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Constant Contact Review 2022 – Top 10 Email Marketing Services

Many small firms’ overall marketing strategies include email marketing. Therefore, the email promotion software used must be user-friendly and feature-rich at the same time if it is to be adopted by these companies. All of those criteria are met by Constant Contact. Small businesses can get a high-quality email marketing platform at a low price point with the platform. You may send unrestricted emails on any of its two service options, depending on the size of your contact list. This is it if you are looking for a simple way to build stunning email campaigns quickly. Similarly, connecting the provider’s system to a wide range of third-party marketing tools is possible, and the software comes with comprehensive reporting capabilities.

The Verdict
Constant Contact Constant Contact

The platform provides a foundation for small companies to realize their goals and dreams. It has enabled companies to reach out to their target audiences in the most forward-thinking way possible by providing a lot of incredible features and pricing that are accessible. The level of competition is heating up and has not deterred the firm from providing its services in the best manner possible, with robust support teams standing by to assist you with any questions you may have. You can see for yourself how they can assist you in generating leads and turning those leads into real customers by signing up for a free service trial.

  • It is Easier to Use
  • You may enhance your email marketing campaigns with the in-app advice and video tutorials provided by the platform. Likewise, they give video tutorials to help you get started with each feature. For example, while in the contacts menu, it instructs you to generate a popup that requests readers to subscribe to your newsletter so that you may grow your email list. This is done so that you can communicate more effectively with your audience.
  • Better Customer Care Help
  • The platform provides its clients with various tools and resources to assist them in running successful email marketing campaigns. If you require personalized support, you can contact their specialist through live chat or by calling the company's main number. The platform's large knowledge base and tutorials are good resources for self-service. Similarly, the firm makes free educational seminars and blog materials available for its customers.
  • Monday through Saturday, with varied hours depending on the depa
  • No Free Plan Like Many Competitors
  • Constant Contact software does not have a free plan like many of its rivals, which might be a disadvantage. Although it has a 60-day free trial, some small companies with minimal email marketing requirements and a limited contact list may want to sign up for a free service from another supplier. When it comes to free plans, Benchmark may be a better choice.
  • A/B Restrictions
  • Constant Contact's A/B testing capability is confined to email subject lines, which is a definite limitation. With alternative email marketing tools, you may experiment with different features, such as photos and layouts, to better understand how well your email campaigns are doing.

About Company

The company is a good email marketing option for small and medium-sized businesses, particularly those just starting as e-commerce shops. Most newcomers will be happy with the different templates available, while more experienced designers may be disappointed by the lack of customizability.

Since 1995, they have been one of the leading companies in the field of email marketing. Due to its consistency and top-notch services, the company has become one of the most widely used email solutions worldwide. An app and connection marketplace may accommodate even the most specialized items with over 400 different options.

What sets them apart from other businesses in their industry is that throughout the years, they have integrated many services that only a select handful of their competitors provide. These features include digital product downloads, event management, appointment scheduling, and social advertising. In addition to automations and ongoing newsletters, all of these contribute to the extensive variety of email options that are currently available to users.

What does this signify for marketers that are exclusively interested in email marketing? Is it up to the task, or has it taken shortcuts in an attempt to serve all businesses as a one-stop-shop? Find out by reading our review.


The comprehensive email marketing system does not have many weak points, and the platform’s reporting and contact management tools make it stand out from the competition. Here are the services you will get as a user of Constant Contact;

  1. Create an Email

By inputting the URL of your website, you have the power to personalize the appearance of your outgoing emails to match the colors and fonts of your company’s identity. If you do not choose to do that, you can begin your work using the built-in layouts and drag-and-drop email editor that the company provides.

The platform still provides many modification alternatives, even starting with a template. These range from the ability to include photos, videos, and alternatives for social sharing to the addition of RSVPs, polls, and contribution opportunities. You can make changes to the newsletter in its whole and the components that make up each independent content block. These modifications include updates to the layouts and backgrounds. With this tool, you may make your personalized emails in a matter of seconds since it is so simple to use and everything about it is self-explanatory.

You have the flexibility with the dynamic content feature to present different material to certain contacts based on whatever variables you need. This may be demographic data such as age or locality, details about previous purchases, or even an email segment. It’s a fast and efficient method for targeting certain contact groups with relevant material.

Making sure every feature is technically right is one of the most crucial concepts of producing a great user experience. Likewise, it is one of the most critical aspects. Constant Contact can assist you with this endeavor by reviewing various components, including dates, typos, missing links, and issues with copywriting. You may preview how your Email appears to recipients by entering their email accounts one at a time. This helps assure that your Email appears correct on desktop computers and mobile devices. You will need to pay for an add-on to preview a newsletter per all major email programs, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others.

When sending an email, you can choose from different scheduling options that will help optimize open rates per previous customer behavior. Additionally, you can resend the Email to people who did not open it the first time you sent it to improve open rates. If you don’t want to wait for all emails to be sent, you can receive access to early campaign results, which allows you to make updates in the middle of the campaign if you see a problem.

  1. A/B Testing

A/B split testing is a convenient software tool of current email marketing that enables you to deliver two copies of the same campaign to many subsets of your target. The goal is to determine which version of the campaign works better. You can modify the subject lines sent to two test contact groups by using the A/B testing capability of ConstantContact.

After the test time, the subject line that performed better is immediately distributed to the rest of your market. When you are attempting to focus on the proper audience for your campaign and make sure it’s striking all the right notes, this tool might be of help. However, you can only try different subject lines when using A/B testing with the provider. You can’t test any other aspects of a message using this tool.

  1. Contact Management

ConstantContact allows you to import contacts from major email services and productivity applications. Similarly, you have the option of adding them manually. Marketers already utilizing another email service provider but want to switch to the platform swiftly would appreciate this feature. If you are getting started and don’t yet have many subscribers or enough time to devote to this function, they may also help you expand your email list. Instead of leaving you to fend for yourself, the service provider gives suggestions on what steps to follow, which is very helpful for those new to email marketing.

  1. Signup Forms

Integrating registration forms on your website is necessary if you want to create and manage your email list. ConstantContact helps you design popups, incorporated forms, and personalized landing pages based on your company’s requirements. Tailor the registration and landing pages by modifying the style attributes and background pictures to match your business’s identity and marketing strategy.

  1. Automation of Email Marketing

The service provider aids in the creation of an autoresponder series. Have you ever wondered how a customized email is sent to you when you log in or buy something? All marketers play an automatic series game. For example, you may have the platform assist you in building up unique automated messages to welcome new subscribers or send a relevant email series and follow-up messages. When a user clicks on the “Learn More” link, a follow-up email is automatically sent to provide additional information about the product. Advanced automation features are available to all Email Plus subscribers at no additional cost.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is directly proportional to the number of recipients, opens, and clicks it receives. Immediately after an email is sent, the provider’s reporting and analytics tools show the campaign’s outcomes. Among the data, you may see the number of emails opened and clicked on, open and unsubscribe rates, spam complaints, and emails that were not opened. You may also examine social media analytics and poll replies to discover which links were visited. Similarly, you may resend an email from the reporting dashboard.

  1. Segmentation

You can only build segments in Constant Contact software depending on whether or not a user has received, viewed, or reacted to one of your emails. This is in contrast to other email marketing software that enables you to classify clients according to factors such as the most recent time they viewed an email and if or not they have made any purchases.

The capacity to link with Shopify and draw information for creating segments straight from your online store is helpful in segmentation software. It allows targeting clients at all phases of the customer journey with appropriate campaigns that increase the possibility that they will purchase your goods or services or reconnect with your enterprise.

Plans and Pricing

Email and Email Plus, the two email marketing programs offered by ConstantContact, each have a starting price of $20 and $45 per month, respectively. The pricing is reasonable enough that it is feasible for most small enterprises to include it in their budgeting. Both subscriptions provide the capabilities required to develop very polished email marketing campaigns.

Each subscription includes a picture library, a mobile app, monitoring and reporting functions, popup forms, contact management and list-building tools, and unlimited email storage space. Additionally, every plan comes with a selection of configurable themes. The cost of each plan increases proportionately with the complete number of contacts included in your database, with the most affordable plans having a cap of 500 contacts at their highest possible level.

When you reach a subscriber count of more than 10,000, you are required to upgrade to the Email Plus plan, which costs $335 a month and allows for the storage of up to 50,000 users. The service provider must be contacted to get a personalized price quotation for companies with more than 50,000 members.

The additional features in the Email Plus service set it apart from the standard email service. It includes dynamic signup forms, access for up to ten users, email automation, promotional events, online contribution management, surveys, coupon generation, and some initial one-on-one counseling.

ConstantContact does not provide a free version of its service. However, a free trial term of sixty days is the longest trial time offered by most email marketing services. This free trial, which allows you a maximum of 100 contacts, provides all of Constant Contact’s capabilities, such as templates, photos, an email editor, contact management, reports, and live support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does the Platform Offer?

There are other features, but the email marketing program is the most popular one. The company’s mission is to assist small companies in establishing a digital footprint through developing websites, using social media, and implementing email marketing campaigns.

How Much Will I Pay Monthly to Access the Services?

The first month of service with ConstantContact is just $20. Depending on the size of a company’s customer base, prices might range. Discounts are available for paying in full ahead.

Can I Use the Platform as a CRM?

No. The service provider is not a CRM platform. However, CRM integration is possible to manage procedures more efficiently. Fresh works CRM can be a fantastic choice if you seek a system with built-in email marketing tools.

Is There a Free Plan Option?

There is no free version that the platform provides. It only has two paid price tiers based on the size of your contact list. However, they give you a sixty-day free trial before confirming your selected services suit your business.

What is Good When Using the Company?

Because of its simplicity, the platform is a viable solution for both seasoned and inexperienced email marketers. Due to the ease with which campaigns can be created, even those without prior knowledge of email marketing software may utilize it.

Is it Preferable to use MailChimp or Constant Contact?

While Mailchimp received a better score, it is up to you and your company to decide whether it is the right fit for your needs. In terms of complex contact management, ConstantContact has a leg up on Mailchimp, although the latter excels in client segmentation.

Is the Company Legit?

ConstantContact is an email marketing platform perfect for meeting small companies’ requirements. The platform assists newly established businesses in the areas of marketing automation and the establishment of a brand presence.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes. Besides attracting new consumers, the platform helps companies maintain their present ones. Email generation is made easier using the software’s drag-and-drop editor. It has a sleek, mobile-friendly themes to make things even simpler. A company’s logo and color scheme may be included in newsletters by simply entering the URL of the company’s website into the program’s URL field. Additionally, subscribers’ contact information may be stored and segmented. The software’s autoresponders, activated when a receiver does a certain action, are another helpful feature.