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Clover POS Review 2022 – Top 10 POS Systems

Purchasing a point-of-sale system makes it easy to manage a business. The system significantly simplifies daily business tasks, and in most cases, it can also be used for income generation. A POS system is a combination of hardware and software that facilitate business. You can easily manage inventory, facilitate quick payments, and get advanced reports. Small businesses invested in POS systems have experienced drastic changes over a short period. Clover is an intuitive point-of-sale system that’s highly adaptable and user-friendly. Any sort of business can get the system and try to optimize their payment processes. Thousands of companies currently use their POS systems. If you are considering buying a point-of-sale for your young business, this is a deep dive into the Clover POS system and what features it offers.

The Verdict
Clover POS Clover POS

Clover POS does a lot of thongs exceptionally well. There aren't many red flags associated with their services. The simple interface makes the software ideal for beginners. Small businesses have grown with the help of the intuitive point-of-sale system. However, there are so many merchant service providers and banks that sell Clover, which can complicate a lot of things. Beware of untrustworthy third-party providers selling Clover devices that aren't legit. Besides that, the company has an incredible profile.

  • 24/7 support
  • The POS system is easy to use
  • Short learning curve
  • Easy setup
  • Plenty of integrations from the app store
  • They offer a loyalty program
  • Fraud protection is available
  • The Mobile POS option makes it easy to run the business from anywhere
  • The plans are affordable for small businesses
  • High upfront fees on some of the devices
  • Customer support can be inconsistent at times

About Company

Leonard Speiser and John Beatty started this company in 2011 in California. They created an all-in-one payment processing system to help businesses thrive. The important Clover system is scalable, flexible, and ready for anything. Whether you sell coffee or run a retail shop, the POS system will help. You can tailor the system to fit your business. Clover is an authority in the industry, and for a good reason: their POS system does everything better than most of their competitors. They have what most business owners look for when they are starting. The Fiserv-owned company has made strides in the business sector, and that’s how they have managed to gather a lot of customers. They allow businesses to upgrade and adjust or change hardware when they grow. They have a free plan that doesn’t require monthly software fees. That’s the best starting point for a startup with no money to spare.

On its own, the Clover POS has all the basic functions. But you should supplement the software with third-party apps to make it a more powerful tool. Clover’s app marketplace has incredible apps you can use fir free or purchase at a small fee. When you add these apps, you can do a lot more with the POS system than process payments. You can manage customers, track your inventory, or view reports. Plenty of credit card processing companies are also selling Clover POS. But despite the glamorous profile, the company has received some mixed reviews. When you go through Clover POS reviews, you will encounter customer complaints. However, that doesn’t mean the POS system won’t be beneficial. Most complaints are about their customer support.

As a cloud-based platform, Clover POS makes it very easy and faster to run any business. The built-in capabilities allow you to speed up transactions and accept the latest payments effortlessly. There are so many shifts that keep happening in the entrepreneurship world. You need a point-of-sale system that can allow you to adapt to the times. The company has fantastic resources for small businesses. Most of their clients are small and midsized businesses, but several large organizations use their POS.


Cover point-of-sale has valuable features that help you make the most of the system. It’s easy to learn and use, and you can integrate other apps to make it more functional. They have different hardware devices that have different features. These are a few advanced features you will get from the POS.

  1. Built-In Payment Processing

The feature that most business owners look forward to is payment processing. Clover Software allows you to transact easily with customers. The payment landscape is constantly evolving; the POS ensures you keep getting paid no matter where the trends go. You can start accepting all the popular payment forms. The system accepts contactless payments, debit cards, credit cards, EMV chip cards, cash, checks, or gift cards. You will be giving your customers many ways to pay. Even without adding anything else, the POS can be a standalone payment system. The system has advanced security features to make payments more secure. You can get fraud protection for up to $ 100 000. You can accept payments on the go, in-store, online, or the phone. What’s great is you can take payments with or without Wi-Fi. Once you set up tax rates, you can start applying them automatically. However, the device you choose matters because they all have different capabilities. The virtual terminal is a game-changer; it allows business owners to accept payments anywhere at any time. Clover restaurant POS gives customers the ability to pay tableside. The built-in payment processing feature can automate your accounting.

  1. Customer Engagement

Clover software has customer engagement features that get you more involved with your clients. You will know who your best clients are and which products they like to buy. That’s how you keep them returning because you will create promotions and loyalty programs. The customer relationship management system will turn your first-time customers into loyal clients. The POS has tools that allow you to hear customers’ feedback and reward them. Instead of waiting to hear feedback from social media, you can learn what your customers think about your business directly from them. Clover’s feedback tool gives you access to private responses from customers. You will know where their issues lie and create better strategies to solve the problems. You use the system to keep marketing preferences and client contacts up to date. When creating the rewards program, make it simple and fun. It makes it easy for customers to participate in the loyalty program. With the POS system, you can create segmented customer lists for promotional campaigns based on customers’ buying trends and tastes.

  1. Inventory Management

Managing inventory is part of running a business. When you don’t have a reliable system keeping track of everything becomes challenging. Clover has an enhanced inventory app that most businesses are relying on. Clover restaurant POS allows you to manage your merchandise, menus, and other business aspects. When you know the items in your stock, you will only order what you need and nothing extra. The system gives you better accuracy, and it’s time-saving. Automating your inventory minimizes manual tasks. You will easily track expiration dates on perishable goods and get them off the shelf before they go bad. The best way to manage inventory is to create separate online names for different items. You will also find items faster when you use advanced filters or alphabetize inventory items. If you want to get more creative, add unique descriptions to each item. Your life will become much easier, and the business can run even when you don’t have a lot of workers.

  1. Cash Flow

Clover rapid deposit ensures you get your money in minutes. Your cash flow will not be running dry when you need it the most. Clover hardware is very sophisticated; it will give you access to tools that most POS systems don’t have. The rapid cash deposits happen even during holidays and weekends. Every business needs money to keep moving, whether a startup or a large organization. Cash flow issues are very common; they can force you to shut down operations or fail to satisfy customers. Clover software keeps you worry-free because you know your money will always be available. You can link your debit card and request more cash when you need extra funds. You will pay the debt over a period of time. You can use the extra money to boost inventory, make payroll, or pay an invoice. You can avoid the traditional settlement funding process. Established companies can transfer funds up to $ 10,000 per request. Installing Clover rapid deposit is easy; you can set it up in minutes on your Clover dashboard. Most payment processing companies take days to prepare your funds, but Clover avails your funds in minutes.

  1. Reports and Analytics

The important Clover system comes with an array of reports. The software has decent reporting tools, and you can customize your reports. Most times, businesses use reports and analytics to make defining decisions. When you get a summary of transactions completed over a period of time, you can track sales. Running a business blindly can be detrimental. You must get feedback to understand how your strategies and services work. Real-time actionable business insights are the best way to evaluate your performance. You can also use the tracking software to track sales and stay on top of the revenue stream. You can access these insights anywhere from your dashboard or the mobile app. It’s possible to break the reports down and filter through them to see your best-selling items. You will have to evaluate your products or services if your monthly sales are going down. Take control of your data and make tax preparations easier. For quicker feedback, you can use the end-of-day reports.

  1. Employee Management

Employees are the most valuable resources any company has. They make your business tick; Clover software ensures everyone is on the same page. You can start incentivizing good services; make it possible for your customers to award staff if they are impressed with their services. It’s also important to define roles for your employees. Set the level of access that is appropriate for each type of employee. The employee management software helps you measure performance and identify top development performers. The system makes it possible to protect employee information. Their records are securely kept and encrypted in the cloud. The system also backs up the information in case something happens. Employee scheduling apps are also available. It’s easier to calculate individual commissions for the entire staff. The tip pooling feature is for employers who want to reward their workers for their hard work. Clover has payroll partners like Paychex, Gusto, and ADP that simplify payroll processes.

  1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are more popular now than ever. Businesses are using them to attract new buyers and generate revenue, and, at the same time, market their services. If you incorporate Clover POS in your business, you might also start using gift cards. They allow customization where you can add your logo and branding to the card to increase visibility. Whether you want physical or digital cards, you will get what you want. Clients will access and use the cards on their mobile phones. You can track the gift cards and analyze sales digitally. Customers usually spend more than what their gift cards value when redeeming. This trend can boost your sales tremendously. It’s time to step away from the paper gift certificates. The paper cards can be easily stolen or counterfeited, offering digital cards to reduce fraud. There are more than 70 design templates to pick from with the physical cards. But you can upload custom-branded cards.

  1. Apps and Integrations

The Clover system gives you a lot of tools to organize your business. The available integrations include Time Clock, Yelp, Woo, QuickBooks, and many others. These apps perform different things, so you will create a powerful tool when you put them all on one platform. But not all apps work for all businesses. You will have to look for integrations or apps relevant to your industry. The world’s top developers build apps on the platform all the time. You can be among the first businesses to sample new helpful apps. For some of the things the Clover software can’t do, you will supplement it with the apps in their collection. Small businesses benefit from integrations most because they get different business tools at a low amount.

Plans and Pricing

There is no monthly fee for the first 30 days after you set up Clover. You can purchase clover POS from many third-party providers. But it’s always better to get your hardware or services directly from the official website. They are known for their POS devices that range from $ 49 to $ 1,649. It’s crucial to select the device that fits your business and is within your budget. Clover restaurant POS is advanced but suitable for the food industry. In general, Clover POS pricing comprises the following plans.

  • Clover payments: $ 0 per month
  • Clover essential: $ 9.95 per month
  • Clover register: $ 39.95 per month
  • Counter service: $ 39.95 per month
  • Table service: $ 69.95 per month
  • No hardware: $ 9.95 per month

The clover pricing plans are favorable and competitive, but some of their devices are expensive. Clover Go is the cheapest device that allows mobile payments, and you can run the business on the go. Clover Flex is the most popular device, costing $ 499. Whichever plan you choose, the POS will be beneficial to your business. They have interest-free installment plans for the devices if you can’t gather the full price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Termination Fees?

They don’t specify, but they say termination fees vary depending on whether you got services directly from them or one of their trusted partners. Be sure to find out if the termination fee is available when setting up the system or buying a device from their collection. Sometimes the termination fee can be a hindrance when you want to move on.

Can I Add More Devices To My Existing Clover POS System?

The Clover system accepts several compatible accessories. They have details on their website; you should look them up. Reach out to your business assistant to help when you want to add accessories. You will find their contacts after you login into the web dashboard. They will set you up quickly and incorporate your favorite devices with the system.

How Fast Will I Get Paid?

The time it takes for you to access funds depends on which bank has your checking account. Expect to be paid within one or three days. However, most businesses get funds the next day. Clover tries to speed up the process so that you get paid faster.

Can I Process Credit Cards Without Buying A Clover Device?

Yes, Clover offers solutions that don’t require clover hardware. The hardware can increase the overall cost, which might not be ideal for a new business. Call their representative and explore the no hardware plan. It’s cheaper, and you will still get all the payment processing features you need.

Is The Company Right For You?

Clover is a cloud-based POS system suitable for any business looking for better payment, customer engagement, inventory tracking, and employee management strategies. Setting up the system is easy, but you can’t do it alone online; you must go through their representative. The system has many benefits, and you can tell it has helped countless businesses from Clover POS reviews. Their hardware collection is packed with advanced devices that add value to your business. You can do a lot more than process credit cards. Their customer service is great when setting up the system, but it might fluctuate later.