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New WordPress Backend Tricks to Reduce Load Time of your Website

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the user-friendly and complete content management systems. If you are using WordPress, then you simply cannot go wrong. However, there is a twist. If you do not optimize your WordPress site, you are bound to lose traffic and eventually fall out of SEO rankings. That’s why, in this article, we

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How WordPress Blogs Are Helping Humankind To Be Safe In This COVID Pandemic

Now that the cases of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic are increasing internationally, business companies are scrambling to navigate a way out of the chaos – both internally and externally. The outbreak and the resulting massacre prevented notable tech conferences, such as SXSW, IBM’s Think, and Adobe Summit from happening. In response to COVID-19, marketing

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Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Next Website

If you have ever opened a browser and went online, you are likely to have heard of WordPress. The reason behind the planetary popularity of this CMS software and platform is the fact it’s free to use. Furthermore, pretty much anyone who has basic computer skills can learn to use WordPress and design their own

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WordPress Guide: How to Easily Add Custom CSS to Your Website

With the advent of WordPress, creating a functional website has never been so simple and straightforward. It allows non-coders to create a professional-level website without much hassle. This is thanks to the thousands of ready-made options like themes and templates to help you create your website’s design and aesthetic. However, this can appear somewhat limiting

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6 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Website For Social Media

Social Media is the place where everyone wants to be and you too would like your content being present on the same. But, as a WordPress website, do you need a Social Media presence? this is the question that is in your mind, every time you strategize your website for better Search Engine Optimizations.  Social

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Greens and Reds Of Choosing A WordPress Theme

WordPress being a versatile platform supports almost every website. WordPress offers heaps of themes and choosing an appropriate theme for the business is not an easy task. A lot many things have to be considered while picking the right theme as using that theme you are going to build a functioning and stunning website for

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How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme? 15 Features to Know!

Selecting the perfect WordPress theme is one of the most difficult jobs you’ll come across as a webmaster. Naturally, every theme has its advantages, but your job, in this case, is to determine which advantages are more important than the others. As soon as you are able to determine which features of a perfect WordPress

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The Complete Guide to WordPress Content Management

The WordPress platform is currently one of the most popular choices among website owners. It may be easy to use and manage, but as your content grows, you’ll need some tips and tricks to keep it organized. WordPress does offer a lot of extensions and tools for content management, but that is not enough. You

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5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Digital Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is urgent for the survival of any conceivable business. Yet, recognizing the correct methodology is the test.  With the advancement of innovation, the marketing methodologies are likewise seeing an ocean change. Updating the plans and digitizing the equivalent is the nuts and bolts of any business these days.  From the origin of

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