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How to Secure your WordPress Theme and Plugin Code

Nowadays online blogging and content creation have become the norm. Nearly everyone is into entrepreneurship and striving to reach new lengths on the internet. Part of the credit goes to WordPress that enabled users to create an online platform so easily. However, WordPress still has its loopholes. For the record, you still have to maintain

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UX Best Practices to Improve WordPress Website

Creating a well designed and functional website is necessary when you are looking to establish your business in the modern world. Today, websites are an effective business tool and can help offer all the information to anyone who is interested in what you have to offer. However, simply creating a website is not enough these

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How to Plan Content Marketing with WordPress

Content marketing is and will remain an integral part of a high traffic generating website with great conversions. Regardless of what size your business is, bringing marketing content to promote your existing operations is a must. You may have access to just fewer resources due to tighter budgets and the scalability depends upon your investment

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