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Step by Step Guide to Back Up WordPress For Free

Backing up your WordPress site doesn’t need to be hard. Indeed, it doesn’t need to be costly either.  In spite of the fact that there are many astounding premium WordPress backup arrangements in the market for you to utilize, in all actuality, one of the most mainstream, solid, and simple to utilize backup plugins is

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Feel Safe And Protected Surfing The Web

It’s no secret WordPress is one of the most widespread CMS nowadays. Unfortunately, its popularity has its cons; it’s also the most hacked CMS in the world. Even the largest sites are hacked every day, despite the fact their owners spend thousands of dollars to improve WordPress security. VPN service will be a catch for

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10 Best WordPress Security Plugins

The famous development platform WordPress is the first choice of the developers when the need is of the customized website. The easy to understand the tool and the smooth interface of WordPress made it the most favored development platform. There are millions of websites running over the internet and myriad of hackers trying to hack,

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Top 5 Security plugins for Securing your WordPress Website

The WordPress is considered as one of the most popular Content Management System that is handling a million of websites in the present times. We all are familiar with how the business, as well as an individual, can have their own website using this platform. WordPress is changing the world of websites by providing affordable

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Solutions to secure your website from Cyber Threats in 2019

Maintaining a website can be quite complex when it comes to cyber attacks from hackers. Every business website is bound to face cyber attack and the trick is to know the solutions to be able to avoid external powers from intruding into your personal space. Aim of website hackers The hackers, once they hack your

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How to Secure your WordPress Theme and Plugin Code

Nowadays online blogging and content creation have become the norm. Nearly everyone is into entrepreneurship and striving to reach new lengths on the internet. Part of the credit goes to WordPress that enabled users to create an online platform so easily. However, WordPress still has its loopholes. For the record, you still have to maintain

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5 Ways to Find Out If Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

As technology keeps improving, the art of hacking has also undergone metamorphosis. It is becoming difficult to know if the security of your WordPress website has been compromised from the first look. Today, instead of hackers to insert some random text on the website, they have moved into something more serious like inserting harmful content

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4 Ways to get Your WordPress Website Hacked

4 Ways to get Your WordPress Website Hacked It is no longer news that WordPress websites are constantly under threat from a lot of different people on the internet. However, there are a couple of ways you can land your wordpress site into trouble without you knowing it. These are ways you would not want

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