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Bambee Review 2022 – Top 10 HR Software

Bambee is a human resource (HR) software created for business owners who want to maintain compliance, establish the best HR policies, and manage onboarding processes. Human resource is a broad spectrum in a business setting. A small business that can’t afford an in-house HR team will have to outsource the services from somewhere else. Bambee offers services to businesses of all sizes. They can help you manage hiring and termination better. All other HR services are included in their packages. If you haven’t heard about the company before, this guide will introduce Bambee and its services.

The Verdict
Bambee Bambee

Bambee’s combination of HR management and outsourcing tools is very ambitious but isn't perfect for all businesses. However, they have impressive features on the website that you won't get anywhere else. Their straightforward interface on their website makes it easier to interface on their services into your business operations. Recruiting, termination and employee management will be simpler. SMBs that need guidance on sensitive matters and compliance will find the company very helpful. Ensure you read a couple of Bambee HR reviews before signing up; they can be very revealing.

  • The software is very user-friendly
  • Excellent performance tracking tools
  • They offer helpful additional features
  • You can get a dedicated Bambee HR manager
  • They offer training and certification for employees
  • They automate compliance reviews
  • There is no free trial
  • Some of their pricing practices are a bit sketchy
  • They don’t have a mobile app

About Company

Bambee is an LA-based HR outsourcing service mainly intended for small businesses. The company was founded in 2016. It was founded on the idea that every company can run like a fortune 500 company. They boast of offering affordable human resource services that can streamline your operations. The leaders at Bambee have impressive backgrounds in finance, data security, strategy, marketing, and many other fields. The company also has investors and advisors working behind the scenes to ensure they offer the best services.

The company is a web-based platform that is available in all fifty states. Their services can be used in over twenty industries. You are less likely to have a complaint filed against your business when you have competent HR managers. HR policies and audits will help your company remain compliant. That’s why most companies prefer outsourcing human resource services. Bambee Pricing is competitive; you can choose a plan depending on the number of employees you have.

Bambee payroll services are necessary for any business. They can also help you navigate labor laws. Additionally, the software has complementary auto-features to take care of your routine tasks. Their HR autopilot will take over all the crucial aspects so that you can focus on other things. Excellent human resource services will benefit you, your employees, and the company. Bambee HR reviews show that they have accumulated several customers over the years. Before you work with them, you must understand the services they offer.


Bambee HR software has a collection of services that can benefit your company. The services refocus the company’s energy on revenue-generating tasks. It will also save you time and minimize paperwork. You can use the services to attract the right talent to your company. Hiring and firing, together with employee welfare, are essential parts of running any business. Here is a look at the services and core features of Bambee.

  1. HR Policies

From sick leave, non-discrimination, and sexual harassment to PTO, Bambee HR can help you implement these policies. These policies will be the backbone of employee management. Without them, it’s easy for workers to cross boundaries and be less productive. Everything in the working environment you create will circle back to those guidelines. It’s essential to set up policies when you start the company. You don’t have to wait until you have many employees to start looking for HR services. Allow Bambee to lay down codes of conduct and rules of attendance. Bambee HR manager will craft custom policies depending on your company’s culture. Not all company policies are the same. If you need specific guidelines, communicate them to the Bambee team. When you streamline HR policy implementation, everything else will fall into place.

  1. Labour Regulations

Your company might be at the risk of breaching labor laws, and you don’t even know. Bambee can assign you an expert to get you back on track by making you understand labor regulations. They will aid you in several areas of compliance, including employee benefits, workplace safety, wages, workers’ compensation, and veteran rights, among others. State and federal labor regulations govern every company, whether you are new or not. Outsourcing HR services will help you stay compliant and ensure workers are well taken care of. Also, HR rules change all the time, and a team of experts can help you identify HR gaps. Keeping your internal practices up-to-date is very important. Policies that protect your company and standardize the culture will push your business forward.

  1. Training Staff and Certification

Bambee will take care of mandatory and essential training to keep your staff productive and compliant. They will report back to you on the progress of every employee. You can request a custom bundle of training that goes with your industry. The Bambee HR software will monitor the employees’ progress and issue certificates of completion. You can cut down the issues at your company when the workers get the necessary training. The training will not only help your company, but it also helps the employees who will use the information gained for years to come. Even if they move on from your company, they will take the knowledge in their future ventures.

  1. HR Audits

Bambee Autopilot function will come into play with regular audits. You might be doing everything by the books, but there is always room for improvement. The audits might expose some issues that your team might have missed. You should keep protecting your employees and company, and the best way to do that is to agree to the audits. Based on the findings from the audits, you will know which areas of your business need improving. The company might even help you provide effective mitigations for the found issues. These are complementary services that not all HR outsourcing companies offer; that’s why Bambee reviews stand out.

  1. Smart Cabinet

Smart Cabinet will take care of record-keeping for you. State and Federal laws require specific company files to be held for a certain period. You can meet these retention needs using Bambee tools. This convenient feature is accessible on the Bambee dashboard. It will help you secure and store vital human resource documents. These might not seem like a serious requirement, but they can land your business in trouble. To avoid misunderstandings and devastating lawsuits, ensure you comply with the document retention standard. As you can see, there are many HR services you didn’t think you needed, but they are essential. All the successful brands you are competing with have excellent human resource services. An HR software can help you stay competitive.

  1. Guided Payroll

Every established company has a payroll system they use to calculate and distribute wages. Most startups don’t feel like they need such a complex system, especially when only a few employees are on board. Bambee payroll is an optional add-on service that can help you manage wages and taxes for your staff. The system will support 2-day direct deposits. It will also automatically calculate government taxes and provide you with reliant and speedy payments. Your employees will receive the correct employment classification thanks to the Bambee HR manager. As long as you are processing salaries for workers, you need a payroll system.

  1. Employee Voices

The company helps businesses create a space where workers can speak their minds. They have a feature on their platform named employee voices. Co-workers can raise concerns and problems there, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. They can also use the platform to express gratitude or share positive sentiments. When you are the owner, there will be plenty of things on your hands at all times to a point where you can miss out on interacting with the staff under you. But in order to run a successful company, you have to understand employee morale. But this platform is a chance to keep tabs on what is happening with your employees. You should know that the workers can choose to express themselves publicly or anonymously.

  1. Unlimited Direct Chart Support

You can contact your Bambee HR manager during business hours through email, phone, or direct chat. Unfortunately, you can only reach them on Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Other companies offer support even during the weekend. But based on Bambee reviews, their team is usually quick to respond when you reach out. The autopilot features are great, but they might lack a human touch. That is why they offer support tailoring policies, answering questions, and dealing with sensitive issues. For example, if you have a delicate termination on your hands, they can guide you on the proper ways to do it. Firing employees can be a delicate and costly endeavor if you don’t do it properly.

  1. E-signatures

Bambee will introduce e-signatures for essential documents. Invite your staff to use the signature when setting up folders and viewing documents. This is one of the additional services you will enjoy when you pay for the HR services. They also offer staff folders that ensure essential files are easy to access. You can securely store employee claims and applications in separate folders. Whenever you need to tackle something with an employee, you can easily pull out the files and use them as a reference. Ensure the workers sign these folders before you store them.

Plans and Pricing

Bambee pricing offers several annual and monthly plans depending on your company size. If you go for the annual plans, you can save up to 20%. They offer flat Pricing, and there are no contracts. Their prices are affordable compared to hiring a human resource department. However, their setup fees don’t seem fair. You will pay $ 500 to set up a business with up to 19 employees. Setting up a company of 20-49 employees costs $ 1000. This can be a hefty amount to raise, especially for a starting business, and there is no free trial. Here is what their plans look like at a glance.

  • 1-4 employees: $ 99 per month
  • 5-19 employees: $ 199 per month
  • 20-49 employees: $ 299 per month
  • 50-500 employees: Custom plan

The 5-19 employees plan comes with free payroll services if you enroll for a year. The rest of the plans don’t include guided payroll services; you will have to request them if you want. If you have over 50 employees, you will have to reach out to the Bambee representatives and set up a custom plan. All plans come with unlimited chat and email assistance. According to their terms and conditions, you can get a refund of the setup fees if no services or audits have been provided.

Guided payroll costs $ 5 per employee per month after the first year elapses. If you opt out of the additional features, Bambee will elevate the prices on every package. For the simplest plan, you will pay $ 119 instead of $ 99. This underneath pricing moves might be discouraging for some people. Remember, the cheapest plan doesn’t include phone support. Also, if you go for the custom plan, you will be paired with an HR director instead of a manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bambee Help Me Terminate An Employee?

Yes, they will help you navigate high-risk navigation situations. Their team will coach you through the entire process to avoid unnecessary conflicts. You will have all the necessary documents with you, and you can confirm the HR policies while terminating an employee. Your employee can easily sue you when they feel like their termination was unlawful. The whole point of having HR experts behind your back is to avoid such cases.

Are There Cancellation Fees?

The company claims you can cancel your subscription at any time. They say they don’t have a binding contract that will make you suffer when you want to get out. Ensure you go over their services in detail so that you don’t feel the need to terminate them later. The month-to-month services are the best when you don’t want to commit for a long time. You can opt-out after a month or two and come back after you a while. But since your business will never stop needing HR services, it would be better to get a long-term plan.

Can The Company Help Me With Existing Government Claims?

Bambee will come in and help you manage pending government agency claims. It can be anything from wage claims, disability, or unemployment. They can also help you develop and maintain all your internal HR processes. This ensures you never get into a contradiction unprepared ever again.

Does Bambee Software Require A Lot Of Learning?

Like any new implementation, their software will require some getting used to. But they have created an interface that’s very easy to use even for beginners. All the features are easily accessible; you will soon get used to them. You won’t be digging through layers of settings to find what you need. There are no user guides for the website because it’s easy to understand. Take your time to learn everything about the software because it will be part of your daily operations.

Can Bambee Work With My Business Size?

They are recommended for startups with only a couple of workers. They cater to employees from 1-500. Even if you started your business today, you could still benefit from their services. They support businesses of all sizes from over twenty industries. Before you decide if they are right for you or not, go through their services.

Is The Company Right For You?

Bambee is a legit human resource company suitable for a business with 1-500 employees. As much as they offer to help all business sizes, they are better suited for small and midsized businesses. A large corporation may not find all the essential HR tools they need from them. But a small business will gain a lot by outsourcing their services. It takes time before a company can start running like a well-oiled machine. Bambee is not one size fit all, type of company. If you feel like their services won’t be right for your business, there are other alternatives to explore.

Before you commit, there are a few things you must know. Bambee reviews reveal some complaints from clients about customer support. Their email response time is decent. But the repetitive complaints are about how hard it is to reach the representatives, and some were unhelpful. But they are swift to answer emails, so pick your communication channel well. But the general experience with the majority of customers is pleasant.

Setting up policies requires an expert. There are many areas to tackle, including issues like office pet policies. Bambee are experts; they can help you implement and manage all your internal affairs. If that’s what you are looking for, they are the right company for you.