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Clover Credit Card Processing Review 2022 – Top 10 Credit Card Processors

There are very few POS providers that come up with an intuitive system. That’s what entrepreneurs are searching for because such a system can make things very easy. Clover is a point of sale system for midsized and small businesses. They have an all-in-one platform for companies that want to attract more sales. They offer everything you need to run your business faster, easier, and smarter. Their services and features are flexible and scalable, meaning any type of business can use them to thrive. If you have been thinking about taking your business online, you will need a reliable point-of-sale system. This review will give you a sneak peek into the Clover credit card processing system.

The Verdict
Clover Clover

Clover has an intuitive POS system and amazing hardware options. If Clover reviews are anything to go by, the company offers a solid set of tools. They have a 30-day free trial you should use to sample their services. By the end of it, you will know if you want to buy what they sell or not. They are great for small businesses that want to establish their brands.

  • The intuitive software and their devices are easy to use
  • Their system is great for small and growing businesses
  • You can customize your services with available ingredients
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Their email and phone support are available 24/7
  • Fraud protection
  • A variety of devices to pick from
  • The upfront costs are high
  • They might not be the best option for a large corporation that might benefit from interchange-plus pricing.
  • You have to speak to a representative when you want to apply for POS

About Company

Clover was founded in 2011 by John Beatty and Leonard Speiser; it is based in Sunnyvale, California. The company has undergone many changes since its launch to become what it is today. They offer employee management, payment processing, customer engagement, and POS tools. They are the best option for a small business because they use flat-rate pricing, which won’t force you into a long-term contract. Besides the robust software, they have hardware that makes credit card processing easier. On its own, the Clover POS has basic functionality. But if you add all the apps available in the Clover marketplace, you will create a very powerful business tool. You can choose from various accessories or use Clover virtual terminal to process payments without hardware.

Clover is not the cheapest option, but it might be the most reliable. Their roster of payment partners makes them a great choice, especially for small businesses. Some of their features and hardware are also sold by third-party resellers. This can complicate things sometimes because their terms and services vary from one vender to the next. But if you get everything set up by the company, you will be great. Their sales representatives are usually available via their website. Despite Clover reviews being a mixed bag at times, there is no denying they are a major player in the industry.

Clover works with businesses across all industries, including restaurants and retail businesses. In 2020 alone, they processed 400 million different credit cards. They serve not only the USA but also the UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Ireland. They have allowed businesses across these regions to accept mobile payments and online orders. You can even create loyalty programs and gift cards. Most reviewers and customers agree that Clover is easy to use. Their biggest strength is the customer’s ability to customize their experience and the wide variety of integrations they offer. Keep reading to discover their services and pricing models.


Clover is known for their impeccable payment processing hardware and feature-packed terminal. These are the reasons most businesses turn to them when looking for payment processing solutions. You have to evaluate their services before deciding if you will invest in a Clover POS system. They do so much more than help businesses process credit cards. With that said, these are the services and features you should expect from Clover.

  1. Customer Management

Subscribing to Clover services will allow you to collect customer information during the time of sale. Such information will help you learn a lot about your clients, allowing you to better manage their needs. The credit card information is securely kept, and you can easily access the data whenever you want. You can look at the customers’ order history. Which all the data you collect, automatic billing will be a possibility. It speeds up the payment process and makes the buying experience pleasant for returning customers. You can search for customers by date or name. Proper customer management requires the right tools, which is what Clover offers. Even when you use the Clover virtual terminal, you can still collect valuable data from clients.

  1. Inventory Management

Clover updated their inventory features to make inventory management better. Keeping tabs on items in your stock allows you to budget appropriately and keep the business running. You can use the inventory features to describe items with options like size and variants like color. When you organize things into different categories, you can access them easily. Those in restaurants or the food industry can create modifiers for every item. With these tools, you can also sell the items in your inventory and track your sales. Instead of doing everything manually, you can automate some of your business operations.

  1. Gift Cards

You won’t find another credit card processor at the level of Clover regarding gift cards. You can customize your gift cards to fit your brand and have the message you want. Big brands are using gift cards to gain more visibility and increase sales. It’s about time you started offering them to your customers no matter the services or products you provide. With Clover, customers can access the gift cards on their mobile devices. Depending on your business or preference, they offer both physical and digital cards. They have reports that will ensure you track gift card sales and analyze their effect on your customers. Remember, gift cards are also marketing tools; tracking them can show you how your products perform. You will track all the cards digitally, which makes you avoid messy receipts. Before canceling your Clover subscription, ensure you take advantage of such features. They have over70 gift card designs, but if you want to include a company logo, you should create your own.

  1. eCommerce

Clover understands the importance of succeeding online; they have many eCommerce tools. They support businesses that want to take their products or services online. You can do everything with their platform synchronizing online orders and storing customer data. Not all websites allow customers to buy goods from there; you can optimize your existing website to start making sales online. You can even start booking appointments and accepting payments from your business site. Everything is going digital one way or the other; you shouldn’t be left behind. Quite frankly, eCommerce is what your customers expect from you. Physical purchases are convenient for those close to your business, but if you want a broader market, you should start selling online. Clover has partnerships with excellent eCommerce platforms like Ecwid and BigCommerce. They also offer integrations with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram.

  1. Loyalty Program

If you go for the Mini, Flex, or Station systems from Clover, the loyalty program will be included in the package. This is such a nice perk, making Clover pricing worth it. The program allows your clients to acquire loyalty points, eventually earning rewards. The benefits can be discounts, free items, or any other thing you want to offer. Loyalty benefits encourage customers to return. You can customize the program and give buyers a chance to gain loyalty points differently. With this program, you can also track your customers’ spending habits. You will also store and quickly access their information. You can find and track your reward points using a mobile app. The clever way to reach customers is to send email campaigns or real-time text promotions because that’s the best way to get them to respond directly to you.

  1. Reports

Clover comes with a handful of helpful reports. The reports will give you a summary of all the completed transactions over some time. Their practical reporting tools will provide you with the statistics you need about cash reports, employee activities, taxes, orders, and discounts. You can export and print the reports if you want to do further analysis. These reports will be your reference point whenever you want to make a huge business decision. You can sort the reports based on date or time to filter for specific requirements. You can run the reports on the virtual terminal. You can integrate the Clover system with Xero and QuickBooks to expand reporting tools. Reports are crucial because you have to stay informed about everything that is happening in your business.

  1. Merchant Cash Advance

Being a Clover customer comes with many advantages, one of which is they can advance cash to you when you need it. Cash advance comes in handy when you have operations but lack funds to facilitate them. This is a saving grace because most startups usually don’t have enough money to sustain them long term. It takes time to establish your brand and acquire enough customers to keep the cash flowing. That’s why Clover offers advances you can pay slowly. They will take a percentage of your credit card sales until everything is paid back. Instead of going for a business loan, you can use Clover since you are already acquainted. You can discuss the amount and terms and see if they favor you.

  1. Merchant Account

To start processing credit cards, you must have a merchant account. The Clover processing fee covers a merchant account set up. They will provide the account through their parent company, FIS. Credit card processing will be very efficient for your business, and you will receive sales deposits in your bank account in a couple of days. You will get money from your sales quicker than when you use other methods. Fast transaction processing saves you a lot of time by setting tax rates once. Once you set them, they will automatically be applied to transactions. You will also gain the ability to accept payments on the go.

  1. POS Hardware

Part of their features and services includes a hardware collection. One of the reasons why they are ranked highly as a credit card processing company is because they produce hardware too. You can shop around from their equipment collection. They have various POS systems to fit different business sizes. Clover Go allows you to accept payments on the move. Clover Flex is a simple handheld device that you can use to receive payments at checkout. Clover Mini is a small system, but you can also use it to manage inventory and payroll. If you want more features, you should consider Clover Station. But it’s primarily designed with restaurants in mind. The most advanced hardware in their collection is the Clover Station Pro. They all cost differently, so consider your budget first.

Plans and Pricing

Clover pricing includes software, hardware, and credit card processing fees. You will probably pay for the LTE services and apps, but that will only take part of the pricing. It’s better to buy hardware directly from Clover than from third-party vendors. Their terms are better, and the devices will be coming from a reputable source. Clover processing fee is manageable even for growing businesses. Most small businesses are focused on the price, and it’s understandable because you don’t want to overpay for any services. You can cancel Clover subscription without dealing with a hefty cancellation fee. Their flat-rate pricing takes the guesswork out of credit card processing. Here is their pricing model.

  • Clover payments: $ 0 per month. The processing fee includes 3.5% + $ 0.10 for keyed-in transactions and 2.6% + $ 0.10 for in-person transactions.
  • Clover essentials: $ 9.95 per month. The plan includes 3.5% + $ 0.10 for keyed-in transactions and 2.6% + $ 0.10 for in-person transactions.
  • Clover register: $ 39.95 per month. The plan includes 3.5% + $ 0.10 for keyed-in transactions and 2.3% + $ 0.10 for in-person transactions.
  • Table service: $ 69.95 per month. This plan includes 3.5% + $ 0.10 for keyed-in transactions and 2.3% + $ 0.10 for in-person transactions.

Device Cost

  • Clover Go: $ 49
  • Clover Flex: $ 499
  • Clover Mini: $ 749
  • Clover Station: $ 1349 or three monthly payments of $ 450
  • Clover Station Pro: $ 1649 or three monthly payments of $ 549

If you opt to get no hardware, you will pay $ 9.95 per month. But taking at least one device is always advisable because it makes everything easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Clover Take To Deposit Funds?

They take two or three working days to deposit payments into your account. However, if you want an immediate transfer of funds, you can do it with a small fee of 1% per deposit. If you are willing to pay for it, the funds will be available in your accounts sooner; you won’t have to wait for days. But two or three days are not many.

Can I Use The Clover Hardware Without Using Their Software?

No, using the devices won’t be possible because they are designed to go with the Clover software and apps. But this is good because combining the two tools will make you unstoppable. You will process payments faster and simplify the checkout process for your customers. Besides, Clover reviews about their POS and software are great. The Clover ecosystem will be a fantastic addition to your business.

Are Clover Devices Compliant?

Yes, all the Clover devices are compliant and secure. They comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. They come with access authorization, tamper detection, and end-to-end encryption increases the security. The devices also include weekly updates, and you will get malware and antivirus detection. You can take customer information without worrying about their safety. Credit card information is considered sensitive. Customers won’t trust you easily if you don’t have the right security features.

How Do You Set Up Clover?

Setting up Clover is super easy because they will ship you the device when it’s ready for use. You can start processing payments as soon as you get the POS system. You can talk to their sales representatives if you don’t know which device will be great for your business. They will help you choose the suitable device and get you started. However, if you want to start making payments without the hardware, you must sign up online. Once they approve your account, you can begin processing credit cards.

Is The Company Right For You?

Clover has a set of tools that are hard to ignore. They have a huge customer base, mostly made up of growing businesses. You can be running a restaurant, an online store, or a retail shop, and you will still benefit from their devices and services. The issue of pricing is what makes most people stay away. But if your budget allows, you should give Clover a try. The good news is they won’t lock you in a long-term contract. You can cancel Clover subscription whenever you want. If you want advanced credit card processing tools, they are the right company for you.