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New updates users can expect from WordPress themes in 2020?

Every year several new and updated versions of existing WordPress themes are available. These are either premium or free WordPress themes. They are SEO optimized, fast, page builder-friendly, e-commerce equipped, mobile-friendly, etc. Thus, in 2020, an influx of the best feature-rich WordPress themes won’t be an exception. Understandably, selecting the perfect theme for your website

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Using AJAX with PHP on Your WordPress Site with Your Own Plugin

In the last couple of years, the need for building increasingly dynamic and interactive websites has intensified. Web developers want to deliver better web experiences to users, and AJAX is helping them accomplish these goals.  What Is AJAX? The entity stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML and comprises of web development techniques that help create

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7 Professional-Level Web Design Tips for Beginners

When building a business website, it is important to consider the user experience throughout the entire project.  Keep in mind that a poorly-designed and complicated website will repel users instead of attracting them. Visitors of your website will get confused and frustrated when your site is not user-friendly. If you want to have more visitors

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Best Ways To Enhance SEO On Your WordPress Website

To understand what is SEO and how it works, you need to get a better idea of what your platform, WordPress, is like. Indeed, the best ways how to improve SEO on WordPress and how to use SEO for better website performance are very similar. Without further ado, here are the seven best ways to

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