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AFC Home Club Review 2022 – Top 10 Home Warranty Services

Customers can financially plan for unexpected repairs courtesy of the services provided by America’s 1st Choice (AFC) Home Club that gives home warranty services. Based on your requirements, you can select from four distinct tiers of security and a plethora of add-on services. AFC tasks a technician to fix faults with a covered system or home appliance.

The Verdict
AFC Home Club AFC Home Club

When it comes to choosing a warranty provider, there is no better option than America's first choice warranty. Though it has its share of drawbacks, the company is well-known for its work. As an added benefit, you are able to choose and choose your own technicians.

  • "Lifetime of Plan" Workmanship Guarantee
  • Many AFC rivals give a one-year warranty on their repair. On the other hand, AFC gives a lifetime warranty on all of its work.
  • No Inspection Required
  • AFC doesn't demand a home assessment to become a member.
  • USD 2,000 Claim Limit
  • According to AFC's reviews, the firm has a claim limitation of $2,000 for one equipment. This much exceeds the offerings of its rivals.
  • Flexible Agreement Durations
  • Agreement durations are supple and are available for several years. In addition, if you choose to shift, the agreement is transferable.
  • No Coverage for Already Existing Conditions
  • AFC won't cover appliances and systems with already existing conditions.
  • Less Customizable
  • According to online opinion by the masses, only 18 covered goods are provided in the cheapest tiers. Even though there are a few possibilities for customization, they're somehow limited.

About Company

Marietta, Georgia, is home to AFC Home Club, established in 2009 and has its headquarters there. And thanks to its great links, real estate brokers may get coverage all around the country. In addition, it provides savings on eye and dental care and fluffy friend coverage to its members.

Among AFC’s many amazing features is the company’s “lifetime of plan” warranty on construction work. All their work is assured for the period of your service agreement.


AFC Home Club has the following notable features:

  1. Contractors

A large local servicemen link is at the disposal of AFC Home Club. To ensure client pleasure, they use famous professionals in the place. AFC Home Club Reviews reports that consumers were thrilled to see a familiar contractor with whom they had worked with before.

  1. Choice of Technician

AFC Home Club is one of the select service providers that allow you to pick your service professionals, according to America 1st Choice Home Club Yelp reviews. As an alternative, AFC will send one of its top experts, who has been thoroughly vetted, to your location to provide the finest service possible.

  1. Easy Application

To register with America 1st Choice, consumers don’t have to undergo a home assessment. And you have the right to file a claim or system challenges after a four week’s review period. Nonetheless, similar to most home warranty companies, America 1st Choice warranties don’t cover existing conditions.

  1. Transparency

The BBB has given AFC Home Club Warranty an A+ rating for its openness and honesty since the company tries to fix its consumers’ problems to the highest level. When things don’t go according to plan, the Home Club isn’t scared to tell the story of how it all went wrong. In addition, a certified AFC Home Club reviews page is available.

  1. Work Guarantee

If you’re looking for a home warranty service, AFC Home Club Warranty is the only one that will cover you for the entire period of your plan.

  1. 24/7 Availability

Unlike many of its competitors, AFC Home Club is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, it would be challenging to manage a serious system. Fortunately, with AFC, you needn’t worry about this.

  1. Optional Coverage

With America First Choice Home Warranty, you have the fortune to bring forth more coverage for double ovens and sewage disposal systems. As a result, these estimates are a one-time fee rather than monthly.

  1. Plan Exclusions

Regarding important appliances and systems in the house, AFC Home Club has you covered. The number of exclusions is high, but this is expected in the home warranty market. Even if the company’s example contracts go into great depth about plan exclusions, in addition, they direct attention to the restrictions on their website. Hence, if you’re looking to purchase insurance, you may quickly see what’s covered by it without going through the small print.

Misuse or abuse will in many situations make the coverage provided by a home warranty null. In addition, lightning or fire-related faults aren’t covered, necessitating the purchase of homeowners insurance.

  1. Payout Caps and Limitations

Varying goods at AFC Home Club have different payout limits. Their issues and sections of products are further cared for and uninsured in distinct ways by their policies. For this reason, you should thoroughly review your policy to ensure that you are aware of all possible payment stipulations.

The normal payment ceiling for America 1st Choice Home Club is $2,000 for each appliance and $1,000 per system. While this amount will probably cover most repairs, it is pretty low compared to what other warranty providers have to give. Property holders should get concerned about this, which is a disadvantage for the firm.

  1. Response Time

The AFC’s service contract states that the firm does not provide an emergency response. A spokesperson for this firm said that claims are usually done in a short time, in most cases two weekdays. And during the weekend and holidays, the response times take four or more days.

Other companies in the industry usually assert a latency of one day or less; ergo, this is a long period by industry standards. AFC is probably being truthful about their response time.

For non-emergency services, consumers are allowed to bring in their service professionals, even if you must get approval ahead of time. Consumers can employ their service professional before receiving permission, but it’s still crucial to make a claim first to get coverage even if you never had approval.

It’s highly recommended that you thoroughly review your policy and ask perturbing queries before signing up for a plan. Having this in place will ensure that if an emergency arises, you won’t be breaking the contract terms by getting a service technician.

Plans and Pricing

Gold and Platinum AFC warranties cost more likened to the company’s other plans. Hence, think about getting the Silver or Systems Packages if you want to save money but don’t mind having coverage for several systems or appliances.

  • Pricing by Plan Type

You can check out their website if you’re interested in learning more about AFC’s programs and prices.

Additionally, different AFC plans provide varying amounts to cover the maintenance of a variety of parts in a machine. However, America First Choice Home Warranty will cover the washing machine’s controls and pump, not the drum, seals, or gaskets that may need replacement in case of a breakdown. Before appending your signature on an agreement, you should thoroughly study it.

  • Monthly Cost per AFC Plan

For AFC bundles, we’ve included the monthly costs below. However, keep in mind that these costs are subject to change due to several variables.

  1. Platinum: $45.83 – $50.00 monthly
  2. Gold: $41.67 – $45.83 monthly
  3. Silver: $33.33 – $37.50 monthly
  4. Systems: $31.25 – $39.58 monthly

Service Fees

As with many home warranty companies, you’ll have to pay every time you bring in a technician to fix anything in your house. It doesn’t matter what kind of technician you contact; this charge will be the same.

There are three service costs to pick from: $75, $100, or $125. Choosing a lesser service charge can increase the cost of your plan. Your package will cost less if you pay a higher service charge.

The property holder can make infinite number of service calls. Help appeals have no bearing on the cost of their packages.

  • Additional Pricing Considerations

AFC warranty prices are affected by several variables, including plan kinds, service charges, and other costs. These are a few examples:

  • How big your home is measured in square feet.
  • An annual or monthly payment plan for your warranty coverage is an option for you.
  • What benefit is added to your warranty?
  • The place in which you now reside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AFC Cover My House Under Their Extended Warranties?

An appliance-only Silver Plan is available from AFC and two combination options (Gold and Platinum). Regarding coverage, the Platinum Plan tops the list with 18 different appliances and systems. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the fine print, so you know accurately what you’re getting.

What does AFC Home Club Home Warranty not cover?

Exclusions of appliance or system, which are covered, may be quickly and easily accessed and read about on the AFC website. For example, the warranty covers the whole trash disposal. Still, it does not include provisions for its installation, analysis, or repair when damage is caused by improper usage. It won’t cater to the touch panels or displays, removable parts, or the filter on a kitchen refrigerator. When selecting a home warranty plan, it is in your best interest to keenly pay attention the protections provided and the things not covered by the package.

In addition, like all home warranty providers, AFC’s service contracts do not cater to losses hailing from natural calamities or accidents. For this kind of coverage, you need property holders’ insurance. The service contract from AFC covers no destruction caused by mold, like some home insurance companies, except with several exclusions.

A house warranty from AFC, like many other companies, doesn’t cover systems or appliances of professional quality. On professional-series appliances, including those made by Wolf, the maximum charge that may be made is $1,000. In addition, it isn’t responsible for carrying out procedural repairs and has the right to refuse service on a covered appliance if not kept in good shape.

You may get an exhaustive list of restrictions by reaching out to the AFC Home Club, or you can get a sample contract on their website.

Are roof leaks covered under the AFC Warranty?

The regular insurance provided by AFC does not provide coverage for roof leaks; ergo, a person may go out and get this add-on coverage.

Does mold damage fall under the AFC Warranty’s coverage?

AFC does not cover mold.

Is water damage covered by the AFC Warranty?

AFC doesn’t cater for losses incurred when water strikes, even if such water damage leads to a fault in a system or appliance, which is covered by America 1st Choice Company. A proprietor’s insurance policy may provide coverage for the destruction caused by water.

Does AFC Service Contract cover insects and termites?

Most home warranty providers, like AFC, don’t cover damage instigated by pests like termites and insects under their policies.

Does the AFC Warranty include coverage for burglary and other crimes?

The proprietor’s insurance policy does cover burglary, but an AFC’s home warranty does not.

Does AFC cover destruction from trees?

The America 1st Choice home warranty does not cater to the destruction caused by a tree.

How long does it usually take for a technician to show up when a claim has been filed?

AFC allows you to pick a technician of your liking to repair an appliance catered for by your subscription. On the other hand, you may pick an in-network professional, and repairs will get started in a day or two of your appeal. To make it easier for you to organize service, the company will disseminate the technician’s contact data to your email inbox. Technicians who believe that parts are demanded to perform the repair will send the data online for consent by the club.

Are Grievances from Users Common?

After more than a decade in operation, the BBB has confirmed America’s First Choice is a reputable company that deserves to be included here. Since 2011, it has resolved 137 complaints. Exclusions and limits are common features of home warranty programs. Before submitting a claim, make sure you’ve read your agreement to see what’s covered and what isn’t. Complains are part of the process when it comes to brands entrusted with warranties.

The BBB has given AFC a B grade. Because the grade may change, consumers are told to never peg their selections only on it. On their website, you may find out more about the BBB’s certification requirements and customer comments.

The AFC Home Club Claims Process: What Do I Need to Know?

There is no limit to the number of claims an AFC Home Club client may make beyond four weeks of waiting.

Homeowners may contact AFC to file an insurance claim on the phone or online. When a house has more than one broken appliance or system, the AFC advises the owner to submit a separate service application for each one. Within a day or two of making a claim, an AFC representative will put you in touch with a technician who can assess your claim. Additionally, selecting your contractor is an option too. Assuming the problem is catered for, AFC will contact the customer to ensure they are happy with the solution.

In what areas does AFC provide a discount on their home warranty?

If a client wants to insure more than a single asset, AFC gives a discount. Additionally, it gives members Club Benefits, discounts on multiple services, and free memberships for customers. Free credit monitoring and savings on ADT home security systems are just two member benefits.

What is the price of a warranty for an AFC Home Club membership?

The mean price of an AFC warranty is $674. Costs for individual plans might vary widely depending on your specific coverage needs and your location. However, that’s a $100 premium above the market usual.

What does the Priority Package Cover?

AFC plans cater to most home equipment, systems, or a combination of both. You can pick sever tiers of coverage for your home equipment or a system tier that covers plumbing and Air Conditioner.

What does Priority Package not Cover?

AFC, similar to many other service contract providers, doesn’t cater to destruction hailing from natural calamities or natural calamities. Fortunately, losses incurred due to natural events may still be laced by the homeowner’s insurance policy.

What’s the Cost of Priority Warranty’s Service Charge?

It’s reliant on several parameters. You can purchase policies with service costs ranging from $75 to $100 or $125, and AFC Home Club will alter how deep you’ve to dig into your pocket.

Can you terminate the Priority Package for free?

No, you can’t. The AFC states that a person isn’t allowed to terminate these policies for free. Hence, ensure this package caters to your needs before registering.

Is The Company Right For You?

AFC service contracts are competitive. However, they have nothing special over their challengers.

The firm’s service contracts are neither expensive nor the most affordable on the market in terms of price. In the same way, these plans’ coverage, exclusions, and payment ceilings are many times regular when likened to other home warranty providers. AFC’s consumer contentment score is good but it has nothing to make it great.

One of the greatest problems with AFC is mediocrity, hence, rendering it hard to endorse it in such a competitive niche!