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Allegiance Moving and Storage Review 2022 – Top 10 Moving and Storage Services

Choosing a moving company is hard work. There are various things to consider when selecting a moving professional. Moving day is stressful; the last thing you need to worry about is your stuff arriving damaged. Working with unknown companies presents a potential scam. You can use a broker if you can’t vet the movers yourself. Allegiance Moving and Storage is a licensed moving broker. They handle state-to-state and long-distance moves. They have access to a large network of movers. That’s how they assist commercial, auto, and residential relocation. They offer a variety of services depending on the mover’s needs. This allegiance review will give you insights about the company to help you decide if they are fit to help you move.

The Verdict
Allegiance Moving and Storage Allegiance Moving and Storage

Allegiance Moving and Storage is a great company, especially for local and interstate moves. They have been in the industry for a while and have created an impressive profile. A lot of their past clients recommend them to movers. The company is working to manage the complaints and provide a pleasant experience to customers. You can trust them to find you a reliable carrier or storage service provider in your area.

  • The company is listed on all government database
  • They facilitate local and interstate moves
  • They have free quotes online
  • They have auto transport services
  • Storage services are available
  • They have a large network of partners
  • Better Business Bureau does not accredit them
  • They have some negative reviews regarding damages and final estimates

About Company

Allegiance Moving and Storage is a bonded and fully licensed company dedicated to providing customers with excellent services. They are licensed through the US Department of Transport. The company is based in Southeast Florida but has established carriers to handle long-distance moves. They are a nationwide broker that acts as intermediaries but doesn’t physically transport your belongings. Allegiance movers are carefully selected to ensure a smooth moving process. Allegiance Moving and Storage was established in 2018. But they already have a vast database of recommended moving companies. They can negotiate prices on your behalf and ensure you get what you want. They even have discounts when you reserve a move with them.

Allegiance Moving Company prides itself in offering affordable prices. You can cancel your request within 72 hours of signing the agreement, and you will receive a refund. But the refund is subjected to a 10% merchant fee. If you take more than 72 hours to cancel your request, they will deduct 50% of your deposit. Their company is mainly recommended for cost-conscious movers but not recommended for last-minute and complicated moves. They have a list of carriers they use on the website, but you need a password to view the list. They offer additional storage, packing, and Allegiance auto transport services. Unlike other companies, Allegiance Moving and Storage are transparent about the services they provide and the people they regularly work with on moves.

Allegiance Moving Company is favorably rated online. They ate not accredited by Better Business Bureau yet, but they maintain a B- rating. Being a new company, it’s no surprise that there is barely enough information online about its reputation. But there have been complaints against the company, mostly about estimates and final charges. Allegiance Moving and Storage reviews are mainly positive. Their reputation is largely dependent on the moving contractors they work with. But they have a five-step vetting process to ensure the carriers meet industry standards. Read on to discover the services they offer in detail.


Allegiance Moving and Storage offers long-distance and state-to-state services that commercial or residential movers need. But since Allegiance is a broker, their services vary depending on their partners. They will select carriers depending on the services you require. Consumers are usually advised to inquire about the services that are and are not on offer. These are the primary services they provide.

  1. Commercial Moves

Offices and businesses that want to relocate can use Allegiance Moving and Storage. They facilitate long-distance and interstate moves. Usually, commercial moves are complicated and need attention, especially when expensive equipment is involved. Allegiance Moving and Storage can customize your services, including wrapping and packing. The movers come with packing materials to wrap your office appliances, furniture, and other supplies to avoid damage during transportation. If you want them to unpack the items in your new office or business place, they can also help you. Their services include enough labor to make your transition smooth. They can also store your luggage overnight or for a longer period. Deliveries are also part of their commercial services. Corporate relocation includes warehousing, storage, and retail deliveries.

  1. Residential Moves

Allegiance Moving and Storage have a few years of experience in residential moves. It doesn’t matter where the customer is relocating to; they have a network of carriers that can help you. They have helped residents move more than businesses since the company was launched. They have local services for people looking to relocate in or around West Palm Beach, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale. But they can also manage moves across state lines. You have to reach out and explain your needs and put down a deposit for them to organize your move. Aside from the other services, Allegiance has moving tips on the website that can be helpful, especially if it’s your first move. If your move has unique needs, be sure to communicate to the company so they know how to handle preparations.

  1. Auto Transport

Not all movers handle auto transport, making it difficult to move all your belongings to the new location. Moving cars need extra care and need a carrier who is experienced. Allegiance auto transport is efficiently by the movers they select for you. Rates will greatly differ depending on the number of cars you are transporting and how far the destination is. You must reach out to the company for transportation details because they don’t give away a lot on the website. Availability when it comes to auto transportation is limited. Get in touch with the movers as soon as possible to ensure timely transportation. Allegiance Moving and Storage works with specialized moving companies, some of which only deal with car transport. The movers will load your car or cars and unload them when you reach your destination. This service will help you avoid selling your beloved car when you move. Most movers who end up selling their vehicles do it because they lack reliable transportation.

  1. Packing

Like most moving companies, Allegiance Moving and Storage provide packing services. You can do away with such services, but if you are relocating in a hurry, professional packers can be helpful. Packing is a tedious and time-consuming activity; if you don’t have the skills, it might even take you longer. Allegiance movers will box everything up professionally and help you avoid damages while on transit. The packers will ensure you don’t leave anything behind when you have a large home with a high volume of belongings. They label everything to make unpacking easy for you. If you agree on a moving date with the carriers and you are not ready on the day, it might be costly. That’s why it’s better to have professionals handle everything, including the packing. If you can negotiate a great deal that includes packing services, you will be on the safer side.

  1. Storage Services

Allegiance Moving Company can store any item for you for the short or long term. They come in handy if you want a place to hold your items overnight as you figure out the move. The storage units are secure; people store valuables without worry. There are temperature-controlled storage units, making them safe no matter the weather conditions. Storage services fee may not be part of the moving estimate. Ensure the brokers negotiate an affordable deal if you want a long-term storage unit. You may not be moving, but you want to put away a few things and declutter the house. Instead of gambling with a storage company you barely know, you can use Allegiance Moving and Storage.

  1. Interstate Moves

Not all moving companies cover 50 states. But with Allegiance Moving and Storage, you can move across the country. That makes it a reliable company for long-distance movers. They have successfully pulled off several interstate moves that earned them a good reputation from customers. When considering an interstate move, you must look for a company that fits your individual needs. The company also needs a successful track record. Commercial and residential movers are usually afraid of long-distance relocation because of the transportation cost. You should look for transparent pricing so that you can avoid hidden fees.

  1. Blanket/Pad Wrapping of Furniture

Furniture is valuable to most homeowners and even businesses. But chances of the, getting damaged when moving are very high. A pad protects your furniture from scratches, nicks, and other possible damages. Wrapping will also keep them from grime and dirt. You will save cleaning costs once you get to your new home or office. You can quickly move heavy and large items after wrapping them and correctly loading them into the moving vehicle. If you need special packing for items besides furniture, the movers can make it happen. Allegiance Moving and Storage can also organize crating services. They are there to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible.

Plans and Pricing

Allegiance Moving and Storage Company isn’t a carrier. They will listen to your needs and negotiate with a moving company from their network of partners. They will identify the one with the most affordable rates and connect you to them. Working with a moving broker has advantages; they negotiate low rates and give you plenty of scheduling options. But that means their rates keep changing depending on the moving company they connect you with. It makes it very hard to compare their rates with other moving companies. But when you look at Allegiance Moving and Storage reviews, you might be able to tell the average cost. The price is determined by the services you select, distance, square footage of the home, and the number of items to be transported. You should only request the services you need and nothing extra to save money. Based on reviews, their price ranges from $ 4,000 to $ 6,000, but it can be higher.

Other factors affect the final price. Allegiance also charges additional fees like $ 300 for shuttle service. You will pay extra for storage, around 35 to 45 per cubic foot. This can averagely add up to $ 129 minimum per month. Long carry and additional staircases will also increase your final price. Connection and reconnection of your appliances are not included in the estimate. Any service that requires a third-party professional will cost extra. When requesting a quote, you should also factor in all these additional fees that might affect the final estimate. You can quickly get a quote online after answering a few of their questions. That’s the only form you must fill out after contacting their team of experts.

Allegiance Moving and Storage will require a 30% deposit using your credit card when booking their services. This money will be refundable when you cancel services at least three days after signing the agreement. But they will deduct 10% because of incurred merchant fees. After the three-day window, only 50% of your deposit will be refundable. If you wait until three days before pickup to cancel services, your deposit will not be refundable. Also, if your pickup is five days from the day you sign the contract, the money is non-refundable because of routing and scheduling purposes. However, if the money is not refunded, you can still use it for a future reservation within a year. Their cancelation policies are somewhat complicated and need time to understand. But you should learn all the terms and conditions before investing your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Allegiance Moving and Storage Work?

Allegiance Moving Company connects people who want to relocate with reliable moving companies. They don’t have their own fleet, so they won’t be carrying your stuff. But they will organize your move from packing to unloading. They are a licensed broker company; they look for professional movers that best suit your needs. It’s easy to confuse them with a full-service moving company with their own fleet. But the company is transparent with the type of services they offer. They have a huge database of moving companies they can recommend for long and short-distance moves. They say customers should expect competitive prices because they will negotiate according to their needs.

Are Storage Services Included In The Estimate?

Storage services are paid for separately. If you are moving and want to store some of your belongings, the cost will be higher than when you were only moving. Remember, you will probably be paying for the monthly storage unit if you store your stuff long-term. Allegiance Moving and Storage says you should expect to pay a minimum of $ 129 per month. The storage cost also depends on the size of the storage unit. Get an estimate from your storage service provider and see if it’s something you can afford.

Does Allegiance Moving And Storage Offer Out-Of-State Moving?

Yes, Allegiance Moving Company can find you a motor carrier for interstate moves. Local and long-distance moves are possible. But the company doesn’t have international affiliates, so they can’t organize international moves. If you are relocating outside the United States, you should consider finding another moving company or broker. They have handled several interstate moves; you can check their reviews to establish how successful the moves were. They have handled a lot of moves in the state of Florida.

How are the Allegiance Moving and Storage customer service?

Their company representatives are generally available. If you want to set up an appointment or get a quote, you can speak to their representative via phone, email, or online. They have been working to fix issues raised by their customers. Complaints come from the price estimates. Allegiance can’t guarantee prices because they are brokers. That’s why complaints arise a lot from clients. But the company has started reaching out to reviewers to see how they can resolve some of their issues. There have even been reimbursements as compensation for poor experiences. The customer service is average.

Is Allegiance Moving And Storage Insured And Licensed?

The company is licensed, and they only work with licensed movers. Not all movers are insured, so if you want an insured carrier, ensure you check their company profile before the pickup date. Credibility and transparency are very crucial when looking for a moving company. You need a company that has claimed its profile and has an excellent reputation. There haven’t been a lot of complaints about the license and insurance issues.

Is The Company Right For You?

Allegiance Moving and Storage is a nationwide company. They are recommended for anyone who wants to move locally in Florida or cross state lines. They provide quality services and can help you successfully transport your belongings. But when you have complicated needs and many items that need special care, you should try looking for a company that specializes in such moves. So far, the company has done an impressive job of pairing carriers with customers depending on their needs. The company did have a rocky start, but things are picking up, and more people trust them with complex moves. Ensure you talk to them about your moving needs before making any final decisions.