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Choice Home Warranty Review 2022 – Top 10 Home Warranties

Choice Home Warranty is a great option for those who believe in the power of repetition. An industry veteran, the business has handled roughly four million service calls. And while they only provide two packages, each one is wide-ranging and provides robust solutions to reduce the possible renovation costs that may arise for a property holder.

The Verdict
Choice Home Warranty Choice Home Warranty

Over the years, Choice Home Warranty has processed millions of claims with a simple but effective solution. However, the worrying customer service reviews often refused claims, and continuous legal action is cause for concern. Before signing anything with Choice Home Warranty, thoroughly read the contract and understand what is covered.

  • Choice Home Warranty Cost
  • Choice's annual coverage costs $495 or $43.75 each month, making it one of the most reasonable options on the market if you choose a monthly payment instead of a yearly one; choice levies a $30 fee, which means that your monthly bill will be more costly.
  • First Month Free
  • You may get your first month of service free when you buy a single payment or a one-year warranty from Choice. While getting a home warranty estimate, customers may enter to win new scullery appliances from the firm.
  • Extensive Coverage
  • Choice gives a comparable coverage level to that offered by the most prominent home warranty companies in the industry. The Basic Plan and the Total Plan are the two options available to clients.
  • Water heaters are covered under the Basic Warranty Plan, which includes basic home appliances. When it comes to the basic plan's coverage, it doesn't extend to any additional hardware or software. For example, the air conditioner and the refrigerator are included in thi
  • High Service Call Free
  • Choice service price begins at $85 compared to the sector standard of $75. Choice charges a fixed cost for all service requests, no matter how large or small the claim may be. In other cases, the charge of a home service contract might vary depending on the kind of renovation you need.
  • Warranty Claim Denial Cases
  • House service contracts might not cover old equipment in the future, so prospective consumers should be aware of this. You can't file a claim for eligible systems and equipment under the Choice Warranty if the destruction was caused by existing problems or improper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Choice packages do not cover appliances that have been damaged by normal use and tear, but this is the usual practice for most warranties. Clients must cautiously study the fine print and identify which of their present equipment will be covered in the future.

About Company

In 2008, Choice Home Warranty was launched in Edison, New Jersey. Because they’ve handled more than four million service appeals, they have a wealth of data about house warranties. As a regular practice, they provide fast and effective service. Having a staff of many personnel handle each claim ensures that customers are taken care of.

When it comes to historical performance, Choice Home Warranty has received a mixed bag of ratings. Since 2012, the BBB has received over 10,000 complaints. Texas and Arizona have filed charges against the corporation. Thus, their sample contract and its exclusions may be found on their website for free use by everyone.

The Choice Company gives a “complete plan” in addition to the regular plan. Customers may choose from far-reaching packages to match their needs. You won’t be charged for the first four weeks of service with any of their best home warranty plans.


  1. Add-on Options

You may extend your home service contract coverage for more money to lace more features and possessions you may not have included in the standard package. Regarding add-ons, several appliance warranty companies make available the same ones, for example, roof and pool coverage, but at different prices. You may also bring this extra coverage to your insurance when you register, but every add-on has a separate fee and differs depending on the product. If you have a house service contract, be careful to properly review your warranty to see what is and is not covered.

Non-compulsory add-ons available for coverage:

  • Pool
  • Pump
  • Septic system
  • Spa
  • Restricted shingles leak
  • Sump pump
  1. Warranty Coverage Exclusions

The service agreements made available by Choice Home Warranty have not covered some exceptions. The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Already present conditions
  • Destruction of cosmetic products like doors and shelves
  • Destruction is attributed to negligence or poor preservation, for example, corrosion.
  • Deliberate destruction
  • Destruction is attributed to natural calamities, for example, floods, storms, or theft.
  1. Coverage Length and Limits

You receive a good value in the annual restrictions, especially bearing in mind how inexpensive the monthly costs are. Most of the things covered by Choice’s contracts have a coverage bound of roughly $3,000 annually; this entails heating, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and other home appliances. Other things have lower restrictions than $500 each, for example, ducting and heating. Taking into account the more manageable four-week commitments, this is still a great deal.

A month after Choice receives and accepts your application and payment, your coverage will begin to take effect. Coverage will continue for one year from the starting date. It’s possible to get coverage before the one-month grace period if you can prove your former indemnity coverage and that you haven’t had any hiatus in that coverage. Critical systems and appliances are in perfect working order and are well kept; Choice does not deny coverage based on the age of your home.

  1. Cancellation Policy

After signing a contract with the Choice Warranty business, you may begin using your protection. Customers who cancel during the grace period of 30 days will receive their money returned, less a $50 cancellation fee. If you’re on a monthly payment plan, send a termination letter with a $50 annulment fee and the most recent month’s payments to cancel your home service contract insurance.

  1. State Availability

Is your home part of the best home warranty company’s service region? Washington is the only place Choice does not provide a home service contract policy.

  1. Choice Home Warranty Discounts

To get started, Choice Home Warranty provides four weeks of service and a free roof inspection.

Plans and Pricing

House warranties are plans that protect a home’s appliances and systems. It is commonly mistaken that house insurance covers more of a house’s physical properties and normally laces damage from fire, flood, burglary, and natural catastrophe and the cost of repairing or replacing those buildings.

The Choice firm gives two levels of protection: Basic and Total. However, the Basic plan does not include the air conditioner, ice box, washing machine, and dryer. This is an important omission from the tier.

A Total plan is a good option for those who want a little more comfort, assuming your appliance’s manufacturer’s warranty has ended.

Additional coverage can be bought through the Choice, Basic, and Total Plans for an additional fee. A homeowner’s policy can add septic systems, swimming pools, extra ice box, and limited roof leaks.

So, what’s the price of the Choice Home Warranty plan?

Choice has two options: the Basic and the Total.

For $46.67 a month, you can get the most basic option. The Total plan, which costs $55.00 a month, provides complete coverage. Here is an overview:

  • Basic Option: $46.67 monthly
  • Total Plan: $55.00 monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a house warranty?

Your service contract’s overall cost will be determined by its company. You need to focus on three vital charges to get accurate pictures of your out-of-pocket expenses.

Monthly/yearly premiums

Service fees

Add-on coverage wants

What are the main differences when comparing a house warranty to a homeowner’s insurance policy?

An appliance or system breakdown is covered by a warranty, which pays for repairs or replacements in the event of a breakdown. However, property destruction caused by natural catastrophes, burglary, or fire is covered by homeowners insurance.

What distinguishes a house warranty from a warranty provided by the product’s original manufacturer?

A house warranty often covers everything when it comes to major appliances and systems in your home, while a manufacturer’s undertaking normally covers one or two of these things. Provided you hold the property, a house warranty may be renewed. However, a home warranty cannot be renewed. On the other hand, a manufacturer’s warranty usually expires after one year from the date of purchase.

What happens if the technician who comes to my house cannot fix the device or system that needs fixing?

Suppose the covered appliance cannot be mended for a smaller amount than it takes to substitute it. In that case, the warranty will cater for the cost of replacing it, up to the coverage ceiling for the serviced appliance.

Does Choice Home Warranty cover A/C Replacement?

A/C systems are completely covered under the Choice Home Warranty. There are only two A/C systems included in the agreement, and the window and transportable parts are not included.

There can be no commercial A/C used, only a 5,000 kg cardinal one.

Is a Home Review Required to Purchase a Home Warranty?

Even if you don’t have to, carrying out a home inspection is a good idea for your peace of mind. Regardless of the circumstances, there will always be an option for more coverage. Existing conditions that cause conking out, whether known or unknown, will not be covered.

Choice Home Warranty covers roofing, right?

Choice provides shingles seepage coverage, so you can have your rooftop renovated at a low cost. Nonetheless, it is an add-on alternative to the Total or Basic tier.

Does the Choice Cover Problems With the Electrical System?

The Choice service contract covers electrical challenges because the blueprints include the property’s electrical system. There is a 365-day cap of $500 on their services for a lot of electrical parts.

Choice Home Warranty: Is It Trustworthy?

Choice Best Home Warranty is an authorized corporation with operating recognition in the majority of states. They have been in operation for about ten years.

How Do You Cancel Your Choice Package?

You can terminate your contract with Choice by contacting the company’s customer care. Also, you have the option of submitting a written request for the termination of the service instead.

What is the procedure for Choice Reimbursement?

If Choice cannot complete the renovation or replacement, they will repay you in cash. The payment is disbursed following the agreement’s terms and conditions. They may allow you to hire a specialist and pay you for the bill.

What are the reasons for denials of Choice Home Warranty claims?

No claims will be covered if a system breaks down due to anything other than normal wear and tear, such as a fire. As a result, Choice expects homeowners to keep up with the upkeep of their equipment if they want it insured. An insurance claim may be refused if the filters in a broken furnace don’t seem to have been replaced in the past. Likewise, if pipes freeze due to inadequate insulation, this is not typical wear and tear.

Is it possible for you to provide a warranty for both new and existing homes?

Yes. A home warranty may be bought for any house, but new places often come with more far-reaching guarantees that last for more extended periods. For example, a guarantee on a new house may cover minor issues like drywall cracks.

What qualifications do they have? Do they belong to any trade associations?

Neither the NHSC nor BBB validates Choice as a reputable business member.

Is Choice offered in my locality?

Perhaps. Coverage isn’t accessible in all parts of the country. Washington State doesn’t at the moment have any insurance plans.

Why does service matter for a home service contract?

Getting home repairs done promptly and correctly is critical since they may be costly, irritating, and time-consuming. No one likes to be left waiting for a repairer who may or may not fix their home’s malfunctioning systems, so it is best if you can have it fixed right away.

Is The Company Right For You?

It is not regular that we encourage people to stay away from a given firm, but Choice’s awful track record with customers is the cause for alarm. Because of its legal concerns and the usual terrible comments, we encourage prospects to exercise great care before buying it.