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SEO Audits: A complete guide for beginners

It is very important to throw light on what exactly is SEO Audit before explaining the details on how to perform one. It is a process for evaluating search engine friendliness of a website on many aspects. The SEO Auditor checks the websites against a checklist and undertakes the responsibility to fix up what is

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How to Secure your WordPress Theme and Plugin Code

Nowadays online blogging and content creation have become the norm. Nearly everyone is into entrepreneurship and striving to reach new lengths on the internet. Part of the credit goes to WordPress that enabled users to create an online platform so easily. However, WordPress still has its loopholes. For the record, you still have to maintain

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A Definitive Guide For WordPress Theme Optimization

WordPress theme Optimization is an integral part of WP website optimization. Everyone wants to experience a faster web experience. The webmasters work hard to increase their page load speed to cater faster web experiences to their audience. A WordPress theme is the major component of a website. It decides how your website will look. Elements

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Things to look into before choosing a hosting company for business

hosting company for business Choosing the perfect web hosting company for your website is not easy. With a multitude of companies such as InMotion Hosting, Bluehost and SiteGround offering features such as 99% uptime, great resources, and of course, unlimited data, trying to pick a web hosting company is akin to choosing a marriage partner! If you need some help

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