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ADP TotalSource Review 2022 – Top 10 Employee Leasing Services

ADP TotalSource is a professional employer organization (PEO) system which is IRS-approved. The solution aids small companies in supervising all areas of human resources (HR), such as payroll, remunerations, coaching, and threats via co-employment and personnel letting contracts and cloud-based programs.

The Verdict
ADP TotalSource ADP TotalSource

A wide variety of businesses with different staffing needs may benefit from ADP TotalSource's PEO solution. ADP TotalSource reviews suggest that its wide range of capabilities makes it appealing to companies with specific needs, although it may be more expensive than certain options for smaller enterprises.

Regarding human resources, ADP has a leg up on the competition. HR services provided by ADP have been around for decades, and they may assist your business in creating a successful HR strategy. It's important to remember that ADP Total Source PEO reviews suggest that the configuration process is lengthy and complicated and that faults are tough to address after the fact.

  • Programs for employee management and assistance
  • The platform provides workers benefits and support agendas that match those of major companies, like workplace bonuses, a selection of servant insurance packages from prominent insurance providers, and cheap services. The depth of the platform's personnel plans and a reasonable pricing point offer it an alternative for SMBs, which can assist companies contest for and keeping gifted persons.
  • An integrated cloud-based solution
  • ADP TotalSource uses cloud computing. The integration of the system encompasses each point of the problem. No matter what human resource, reimbursements, and compliance job you are working on, the data about the worker will flow within the platform without a hitch. The ADP smartphone application, which 20 million people deploy, makes it possible for workers and supervisors to handle daily activities from any jurisdiction and at any time.
  • Unmatched partner integration
  • Immediate connectivity with thousands of third-part
  • Businesses with a Keen Eye on Costs and a Desire for Complete Transparency in Pricing
  • Several variables affect the cost of ADP, including your location. To acquire an accurate quotation, you'll need to speak with a salesperson, be allocated a local point of contact, and set up a demo. We suggest Justworks if you're looking for a product with transparent pricing so that you can quickly narrow down your selections. Remember that most alternative PEO solutions do not provide clear cost information.
  • HR and Payroll Services that are Easy to Use
  • Regarding online HR or payroll, ADP TotalSource's comprehensive solution package may be a little much for persons on a tight budget. You may also check our recommendations for the best HR payroll software and payroll services.
  • Personnel Directors who aren't very Tech-Savvy
  • Features abound, but ADP's software may be cumbersome to operate. For a PEO to have better user experience software

About Company

ADP TotalSource is a system that oversees the human capital and remunerations which ADP LLC created. Employee benefits may be handled by the HR platform in an automated manner, freeing you up to dedicate time to other aspects of your company that need your attention. Firm owners and founders may stay out of trouble by using ADP TotalSource, which detects these critical aspects of operating a business. In addition, ADP TotalSource gives service assistance from assigned experts who act as human resources, compliance, and tax enterprise partner.

As a virtual human resources department, the platform gives you access to detailed payroll and tax records, freeing your time to focus on other elements of your firm.

Regarding human resource supervision and personnel benefits, ADP takes care of most of the work. As a consequence, the following benefits are yours:

Expertise: To keep your staff happy and productive, you need a trusted adviser who can assist you do so. Threat Management: Share the burden of threat management with a professional in the field. Scalability: It is the ability to increase or decrease the size of your system with little influence on your resources. Purchasing: Deploy the buying power of a Fortune 500 firm to improve the output and the perks you provide your personnel. Outsourcing tasks like HR management and remunerations management, as ADP Total Source does, frees up the company’s big shot to focus on growing their businesses instead of dealing with administrative hassles. Additionally, a tactical human resource business partner focused on your company will give you the guidance and direction you need to assist you in making the most significant decisions possible for the company.


Several human resource management services are available from ADP, such as payroll subcontracting, management of payroll taxes, creation of human resource policies, personnel recruitment, onboarding, and supervision of worker welfare. When you sign up for services with ADP, your company will get many benefits, detailed below.

1. Payroll and Tax

The payroll handling program provided by ADP TotalSource ensures that your employees are reimbursed on time while accurately computing any deductions or garnishments that may be needed. With the platform’s help, your company will avoid fines from national agencies since it will comply with all applicable local employment tax regulations.

2. Human Resource (HR) Services

ADP TotalSource can assist you in aligning your recruitment process with the vision and principles of your firm, after which they can assist you in attracting, hiring, and onboarding the most remarkable persons. Additionally, they will be able to assist you in retaining talented persons by providing prospects for professional growth. Also, assessing and modifying reimbursement tactics, gauging your staff member commitment, and output data to determine areas where your company’s personnel services can be improved.

ADP also looks after regular organizational human resource activities, allowing your human resource team to focus on other concerns inside the company. This can bolster general output as well as personnel involvement and traditions inside the firm.

3. Threat and Compliance

The risk and compliance services included in the platform’s PEO package ensure that your company is always current with its OSHA demands. Thanks to the integration of third-party applications with the ADP SmartCompliance portfolio of solutions, you will have an easier time managing a wide range of services.

ADP can assist you in complying with the human resource norms and requirements in every 50 states, irrespective of your enterprise’s current phase. You can contact threat and compliance specialists to be led through the rules.

4. Benefits Administration

The perks provided are one of the most notable aspects of ADP’s HRO product. ADP TotalSource, one of the country’s leading human resource service lenders, makes several appealing, advantageous alternatives available to its customers. You, in turn, can make these options accessible to your staff members. In addition to that, it provides personnel reimbursement insurance, worker support programs, training and compliance curricula, and worker discount packages. Customers of ADP can choose and purchase their benefit plans and use ADP’s insurance offerings.

Thanks to ADP’s user-friendly web system and straightforward dashboards, employees can examine their benefits and make any necessary modifications whenever they need to. ADP also provides a personnel resource for its workers called MyLife Advisors. If workers need help with human resources, payroll, or reimbursements, they may speak with a person from ADP TotalSource.

5. Integration with 3rd-Party Accounting

As part of the ADP TotalSource solution, the platform can be incorporated with third-party service providers such as Sage, Oracle, and Workday. On the other hand, Makeshift and TempWorks are just a few of the time management and recruitment connections.

6. Personnel Coaching and Growth

ADP TotalSource can assist you in monitoring your workers’ output, comprehension, expertise, and commitment. It’s possible to connect personnel output with corporate and group goals, give constant criticism, carry out regular check-ins and appraisals, and assess personnel strengths and shortcomings using output supervision tools.

On-site and online coaching courses are available from the organization to keep your company compliant with the law while raising staff morale and productivity. In addition to providing a fantastic workforce, a well-designed staff member improvement tier may help decrease personnel revenue, promote personnel commitment, and reduce threats to your company.

ADP also gives continuity scheduling, which is a fantastic feature. Member of staff strengths, competencies, and output histories may be unearthed using this appraisal technique. With these figures, workers may deploy self-service capabilities to design their yet-to-come career pathways and determine the expertise they need to develop to get there. Using ADP, your business may learn which workers will most likely depart and how many employees have left in the last year.

7. Reports and Analytics

There are various fundamental standard and bespoke reporting tools available via ADP TotalSource. These functions include components of payroll information, employee attendance, and remunerations.

8. Ease of Use

ADP TotalSource will meet nearly all of your company’s human resource requirements. It has the potential to streamline your threat and compliance requirements significantly. For instance, rather than depending on a single human resource manager to guarantee that your company is in acquiescence with laws and guidelines, you can trust ADP TotalSource to assist you through the licit ins and outs of human resources. In addition to this, it provides incorporated information and reporting, allowing you to get an accurate picture of how your business is doing.

The ADP TotalSource platform is incredibly straightforward to deploy. Many internet assets are available to help you with your human resource requirements. Instinctive and all-inclusive user interfaces are provided for desktop and smartphone applications. You may by now be using many of the products ADP’s program can interact with, so there’s a decent bet you will get the most out of it.

9. Assistance to Customers

ADP TotalSource is known for having excellent service. It provides a resource center made exclusively for small enterprises, in addition to resource centers tailored to serve medium and big corporations. It provides a dictionary, calculators, and tax guides, among other things.

You will get customized assistance whenever you deal with ADP TotalSource. Customers are assigned a relationship executive in addition to permitted account reps for services such as payroll, reimbursements, and human resources. If availing of great help to your clients is one of your highest priorities, you might consider using TriNet.

Plans and Pricing

There are no rates listed on ADP TotalSource’s web page, and they only give them on a personal estimate basis for every firm. Nevertheless, a genuine ADP TotalSource PEO criticism suggests services prices between USD 125 and USD 155 monthly for every staff member. And no long-haul agreements or costs for canceling service.

Considering items such as W-2 and 1099 processing, most professional employer firms’ services demand extra configuration and concealed costs that are never shown. According to assessments of the platform’s packages, the platform’s Talent Suite, 401(k) plans, and many insurance alternatives are among the supplementary services that cost more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ADP TotalSource’s customers diverse?

Startups, mid-sized businesses, enterprises, self-employed, non-profits, and governments are all sorts of firms that utilize ADP’s platform.

What are the languages supported by ADP’s platforms?

These languages are supported by the platform: English.

Is ADP TotalSource compatible with any other software or services?

Engagedly and SutiExpense are third-party applications that may be integrated with ADP TotalSource.

What kinds of computer operating systems are supported by ADP TotalSource?

The following types of operating systems are supported by the platform: Web App and Windows.

Which other kinds of payments does ADP TotalSource accept?

Monthly and annual billing are two of the payment schedules that ADP TotalSource provides.

Which form of deployment are we talking about?

Cloud-based deployment is available with ADP TotalSource.

What does ADP TotalSource do?

ADP is a PEO that assists you in managing, as well as your human capital, staff member benefits, and supervisory compliance.

What’s the deal with ADP TotalSource?

A co-employment contract is how the platform relates to its customers. This arrangement enables the company to continue to be responsible for the daily supervision of its workforce. At the same time, the platform takes care of all HR-related, payroll-related, and benefit-related matters.

How much does ADP PEO cost?

On their website, ADP TotalSource fails to give any price information.

Is there a free trial version of ADP TotalSource?

There is no free trial for ADP TotalSource. If you’re engrossed in seeing a free demo, you may do so by visiting their page.

What substitutes exist for ADP TotalSource?

  • PayChex
  • TriNet
  • Employer Solutions Group

What processes are necessary to switch to ADP TotalSource?

To assess your company’s requirements and establish a migration plan, ADP will set up an administrative development consultation after you’ve joined up with them. ADP may begin assimilating workers and finalizing the relevant worker processes once the strategy is in place. Generally, the relocation process might take anywhere from two to six months.

Does ADP provide a variety of perks to its employees?

Employer-provided benefits include pension and 401(k) schemes, benefit plans, health care, and short- and long-haul disability coverage.

What can ADP TotalSource do for my business?

Most providers are more expensive than ADP; an honest evaluation has shown. Larger corporations, on the other hand, are more probably to benefit from it in terms of cost reductions. According to impartial evaluators, most people consider the platform as logically priced. Many organizations save cash long-term because of the low-cost worker perks.

Is The Company Right For You?

For more prominent companies, ADP’s payroll software is a brilliant choice. The bells and whistles aren’t worth the extra expense for small enterprises with one to 49 workers.

It might not be easy to enter a sales scenario and not know whether you’re receiving a fantastic or mean offer. A demo and related questions may be discussed during a sales call, but if the price is unclear, it may come off as a hard sell. I think company owners don’t need the emotional load of bargaining.

In terms of payroll, does ADP have a fantastic track record? Yes. People who aren’t tech-savvy will enjoy the integrations’ simplicity. Do sales reps go above and beyond to help customers? Yes. ADP provides round-the-clock help if that’s important to you. Don’t hesitate to contact ADP for a price if they are essential to you.