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Augusta Precious Metals Review 2022 – Top 10 Gold IRAs

Do you ever wonder about how the economy may affect your retirement income? Do you dislike the idea of relying on a single source of income in retirement? Augusta Precious Metals may have an answer for you. Valuable metals IRAs commonly referred to as gold and silver IRAs, are a way for Americans to invest in actual gold and silver. The service provider is the nation’s top provider of these profiles.

In contrast to other types of investments, such as paper equities and bonds, which may lose all of their value if the market falls, a precious metal IRA will always be valued as something, irrespective of variations in pricing. Here, we will introduce you to Augusta Precious Metals and their solutions. We will answer your most often asked questions about the company and precious metal Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for peace of mind.

Augusta Precious Metals
  • Fair Pricing
  • The company was founded by a group of investors who sought to provide users with the finest products at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction, reasonable rates, and friendly staff have contributed to the company's long-term success and positive brand perception. The cost of gold and silver fluctuates daily, depending on the market situation. The platform will give you a real-time price quotation if you want to know how much your metal acquisition will cost.
  • A Good Reputation
  • Augusta Precious Metals has a good record, which you will be glad to know. Additionally, they have a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, and a high number of 5-star ratings.
  • Tailored Services
  • Augusta Precious Metals goes out of its way to help you through the process of establishing and financing a precious metals IRA, along with a one-on-one webinar to address all of your concerns.
  • Expensive to Start
  • Augusta Precious Metals' main negative is the expensive capital needed to start. Some retirement savers may be able to afford a $50,000 beginning commitment, while others may not be able to afford it. In addition, several suppliers demand just $10,000 to get started. Others even charge as little as $2,000.

About Company

According to Augusta Precious Metals, the company aims to educate and empower the retiree population to better preserve their retirement savings by diversifying their investments with pure gold and silver. The company is a champion in this industry and is dedicated to openness and efficiency. In contrast to many other gold companies, Augusta gives lifelong client care rather than just completing a transaction for the consumer and their family. Customers like the provider’s personalized service, experienced staff, and easy-to-understand gold IRA process.

Users benefit from Augusta’s lower costs because of the company’s innovative and effective business model. The company collaborates with the Royal Canadian Mint to produce purer and more affordable coins than those made by other mints. An advantage of dealing with them is the ease with which actual gold IRAs may be bought along with authorized precious metals. Read on to learn more about the gold IRAs and see what separates Augusta.

Joe Montana, a Hall of Fame quarterback, serves as the company’s public face. While visiting the Harvard Business School Analytics program, Augusta’s analytics team and lead analyst inspired him to add actual gold and silver to his holdings. The same analytical team at Augusta is available for anyone interested in learning more about preserving retirement funds using valuable metals.


Now that you understand Augusta Precious Metals, let’s find their services in detail. You know that their Physical Gold and Silver IRA gives access to investments in precious metals. The services include;

  1. Gold and Silver Bullions

You can get different gold and silver bullion, including bars and coins, from the service provider. To be cleared for valuables metals IRA, bullion must be manufactured by an authorized refiner. You will access gold and silver bullions, including Gold American Eagle BU, Gold American Buffalo, American Eagle Silver, and other options. Don’t hesitate to contact the company’s customer care desk to find out more about current prices.

  1. Physical Gold and Silver IRA

Augusta Precious Metals’ core product is a Physical Gold and Silver IRA. Over $50,000, owners may put their money into gold and silver through their tax-deferred IRAs. The physical gold and silver profiles are available through Augusta Precious Metals, partnered with Equity Trust, a pre-selected keeper. All 50 states are served and have provided self-directed IRAs for over 45 years, with over $34 billion under management.

Storage of valuable metals is important, and the Delaware Repository, an exchange-certified depository for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Intercontinental Exchange, has safe storage. As an added layer of protection, Lloyd’s of London provides $1 billion in all-risk insurance for your gold and silver.

  1. Gold and Silver Coins

Augusta Precious Metals has plenty for customers to finance their Physical Gold and Silver IRAs. There is one of them holding out a tray of gold and silver coins for your consideration. All gold coins are 99.5% pure, except for the American Gold Eagle coin, which has a purity of 91.67 percent. They use 99.9% pure silver in their coins.

You may pick from different coins such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaves, American Eagle Proofs, and many others.

  1. Silver and Gold Bullion

The precious metals service provider has a variety of gold and silver bullion. To be cleared for enrollment in a precious metals IRA, bullion must be manufactured by an authorized refiner. The gold and silver bullions available include South African Gold Krugerrand, Gold Bar, American Eagle Silver, and many others. Bullion values are not publicly available, like their gold and silver coins. Call the company to get the most up-to-date prices.

  1. Gold Buy-back Program

There is always the chance that you will need to trade your gold at some point in the future, even if you don’t plan to do so. With the provider’s Gold Buy-Back Program, you do not have to worry about taking an RMD (required minimum distribution) or selling your gold for other reasons.

Thanks to this service, you can be certain that you have a buyer if you ever need to sell your deposits. Of course, you may sell your gold. The good news is that you may do so confidently since Augusta will provide you with affordable prices for its services. Noble Gold, a rival of Augusta, provides a gold buyback program that will be detailed soon.

Plans and Pricing

When selecting Augusta Precious Metals as an IRA provider, you will want to know how much they ask before committing. Their minimum, price, and fees are all laid out here. You must create an account with the company, which will cost you a $50,000 deposit. However, other reputable companies with lesser minimums are available for those investors who find this expensive. Transactions through Augusta Precious Metals are responsible for a Bid Spread even though no transaction fees are charged. This depends on the kind of goods.

As stated in Augusta’s Transaction Agreement, the typical spreads are 5% on common Bullion Products and 33% for the premium ones. Even though Augusta levies some ownership-related fees, members with Silver Account level and above are exempt from them for the first ten years. The costs charged by Augusta are comparable to or less expensive than those of their rivals, which are listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use My Self-Directed IRA to Purchase Gold?

Yes. If you are interested, the service provider can help. A self-directed gold IRA gives the owner complete control over all aspects of the IRA, such as the buying and selling gold. It is a break from the usual retirement account administrators. To make buying gold with a self-directed IRA simple, the knowledgeable staff at Augusta Precious Metals will fill 95% of the relevant forms with you.

Various departments work together to ensure that everything is streamlined, quick, and crystal clear for all parties involved. Team members can assist you at any process stage and clarify it all in detail. There is nothing to worry about since you’ll know what to do and buy.

Who is the Company Best Suited For?

Retiring investors who want to broaden their portfolios beyond equities and other traditional valuables can consider Augusta Precious Metals. Similarly, those with a minimum of $50,000 in their bank account can get started.

What Sets Augusta Precious Metals Special?

When it comes to business practices, the company stands apart. Augusta is the only entity that sticks with its users throughout their physical precious metal assets’ lifespan. It gives knowledge and engages them to manage new purchases and buybacks and meet other precious metals demands.

Regarding education and help, you will never find a provider like this. Structurally, the company’s multi-team approach is quite effective. Users save time and money since the process is simplified, easy, and enjoyable. The Augusta analytics team is on hand to help U.S. clients make key valuable metals investment choices. According to our research, its agents will never forget about you, even after the transaction.

What is the Finest Metal to Invest in at The Moment?

It’s impossible to know the best metal without consulting an honest broker, and brokers will be the first to tell you as much. It’s difficult to predict the market, and even experts make mistakes. Your greatest defense against a volatile market is diversification. For beginning investors, gold and silver are likely the most user-friendly metals. They are the easiest to get your hands on, so they are extensively traded.

Does Investing in Gold Pay Off?

In times of economic instability, a gold IRA is a wise choice. The cost of gold and silver continues to climb when the dollar loses strength and the stock market continues to decline. Gold IRAs are growing more and more common due to the present turbulence in the world. Precious metals IRAs are common among investors due to their ability to guard against market volatility and inflation. Others want to increase their net worth by putting money into gold and other valuable metals.

Does the Company Provide Educational Materials?

Yes. Augusta Precious Metals favors a teaching program for valuable metal IRAs because they understand that speculating on them is not always the optimal choice for every investor. As a result, they are working on different relationships to help everyone concerned. They will chat to you about your needs and ensure the product is a good fit before signing you up. The corporation will urge you to attend instructional webinars instead of trying to sell you items. In this case, Augusta will take the time to ensure that your gold investment is the right one for you so that they can be confident you will be satisfied.

How Do Gold and Silver IRAs Operate?

With the company’s help, you can set up an IRS-approved gold and silver IRA that is tax-advantaged and allows you to invest in precious metals. As a first step, you will learn about the present economy, how silver and gold play a role, and the many bars and coins you may purchase. This is useful for first-time investors in valuable metals, who may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available and unsure which one to select. The service provider will assist you in making decisions.

After starting a precious metals IRA plan, you may choose from different safe and certified storage sites. When protecting your interests, the provider partners with several storage facilities around the United States. If you want to see your valuables in person, you may visit the depository and select the most suitable area.

Where Are the Headquarters of the Company Located?

Casper, Wyoming, is home to the corporate headquarters of the firm in its whole. At the same time, they have a branch office located in Beverly Hills.

Does the Company Have a Celebrity Spokes Person?

Augusta Precious Metals has Joe Montana as their celebrity ambassador. Many companies seek endorsements from industry experts or personalities to raise their profile. On the other hand, the service provider had Joe Montana come to them instead of the other way around. It was not long before Joe became an Augusta client and began working with the firm. For him, Augusta’s goals resonated so strongly with his own that he decided to contact out and ask if they can use him as a celebrity spokesman.

Is it Safe to do Business with Augusta Precious Metals?

Yes. The precious metals service provider is a trusted distributor of precious metals IRAs. Equity Trust serves as the custodian for the precious metals IRA. Self-directed IRAs are available through Equity Trust, which has been in business for more than 45 years. More than $34 billion in assets are under their care anytime.

Your IRA’s gold and silver assets are protected by depository institutions like the Delaware Depository, which is covered by Lloyd’s of London’s $1 billion all-risk insurance policy. The Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance have given them an A+ rating.

Is it Possible to Keep Track of the Progress of my Gold Individual Retirement Account?

You may monitor your IRA’s progress online at any time. Similarly, the company will send quarterly reports to keep track of your IRA’s success.

Does my Augusta Precious Metals IRA Account Have Any Maintenance Fees?

Because your gold IRA is self-directed, you will be in charge of it. As a result, there are no costs associated with managing your account. Even so, if you have a precious metal IRA, you may be responsible for paying custodial and storage expenses.

When can I Get my Money Out of My Precious Metals IRA?

Your IRA account may be accessed at any time, in whole or in part, thanks to the flexibility given by the platform. You may opt to take the actual gold or silver from the vault, or the corporation can pay you money depending on the worth of the metals.

Premature withdrawals from gold IRAs are taxed and penalized in the same way as other IRAs. Once you reach the age of 70, you may avoid these fines and taxes by acquiring the RMDs. Learn how much you can take out of your Augusta profile using the RMD Calculator.

Is the Company Right for You?

You may use Augusta Precious Metals’ precious metals IRAs to hedge your retirement funds and mitigate losses from other securities. The company is well-known for its well-trained agents who educate customers about the economy and precious metals. To fulfill your specific financial goals, they may assist you in putting up a gold and silver plan that is uniquely yours.


Regarding customer service, Augusta stands apart because of its staff’s wide knowledge. Users may buy non-IRA gold and silver from the firm, although it focuses on Gold IRAs. Unlike other gold service providers, the company gives precious metals IRAs as a single option. This specialism’s value is the value of several free resources, a simple and efficient approach, and competitive pricing for the most popular products. Transparency and honesty are hallmarks of this company’s customer service, as seen by the many positive remarks and high ranking on reputable review sites.