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Reasons behind choosing WordPress for your e-commerce website

For an ecommerce business, a website is the most important interface. Deciding the technology for web development is a very crucial decision for your business. There are several platforms available in the market to build your ecommerce: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify. Over the period of time, WordPress has proved to be one of the

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The Best New Approaches to Digital Marketing

It’s official: tech works. Never before has society been so connected and so informed all at once. The digital landscape has completely transformed the way we live, from the ways we communicate, learn, and yes, shop. Marketing, which has always been linked to technology, has similarly been affected. Companies have always looked for the best

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Shopify vs. WooCommerce (2020) – Which is Best?

Are you thinking of setting up the e-commerce store to supercharge your retail business?  Now that you are reading this, it is easy to guess that you are confused between two eCommerce platforms- Shopify and Woocommerce.  Well, both are reliable e-commerce platforms. And both are easy and peasy. So, let’s get started to know whether

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10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best

WordPress is commonly used by website designers, it is the best option for designers and there are many reasons why it stands out among other platforms. Today we will discuss the 10 top reasons why choosing WordPress is the best choice for you if you want to build a site to offer dissertation services. So

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A Guide on how to resolve 403 forbidden errors from WordPress

Have you come across an error message on your website’s server? Are you stuck on how to fix 403 forbidden errors from your website? If you have no idea what it concerns, you don’t have to worry. Many website users encounter this issue from time to time! It is among the dreadful errors that a

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The Best Media Buying Strategy in 2020

Media Buying and Planning for Successful Ad Campaigns Media buying is the process of placing ads on TV and radio, print media, and online. Its primary objective is to reach the most extensive target audience as cost-effectively as possible. A media buying agency knows how to negotiate for their customers. They are familiar with the

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10 Easy Ways to Improve Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way for you to increase your website’s visibility across the Internet. Sometimes, however, it’s better (and easier) to appeal to potential customers who are physically close by.  Local SEO lets search engines know that your business is trustworthy and valuable to customers, and helps your site’s ranking. With a

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Ways to Embed a YouTube Subscribe Button on WordPress

YouTube has become among the leading search engines on the website. Many people are using this video sharing platform for tutorials, music, and any latest news. You can use it on your WordPress website to attract enormous traffic on your site. Do visitors spend little time on your website? There is a high probability that

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9 Surefire Ways to Create an Ecommerce Website That Converts

If you are running an e-commerce site or planning to create your own ecommerce site, keep in mind that conversions do not happen overnight. You need to put in concrete steps to optimize your eCommerce store to help attract traffic and bring in sales.  Thus, you must know how to keep up with the times

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