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Agama Pro Theme Becomes Agama Pro Plugin

Hello everyone,

We have some good news regarding to the Agama theme.

Many of you noticed that switching from Agama free to Agama Pro theme is not an easy task since the Agama Pro theme was coming as a stand-alone theme rather than Agama free theme extension plugin.

Most of you expected when you purchase the Agama Pro that you will only need to install some plugin and enter proper plugin license and continue using the free Agama theme you used to.

Well, we just did that and released the Agama Pro plugin which upon successful installation will extend the Agama free theme with the PRO features.

From now on when you purchase the Agama Pro plugin you will need just to install it via the admin dashboard plugins page and activate the plugin license and that’s all, without losing anything that is already done on the Agama free theme.

What about Agama Pro theme clients?

We will definitely support our clients which is using the Agama Pro theme but this will be only for a certain period until we switch all Agama Pro clients back to the Agama free theme + Pro plugin. Until that time we will also continue to release periodic theme updates if needed.

What will be with Agama Pro as a stand-alone theme?

The Agama Pro as stand-alone theme project will be dropped and we will continue to develop the Agama Pro plugin instead.

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