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Using AJAX with PHP on Your WordPress Site with Your Own Plugin

In the last couple of years, the need for building increasingly dynamic and interactive websites has intensified. Web developers want to deliver better web experiences to users, and AJAX is helping them accomplish these goals.  What Is AJAX? The entity stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML and comprises of web development techniques that help create

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Free vs. Premium WordPress Themes (Pros And Cons)

WordPress is by far the best platform to use for your website. If you aim to enhance your user experience, lower your bounce rate and have higher conversions, you’ll definitely benefit from WordPress. After all, WordPress themes are clean, well-designed, easy to use, and organize your website really well. Of course, now that you’ve decided

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Top 7 Benefits to Having Business Cards

Even though everything that is done today in business is digitalized, be it meetings, contracts, notices etc. Networking among businesses and business people is done using digital gadgets. But among all this, a business card is something that the digital gadgets have not been able to replace completely. Business cards have been available as a

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How To Increase The Retention Of Your App

App development companies have now realized that top apps do not stay on the users’ devices longerthan 23 days on the average before they are deleted. In fact some apps enjoy less than one-monthfame before they crash. In fact, some app development companies have encountered mass downloadand mass delete soon after. You may also find

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SEO Audits: A complete guide for beginners

It is very important to throw light on what exactly is SEO Audit before explaining the details on how to perform one. It is a process for evaluating search engine friendliness of a website on many aspects. The SEO Auditor checks the websites against a checklist and undertakes the responsibility to fix up what is

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UX Best Practices to Improve WordPress Website

Creating a well designed and functional website is necessary when you are looking to establish your business in the modern world. Today, websites are an effective business tool and can help offer all the information to anyone who is interested in what you have to offer. However, simply creating a website is not enough these

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How to Plan Content Marketing with WordPress

Content marketing is and will remain an integral part of a high traffic generating website with great conversions. Regardless of what size your business is, bringing marketing content to promote your existing operations is a must. You may have access to just fewer resources due to tighter budgets and the scalability depends upon your investment

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