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American Van Lines Review 2022 – Top 10 Moving Companies

American Van Lines Company is among the top-rated moving companies in the U.S. This AVL Company helps with a wide range of moving services to clients that include: packing, loading, dismantling, unpacking, unloading, and reassembling of items and furniture. AVL has specialized in moving clients locally, between states, and internationally.

However, the Company restricts its local moving services to South Florida, North Carolina, and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The AVL moving company does not give out jobs to third-party brokers because it can accommodate even the long-distance moves of clients. Competent moving staff/crew and a large fleet of trucks allow the Company to offer top-moving services.

The Company offers many services that include: corporate moves, residential moves, military moves, online tracking, storage space, content protection, piano moving, and packing and unpacking. The client is always guaranteed a safe movement of items and furniture and reimbursement for damaged, lost, broken, or stolen items depending on the protective plan.

The crew of the AVL undergoes rigorous background checks before their hiring. For safe handling of items, the moving company employees are taken through annual training and certifications programs. This earns the trust and attraction of clients who possess high-value and precious items and pieces of art. Some of the yearly training sessions cover the handling of original artwork, piano, and fitness equipment.

The Verdict
American Van Lines American Van Lines

American Van Lines is a reputable company that has established itself as a reliable moving company. The Company conducts rigorous background checks on its staff before employing them. In addition, the staff are also in regular training programs on how to safely handle and move fragile goods, ensuring professionalism in the industry.

AVL has a wide fleet of trucks and many full-time moving staff that facilitate smooth moves of items. The Company can handle both local and long-distance moves, including international moves.

This moving company is the perfect option for clients with expensive furniture and décor, fine art collections, and fragile items like pianos and fitness equipment. This is because the Company has a specially trained wing that deals with the movement of delicate items like pianos. The AVL Company has storage unit options and content covering plans for the high-value pieces at an extra cost.

The services are similar for several moving companies available in the market. It is good for clients to first check and compare the services across the full-service moving companies and choose a company that suits them best. However, AVL is just the right option for any move you plan.

  • The Company constantly trains its staff and certifies them in handling antiques, pianos, and fine art.
  • AVL offers personal storage units that are climate-controlled and under 24-hour surveillance protection.
  • The Company provides a specific delivery time and date at an extra cost.
  • AVL does not provide instant quotes online.
  • The AVL Company only facilitates moving services in North Carolina, South Florida, and Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • The Company requires a deposit of between 10% and 50% of the total cost to secure a moving date.

About Company

The American Van Lines (AVL) Company was established in 1967 in Pompano Beach, Florida. This experienced, full-service moving company offers quality services from well-trained crew members.

The AVL Company provides local, long-distance, and international moves. Is the Company a perfect solution for your moving plan? The following review has captured detailed information on the Company’s services, price rates, and policies to help you have an in-depth insight into whether AVL is a perfect solution for your upcoming move.


The AVL moving company offers the following services to all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii:

  1. Full-Service Moves

The AVL moving company offers full-service moves that include loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking goods and items. The Company has an experienced crew trained to warp and pack items based on their sizes and vulnerability.

The AMV crew can specifically design and build customized crates for the unusual shaped and bigger-than-expected items. The moving crew also disassembles and assembles furniture for you. All your electronics and fragile items will safely be packed and transported in safe containers to prevent damage.

  1. Partial Packing

The AVL moving company offers partial packing services to customers who prefer doing some of the packing themselves. The client can pack all the items that don’t require special skills. Later, the AVL crew will come in and help finish packing sophisticated items like fragile items and disassembling larger furniture.

  1. Antiques And Piano Moving

The AVL moving company has trained two crew teams specifically entrusted with the safe moving of antiques and pianos. The piano moving crew is constantly trained and has certified members to properly dismantle and assemble all piano models.

The AVL moving crew can safely dismantle electric, baby grand, grand, and upright pianos before transporting them. When the package arrives at its intended destination, the crew reassembles the piano to its state.

  1. Storage Services

The AVL Company offers both moving and storage services to clients. The Company’s storage space services help clients store some household items and furniture. The storage needs may arise due to an ongoing interior design update of a house, a downsizing campaign, and an early sell of the current home before getting a new one.

This moving company operates climate-controlled storage facilities to prevent damage to stored items. This means that AVL is able to store delicate items that need climate protection like books, upholstered furniture, and photographs.

Clients can also have personal vaults for additional security. These are lined wooden crates that contain the client’s items. These private storage safes are located in a well-secured building that is under 24/7 surveillance, storm-proof, and fireproof.

The AVL Company’s high-value storage units are specifically designed to offer security to expensive and valuable items for clients. These can include fine Jewelry, original work of paintings, and antiques.

During the moving process, the client’s designated valuable items are dropped off at the storage sites till the moving process is over. Afterward, the items will be collected from the safe storage units and presented to the client’s new location.

  1. Contents Protection

The federal law compels all moving companies to provide clients with basic coverage of their items via a released-value protection plan. The AVL is compliant with this federal regulation, giving clients released-value protection.

At no additional cost, the client can claim a 60 cents reimbursement for every pound of an item damaged, stolen, or lost during the moving process. The AVL Company does not only offer weight-based released-value protection to clients. AVL allows clients to purchase additional coverage that extensively covers their high-value items at their actual value and a rate of $100 per pound.

This means that for any 200-pound item to get covered by the full value protection plan, the item will cap out at $20,000 (200 pounds*$100). In the released-value protection plan, the same item would be covered for (200 pounds * 0.60 cents) $120

The AVL Company also offers an Extraordinary Value Plan for precious items not covered by the Full Value Plan. These include items like Jewelry.

  1. Corporate Relocations

The AVL Company is there to make corporate relocations a success. The Company offers relocation services to any company wishing to relocate its staff and their families. AVL can also help a company seamlessly move its items during relocation.

The AVL moving company has a coordinator who calls the clients seeking to relocate. The clients will then have to answer a few questions for the specialist to determine the client’s needs.

The moving coordinator will then plan the relocation process, and a moving team will be assigned to help with a stress-free transition. The crew will do the packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking of the clients’ items and belongings.

  1. Military Relocations

The AVL moving company also offers its services to military personnel. The relocating process is made simpler, faster, and tight-timed by the able Company’s crew and adequate resources.

The military relocation services offered by the AVL include:

  • Full-service packing.
  • Home assessments and free quotes.
  • Packing materials.
  • The disassembling and reassembling of furniture.
  • Online tracking of shipments.
  • Short and long-term storage.
  • Valuation cover for lost, broken, stolen, or damaged items during transit.
  1. Moving Supplies

The American Van Lines Moving Company offers customized and quality moving boxes and supplies for clients who wish to perform the moving process alone. These moving boxes include:

  • Boxes for small items that are heavy.
  • Cases for mirrors/ picture frames.
  • Standard moving boxes.
  • Barrels for fragile dishes and glassware.
  • Boxes for large items that are light.
  • Boxes for wardrobes.
  1. Virtual Surveys

Any individual seeking to move must get a moving quote of the estimated costs to expect. The AVL moving company offers potential clients a moving technician who will help conduct the survey. These surveys can either be in-house or virtual, depending on the flexibility of the agreement.

The virtual survey option is a perfect alternative that conveniently works for both clients and the AVL representative. The Company’s virtual survey option allows clients to get a quote without meeting or letting the moving coordinator into their house.

The virtual surveys are conducted by allowing potential moving clients to record their rooms’ items and furniture and then upload the videos to a sharing platform like YouTube. The client is then expected to finalize the virtual survey by sharing the uploaded video’s link with the moving company.

After closely evaluating the items, the Company will send a binding estimate to the client. Remember to capture the access points to your homes when recording the video for the survey.

  1. International Moving

The AVL moving company has two major hubs in South Florida and North Carolina. The Company has an international wing that offers moving services to any country around the globe. The clients are assured of dealing directly with the Company from start to finish of the moving journey, with no brokers involved.

Clients who choose the AVL moving company do not have to get involved with the cross-border requirements. The Company’s crew and customer care agents will deal with all the needed customs paperwork. All goods and items are packed according to the laws of the client’s destination country.

  1. Long-Distance Moving

The AVL Company offers long-distance moves to all the 48 states in the USA. The Company also provides shuttle services to all major cities each week. Clients who use the AVL Company to move items on long-distance routes between states save a good amount of money.

  1. Local Moving

The AVL moving company is also a proud service provider for local moves. This service is not limited to any home size or need. The Company can allow you the flexibility to pack furniture on your own or let them do all the hard work for you.

Plans And Prices

The AVL moving company considers many factors that help determine the overall moving cost of clients. These include special moving requests, the total weight of the shipment, content protection plans, the distance of the move, and the services purchased.

Simple Quote

The AVL moving company allows clients to conduct a self-quotation to estimate their moving costs. This special calculator tool on their website gives clients the estimated quotation based on the previous moves the Company has undertaken.

The Company estimates moving 10,000 pounds (a three-bedroom) from Chicago to San Francisco at the cost of $10,040. The downside of the Company’s quote process is that it takes longer compared to its competitors.

The AVL moving company offers solid binding estimates that remain constant throughout the moving process. The binding estimates are determined by the findings of the home review done by the Company.


The AVL Company has a price-matching policy that allows clients to compare quoted prices from different companies to negotiate costs.

The AVL offers discounts open to all groups, including senior citizens, military, and disabled veterans. There are also coupons available. Clients can find a list of pricing and special offers for moves between some cities on the AVL website.

Payment Options

AVL Company offers flexible payment options for clients, from certified checks, to cash and credit cards. Clients are required to deposit between 10%- 50% of their total estimated cost for the Company to offer them a moving date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Hire The AVL Moving Company?

Clients can contact our customer service team by phone for an official estimate of their moving cost. However, the AVL has an online quote tool on the Company’s website to estimate the clients’ moving costs. The customer support team is reachable from 9.00 AM to 7.00 PM EST on weekdays and between 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays.

The US van lines review indicates that clients need to book up their moving plans a month in advance to enable proper planning. However, the Company can also respond to last-minute moving needs at no extra charge.

Can I Cancel A Move With the American Van Move Company?

The AVL moving company has not clearly stated its cancelation policy on its website. The customer service team confirms that one can receive a full refund of the paid deposit if they cancel up to seven days before their moving dates. The AVL also allows clients to retain their deposit whenever they put their moving plans on hold for up to 12 months.

Does The AVL Offer Insurance?

The AVL Company has a default liability coverage called Complimentary Limited Liability Coverage. This insurance cover has a maximum limit of 60 cents per pound for every item that will be damaged, broken, lost, and stolen during transit. The downside is that this basic default insurance is not comprehensive for valuable items.

The Company also offers other full-replacement value insurance covers at a purchase option. These comprehensive insurance covers are able to hold the AVL Company reliable to refund the items declared value in case it gets lost, damaged, stolen, or broken during shipping.

Does The American Van Company Offer Long-Distance Moving Services?

Yes! The AVL is well equipped to support clients who require moves to distant places. The Company can facilitate movement between any of the states in the U.S. except in Alaska and Hawaii. The Company also offers city-to-city weekly shuttles throughout the country.

Alongside interstate moves, AVL also deals with local and international moves.

Does AVL Offer Interstate Move Services?

The AVL Company has three headquarters in Florida, Pompano Beach, and North Carolina. This helps in the easy facilitation of interstate moves. Alongside the weekly city-to-city shuttle services, the AVL moving company also facilitates moving between the 48 U.S. states.

Is American Van Company A Broker Or Carrier?

The Department of Transportation (USDOT), through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), has licensed and insured the AVL as an interstate moving company.

The AVL has been assigned an identification number of 614506. This number can be verified online in the database of FMCSA. Brokers don’t offer moving services directly, they instead match clients to local moving companies. AVL is a licensed carrier service operator, not a broker.

Is The Company Right For You?

The US van lines review indicates the Company as a perfect option for clients seeking a full-service, professional, long-distance moving company. This moving company offers full-service options and has several well-trained and certified staff to handle the movement of precious and delicate cargo and furniture.

The available content protection plans offered by the Company guarantee safe transportation and storage of clients’ items. The AVL Company offers slightly higher prices than its competitors; hence, it allows users to compare quotations from other companies.

The AVL is specialized in all kinds of moves, from local, interstate, and international. In addition to the long-distance moving plans, AVL offers clients fixed pricing rates using binding rates. Amazingly, the Company can conduct virtual surveys without being physically connected with clients.