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Azuga Review 2022 – Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking Services

Even without the addition of expensive software, controlling a fleet of vehicles is a complex experience that may harm productivity, reliability, and overall customer happiness. When looking for the finest GPS fleet monitoring services, one of the most important criteria is how easy the platform is to use.

When choosing suppliers, we looked at not just the capabilities they could provide but how simple it would be to put those features into action and use them. The fleet monitoring service in the top selection for simplicity of use is Azuga. It provides connector technology, surveillance software that is simple to use, and a phone app that is intuitive to operate.

The Verdict
Azuga Azuga

After a customer purchases an Azuga device, the company's professionals continue to guide on getting the most out of software monitoring and management systems. The provider's products and services are constantly being improved through new technologies. Video-enabled detection and protection technologies are a specific emphasis for the company. Fleet managers will increasingly rely on artificial intelligence technologies as their costs decrease.

The service provider expects the newest security measures, like pre-collision warnings, to keep fleets safer in the future. They will also make it possible for businesses to give incentives to workers who maintain safe driving practices. The global fleet management solutions provider has emerged as the best among several competitors. The service has a solution with forward-thinking technology and excellent customer service for complex fleet management issues.

  • Good Customer Services
  • Customers may contact through phone, email, or online chat at any time of the day or night. A representative will swiftly respond to your queries when you need asset management assistance. The BBB does not rate the company. Even though this is not an assurance that you'll be happy with your experience with the business, it's something to remember. Other telematics review websites praised the service provider.
  • Saves on Operation Costs
  • Your fleet company should prioritize reducing operational costs by installing GPS monitoring software. It helps you find the most efficient routes for your trucks and saves you money on gas. Fleets may minimize more labor expenditures if they have a robust layout to prevent drivers' wasteful over time.
  • Saves time
  • Time planning is important in transportation, as downtime may significantly impact. Wasted time occurs when vehicles are often snarled up in traffic for extended periods (sometimes even hours). Managers may use a real-time m
  • The three-year agreement mandated by the company is not suitable.
  • It's not clear how often Azuga sign in data is refreshed. Many GPS fleet tracking companies claim to be able to track in real-time, but there is always a lag time.

About Company

The Azuga tracker was developed to assist consumers in managing their fleets, tracking the information of their servicing, improving car safety, and enhancing customer support. It showcases asset management, data analytics, fleet tracking, and insurance telematics as some of its available functionalities.

The company was developed in many markets, including manufacturing, automotive, construction, healthcare, disaster response, and hotel management.

You can monitor, assess, and change potentially dangerous driving behaviors with the service provider’s help, lowering the risk of getting into an accident. It uses a small tool capable of delivering safe driving principles in the form of card scores focused on drivers’ acceleration, stopping, resting, and driving standards.

The software has the potential to monitor your cars using GPS and provides technology that can stop drivers from being distracted by things like texting or talking on the phone while they are behind the wheel. Additionally, it has dashboards, reporting, and tracking capability for assets.


Fleet tracking and management software business is Azuga’s field of expertise. Additionally, the firm provides experience in customer care following the sale of its fleet management, asset monitoring, and dashcam products.

Using fleet mobile technologies is a win-win situation for fleets and drivers. Expert advice on fleet efficiency, profitability, and safety, who support their goods with it. Their services include;

  1. Tracking of Fleets

The Azuga GPS fleet monitoring devices allow fleet operators to follow the cars owned by their firm no matter where those vehicles may be located. Similarly, they get information through inspection, which helps to make it simple to handle the required information for maintenance and regulations. The technology keeps track of every mile driven and the actions and alerts triggered by the driver, making driving more efficient and safer.

Azuga takes pride in its products being simple to install and use. The company does not provide complicated products that make an activity more difficult than successful.

  1. Hardware and Setting Up

For its small monitoring solution, the service provider gives a tracker with a long battery life that can be recharged. The user may easily install devices for the OBD-II port; however, gear for asset tracking may need further setup.

  1. Efficiency and Security Concerns for Drivers

This service stands out from the competition due to its driver scorecards and the protective elements of the car telematics system. Azuga fleet mobile is one of only a few fleet monitoring platforms that instantly provides data for both the admin and the driver to view. The feature makes it possible for users to keep track of their ratings and makes it simple to rank drivers and give rewards depending on their progress. Notifications for severe braking, acceleration, speeding, and prolonged idle time are also given.

  1. Status of the Vehicle, Service, and Optimal Performance

The provider gives you real-time data, allowing you to plan car maintenance and keep tabs on repairs. The corporation’s software to monitor vehicles is equipped with comprehensive gas-reporting features that may assist you in reducing the amount of gasoline you use. Likewise, you can optimize distribution networks to achieve more productivity and extend your fuel cost further by analyzing driver routes.

  1. Mobile App

With an intuitive user interface, the provider-developed mobile app allows drivers to keep control of their points and prizes, register journeys, and manage their time. Additionally, the software may be used to maintain and keep track of fleets when the user is on the move.

  1. Video Cam That Uses Artificial Intelligence

The company’s Safety Cam uses artificial intelligence (AI) to record the road and the driver’s actions within the cab. The camera employs this technology to identify risky driving patterns and label them so that the security of the whole Fleet may be enhanced.

  1. Notifications and Updates

Users of the service have access to different report types, including live, planned, and custom reports. The program sends out warnings for potential hazards and allows you to get messages about car repairs and driving behavior. Similarly, they have the option to plan reports on the state and health of your Fleet.

Plans and Pricing

The company’s homepage does not give data on the price. Some reasons for the cost are included: The hardware devices, which may be rented, will not cost you anything upfront. Additionally, the provider’s connector devices may be readily fitted to a vehicle’s OBD-II connection; therefore, installation is free.

It makes its three primary plans available, including;

Basic Fleet

Every vehicle in your Fleet may be tracked for a monthly fee of $25 with our Basic Fleet package. GPS surveillance, alarms and notifications, driving scores, driver awards, reports, and geofencing are just some of the capabilities of this application. It’s a good starting point for small fleets or those who want to try out some of the newer fleet management tools. You’ll have access to a limitless phone, email, and web-based assistance on a 24/7 basis as part of this package, so you won’t have to worry about your tools.

Safe Fleet

With the Safe Fleet plan, essential fleet functions are included as strategies to increase safe operation and fleet performance. The monthly fee for this plan is $30 per vehicle. Its grades include more security features such as Speed Safe, distracted driving, and panic alarms.

Vehicle inspections, planned servicing, logs and labels, gas card connection, API integration, TrackMe, occupant detection, and notifications are all included in the new version of the software. Unlimited 24/7 help is included in this package so that you can get the most out of your new Fleet Tracking software.

Complete Fleet

Complete Fleet is the best plan for any business looking for an all-in-one fleet management solution. The plan involves Safe Fleet and other customized services, costing $35.00 per car each month for total fleet monitoring. This tier includes more features that enhance fleet operations, making it the most comprehensive option. With Azuga tracking Coach’s emphasis on safety and Fuel Saver’s emphasis on economy, both products provide an excellent value for consumers. There’s also one-minute monitoring, configurable reports, and a quarterly fleet assessment. A dedicated Customer Success Manager will be assigned to you at this level to assist you with any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Process for Monitoring a GPS Fleet?

All three of these devices are connected through a single GPS tracker. The Azuga device receives a confidential message from the car, GPS transmitters, and statistics collected by an accelerometer in the monitoring tool.

It is feasible for authorized users with login details to see these statistics in a display that provides real-time data in maps, charts, and analyses that allow them to understand how and where a vehicle or asset is being used. Other information that may be accessed includes information on a car’s health and the driving habits of the person behind the wheel.

What is a Geofence?

A geofence is a digital border surrounding a specific region. You can make them in different places such as the main office, customer address, and home. A vehicle is registered in the service provider’s program when it approaches or departs the set region. Using geofences, you can identify how long a vehicle was in a given zone. This may assist avoid robbery by notifying you of your car’s illegal usage and keeping your drivers secure by advising you about unusual actions.

What Is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS Fleet monitoring software helps medium firms to maintain tabs on their cars and drivers in actual time. The program should increase safety, shorten transit times and minimize fuel prices. Most programming is cloud-based and interfaces with in-vehicle connectors or connected devices.

When does GPS Tracking Begin to Function?

After the connector GPS device from the provider has been put in the vehicle, it will function properly whenever it is started. After that, the program monitors the car until it has been turned off; statistics, details about the engine, and safety information are then provided to the service department.

What Is the Purpose of an Alert?

When your car breaks a corporate policy, you will get an alert (a threshold set while creating this alert). Email alerts will be sent to you depending on the parameters you choose. They aid with the tracking of cars and the conduct of their drivers.

What are the Driver Reward Programs?

Fleet supervisors’ and drivers’ relationships will be improved through the Driver Rewards Program. It allows the management to award their drivers who perform well quickly. As a motivator for safer driving, leaderboards and point systems encourage drivers to strive for higher rankings. Indeed, several studies suggest that lesser, more regular acknowledgment has a lasting influence on driving habits and assists you keep your best-performing workers.

Gift cards are awarded to drivers depending on their ratings and conduct. To use them, drivers must have an account. Email is the default method for sending incentives. Amazon, Burger King, Home Depot, and Walmart are just a few companies where drivers may redeem their points. The Azuga reviews reward page lets you award a driver, see award records, refresh your account, and control brands, among other functions. To keep track of recent spending, you may look at your seven-day history of purchases on the account’s current status page.

What is the Driver’s Score?

Drivers get points for the way they drive in the form of scores. Using this tool, you can see which employees in your company are the most productive and dangerous. For example, the service provider scores for actions like strong braking and speeding and severe acceleration and resting. It uses a 0-100 scale to measure performance. Each day’s driving activity is included in the final score. Download the detailed explanation of how the software computes its driving scores.

Is the Service Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Mobile Devices?

The fleet GPS monitoring tool is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

What Features Should a Real-time GPS Tracking System Have?

Because no two companies are alike, the solution that works for one might not have been the greatest match for yours. These tips will assist you in determining what criteria your company should employ when evaluating possible telematics suppliers.

How do I put The Fleet Tracking Gear in Place?

The fleet tracking gear installs in seconds. Insert the hardware into your OBD port, which is available in most automobiles manufactured after 1996. After a few seconds, it will be ready to use. Search for a video showing how to set up the hardware on YouTube.

What is Azuga Telematics?

Telematics is the information technology field concerned with transferring digital data across great distances. Telematics is derived from the Greek words “telos,” which means “long distance,” and “informatics,” which is a mix of data and automation.

Is The Company Right for You?

Many benefits may be gained by utilizing the provider’s GPS fleet management system. It will assist you in the following areas;

  • Safeguard your business from the high costs of vehicle accidents; fleet managers should focus on improving overall fleet safety. 86% of consumers believe the provider has increased their sense of security while driving.
  • Whether you wonder if a worker showed up in their area, you should hold them responsible for their time and offer details. The company has been credited by 75% of its customers with reducing the number of driving citations.
  • The surveillance of vehicle diagnostics may help fleet managers prevent expensive repairs and save insurance costs. Reports indicate an average annual savings of $9,462.
  • Customized reports containing data particular to their businesses may be used to link to other software applications they use to operate their firm.
  • Reward safe driving by offering driver scores and a rewards scheme that is both integrated and accessible.