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ConnectWise Control Review 2022 – Top 10 Remote PC Access Software

ConnectWise Control is a remote access software. This software can connect two or more devices remotely regardless of their location. The remote-access software offers both cloud-based platforms and on-premises solutions.

Often the software is used to offer offsite device access, remote technical support, and online courses and collaborations. This software guarantees the security of data to its users and greatly satisfying performance.

This software’s features include session recording, drag and drop file transfer, text and VoIP chat, remote reboot, remote printing, and multiple monitor navigation. Here is a detailed review of this fantastic remote access software.

The Verdict
ConnectWise Control ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise is the best remote-access software that guarantees you security and speed when connecting you to other services and computers. The software is organized, allowing technicians and customers to easily use it on any device remotely. connectwise stands tall as the leading remote communication desktop software compared to other remote access software in the market.

Remotely working employees also need to relay information from their computers to other colleagues. Companies should adopt this remote-access software to facilitate this office-like setup capability for the remote employee.

This software is also used by customer support personnel to remotely troubleshoot technical problems of various clients. This remote-access software is also the best in communication due to its comprehensive set of communication tools. The software's high-performance records are attributed to its complex features making it secure, integrated, and compatible with third-party software and apps.

  • Customer Support
  • This software offers blogs, e-books, live demos, webinars, community forums, case studies, and video tutorials to help guide its users on how to use the features. The software also offers one-to-one assistance to clients through direct calls to their customer support line or the chat feature option.
  • The live connectwise chat assist for technical support is active 24/7. The steeper learning curve of this software makes the customer support services greatly beneficial.
  • Voip Connectivity
  • The software supports VoIP connectivity. This feature allows the capturing of sound and recording and auditing of live sessions. The software also has the basic chat functions in addition to the voice communication feature.
  • Secure Connection
  • The software is well secured with two-factor authentication and many other authentication features. The software allows the locking of inactive disconnected devices and prompts guests' consent before accessing their devices.
  • Live Sessions
  • This softwar
  • Longer Implementation
  • The implementation phase of this software takes a little longer than its competitors in the market. The customizable software is comprehensive and may take some time to install. However, it is not difficult to install.
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • The software might be very simple for IT specialists to navigate through. However, for some new users, the software might be very challenging for them, especially in the setup phase. The software also requires adequate interaction time for you to master how to navigate through its features smoothly.
  • Difficulty In Erasing Software.
  • This software takes time to install and poses a great challenge in removing it from a machine. You will face difficulties to fully removing the software from an unattended device/machine unless you first delete or uninstall the software from the dashboard. The lack of a simple process for this software removal is quite a challenge.
  • Limited Support Features
  • The software does not offer the same features

About Software

Connectwise assist is a reliable and efficient software that offers remote support. This software is designed to support the technical support teams in their business serving clients. This system allows the technical support teams to remotely access devices and systems of clients who need assistance.

This software also offers a platform used in education. The software can allow presentations and perform interactive online seminars and training. The software has many important features that vary according to the subscribed plan choice.

Some of the benefits it presents to users include its customization feature. This allows users to adjust and reorganize the platform to fit in with their brand. Other important features include team collaboration tools, messaging tools, and its ability to integrate with Connectwise Automate.

This remote-access software offers a wide range of plans and flexible pricing and ensures that users pay for features they can actually use. The software is well secured and allows users to easily invite internal and external guests and collaborators to a launched support session.


Connectwise offers comprehensive features. However, the downside is that a good number of these features are available only in the higher service plans. The four common features are communication, compatibility, security, and integrations.

  1. Compatibility

This software is accessed solely through installation, either via a link or an installer package. This software is known for its ability to access devices like computers via smartphones. However, your smartphone must be linked to the other device to get this access.

The compatibility feature allows this linkage to be possible. The software can be connected to several platforms, including Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

The software can work on almost all devices allowing the users to use their smartphones to access the other gadgets and devices in a remote location. You need not worry about accessing your primary device even when it is off. This remote-access device software can access such inactive devices using the Wake-on-LAN feature.

The software compatibility feature also allows the user to use several devices to view a single screen live in a session. However, when an expert is trying to use this software to access and provide support to mobile devices, you may have some of the features limited in that case.

  1. Communication

This communication stands tall among its peers for its unique communication tool feature. Unlike its peers in the market, this software can capture sound from the guest’s device during an access, meeting, or support session by a host. This live interactive communication session ensures the effective relay of information from host to guest.

The communication feature allows you to perform other amazing tasks connected to your multiple devices. It allows you to drag and drop files and copy & past documents among the connected devices. The software also allows you to record and edit the recorded videos during the live session.

The features accessible to the users vary depending on the subscribed plan. Some common communication features are VoIP, text chat, shared toolboxes, annotation, remote printing, multi-monitor support, and monitor blanking. Surveys, Connectwise view, and extension options can also be integrated into the software.

  1. Security

The software is secure to use and allows minimal security risks. The software is fostered with two-factor authentication and an AES 256-bit encryption to make it security-tight. In addition to the encryptions, the software is also packed with multiple authentications and safety features.

These include secure session codes, LDAP and SAML integration, role-based security, brute force protection, guest monitor blanking, guest input suspension, OAuth integration, and revocation.

The software can also run audit reports and automatic locking of disconnected devices. The software is designed to allow hosts to prompt guests before gaining access to their devices. However, if the guest user is logged off, the system can allow you to bypass approval and allow you immediate access.

  1. Integrations

The software is ranked best because of its integration ability. You can connect to more than 100 third-party applications. Some of the applications this software can integrate with are premium reporting& diagnostic extensions, third-party survey applications, and the software’s browser-enabled Livestream session (connectwise View).

  1. Customization Capabilities

This remote-access software gives users the flexibility to make adjustments to the software to meet their specifications. The users can make changes to logos, icons, and the service language, among others. This customization feature allows you to give the software the appearance to meet your brand type and business needs.

  1. Seamless Connectivity And Collaboration

The seamless connectivity and collaboration feature allows users to interact and serve clients despite their location. To achieve that, the user must have a stable internet connection.

However, when the connection is poor or greatly fluctuates, you need not panic. This software is powered with notable automated reconnection, which allows you to continually provide services to clients without interruptions of fluctuating or poor internet connections.

The software also offers a collaboration platform that allows users and clients to exchange files, work, and share opinions simultaneously.

  1. Notable Customer Support

Connectwise Control vendor has a team of well-trained connectwise agents that are available round-the-clock. This customer support team can be reached through email, phone, or live chat. However, if you do not need one-on-one sessions with the customer support team, you can opt to use the company’s website and fill in the support tickets.

There is also the availability of a rich database containing training materials and video tutorials to help guide new users.

Plans And Prices

This software offers more subscription plans compared to competitors in the market. This software’s wide range of plans allows you to pay for plans and features you will probably use. Connectwise Control has three subscription plan packages, each containing different features and session limits.

In addition to the three package plans, the software also offers a fourth subscription plan, access, which costs $30 per month. The limited free option offering is best for new and growing businesses. The plan is limited to three access agents, one tech license, and a remote connection to one end user in each session.

Here is a detailed overview of the various available plans and pricing.


This basic plan costs a monthly subscription fee of $24 for users within the yearly billing scheme. The plan includes one session limit, remote meetings, ten unattended access agents, remote printing, file transfer, remote support, remote toolbox, and mobile technician support.

The one plan allows only one user and one connection only. This ideal plan is well adapted to offer support to a few end-users and a small number of machines.


This plan costs $39 per user monthly for those billing their subscription annually. The features included in this plan are unlimited unattended access agents, expanded connectwise chat assist options, a maximum of three sessions per user, remote command line, wake-on-LAN, VoIP audio, and iOS and Android mobile guest clients.

The standard plan is ideal for supporting several end-users and unattended devices. The plan allows one user three simultaneous connections.


This plan costs $49 per month for every user within the annual billing option. The premium plan features include a maximum of 10 sessions per tech, connectwise View, a remote diagnostic toolkit, a reporting dashboard, and video auditing.

The premium plan has superior features to support end-users and unattended devices. This plan allows one user to make ten simultaneous connections.


The access plan is specifically designed to meet the need of clients in search of the remote access feature only. This plan offers eight subscription options under it. The pricings for the eight sub-options depend on the number of unattended access agents but with the same features.

Those clients billing their monthly payments subscriptions annually receive discounts. Enterprises and large companies with agents of more than 25000 will have to contact a connectwise sales representative to get a quotation of their pricing. The plans are summarised as follows.

The Entry-Level Option

This plan costs $30 per month for annual subscribers and $38 for monthly subscribers. The entry-level option gives access to 25 unattended access agents.

  • Second Level Option

This plan offers 50 unattended access agents. This plan costs $53.33 per month for annual subscribers and $67 for monthly subscribers.

  • Third Level Option

This plan covers a maximum of 100 unattended access agents. For annual billers, it costs $100 per month and $125 for monthly subscribers.

  • Fourth Level Option

This plan costs $200 per month for users billing annually and $250 for monthly subscribers. The plan allows 250 unattended access agents.

  • Fifth Level Option

This plan covers a maximum of 500 unattended access agents. It costs $375 per month or a monthly payment of $465.

  • Sixth Level Option

This plan offers 750 unattended access agents. It costs $525 per month for annual subscribers and a monthly payment of $660 for the monthly subscribers.

  • Seventh Level Option

Users in the annual billing scheme will pay $600 per month and a $750 monthly payment for the other subscribers. This plan covers a maximum of 1000 unattended access agents.

  • Eight Level Option

This is the largest advertised plan that costs $1250 when paid annually and $1575 for the monthly payment scheme. This plan covers up to 2500 unattended access agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Use This Software?

This software offers its users safe and secure remote access to their devices. The software is enforced with several security functions, including brute force protection, secure session codes, and OAuth integration. The software allows you to revoke access and set up role-based security measures.

What Is This Software Used For?

The software often finds use in government, education, and IT management. The software offers remote access to educational courses, technical support, and home-based working options. The typical software services roles are SaaS support, IT support and managed service providers.

Is The Software Right For You?

Many companies that offer customer services rely much on the VoIP phone system. The good thing about this software is that it supports the standard chatting feature and the VoIP feature that allows remote access to your device screen/monitor and audio support.

The software also allows access to the mobile phone camera of an end-user. This gives a head start compared to other software versions in the market. It is also useful in office setup for employees who work at home. The software allows them to share information and conduct online meetings and training.

The software is recommended to any team, company, and enterprise that seeks to have voice communication over remote devices, businesses that want flexibility in choosing between monthly and annually plan options, and companies/ teams with well-advanced knowledge in technical skills.