in a conference might result in some “passive time,” but it doesn’t mean the person isn’t working or doing anything.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes, the program provides information on staff productivity, job efficiency, work distribution, and technology use. The best users and teams may be identified using these statistics. Likewise, comparisons may help you discover which people or groups are underperforming and may benefit from further support. Employee burnout may be reduced by understanding and addressing critical elements like these.