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Dialpad Review 2022 – Top 10 Business Phone Systems

Call routing and meeting highlights can be automated with the best business phone networks rated highly by their customers. When it comes to voice cognition, Dialpad is the most incredible option. It has a built-in voice intelligence capability that captures session action plans and provides real-time coaching. The entry-level plan’s application uses are amazing because it contains many selections. It features multi-level auto-attendants, endless five-hour teleconferencing with ten participants, and interpretation of voicemails, calls, and appointments.

The company does not provide quantity incentives for lesser teams like its rivals, but annual prepayment cuts the per-user pricing by $5 every month. Similarly, Salesforce, HubSpot, and ServiceNow enable integrations with the platform. Customers on the Standard plan get live customer assistance through phone and chat five days a week, while those on the Pro and Enterprise plans get round-the-clock help.

The Verdict
Dialpad Dialpad

The service provider is suitable for;

  • Automated phone procedures for businesses.
  • Small enterprises that are searching for low-cost coaching resources.
  • Entrepreneurs working on their own and require help taking notes during meetings.

However, it's not recommended for the following;

  • Firms with a lot of foreign phone calls or faxes included.
  • Organizations are choosing video conferencing software with a package that has all features.
  • Expanding companies that want to combine and tie different business models.

  • Better Customer Care Services
  • Standard customers may reach a representative Monday to Friday, while Pro and Enterprise subscribers can get a representative anytime. Managers and non-administrators may utilize the assistance center's services. You may use the "Contact us" button to open a ticket and see the available live assistance alternatives, such as multilingual conversation and phone help. A personalized quotation provides a dependable account manager and competent technical support services.
  • Simple to Use
  • The company's webpage services and mobile apps are similar to other commercial phone systems. Its online interface for administrators allows you to establish and administer all aspects of the platform, including user and phone number management. Likewise, the portal enables you and other administrators to see billing information, manage rights for workers, and set up connections throughout the firm.
  • A Single, Unified System
  • From any mobile device, the company's all-in-one corpor
  • The company has the least video conferencing members supported compared to its rivals. Based on the services and package, competitors enable meetings of any duration for up to 500 participants. It also lacks modern engagement tools like breakout rooms and real-time polling. Consider Zoom or RingCentral if you want to enhance your video conferencing experience.
  • Additionally, if your business depends significantly on faxing, the provider's monthly 100-page fax restriction may be too limiting for you. They charge 10 cents per page for the remainder of the month if you exceed this limit.

About Company

The company was launched in 2011 by former Google Voice and Yahoo! Voice officials in San Francisco, California. With 11 locations, over 800 staff, and more than 70,000 customers, this privately-held firm has a global reach. For businesses, the service provider has a distinct advantage over the competition because of its built-in speech intelligence. The AI-powered systems employ natural language processing for audio and video chats. Utilizing this feature, you may precisely transcribe all voice and video exchanges and generate post-call reports and task lists. The search option allows you to look for advertising, product design, and customer support keywords to uncover repeating challenges and new prospects.

Real-Time Assist cards, a unique feature, suggest actual answers or include data concerning a phrase your caller mentioned. This is a very useful feature. Using the application, you may provide your employees with information concerning refunds or frequently asked questions. Machine learning in the software’s Vi constantly increases the app’s performance. Although numerous rivals have recently introduced AI-based solutions and business analytics services, Dialpaid has optimized its voice recognition technologies since obtaining TalkIQ in 2018.


Many features and services are available to teams of any size, irrespective of the subscription plan they choose to subscribe to. Even more, impressively than other enterprise phone systems, its base package offers single sign-on and actual-time analytics capabilities often reserved for more expensive plans. Its AI-based automation solutions, on the other hand, set it apart from the competition. Here are the services you will enjoy;

  1. Automation of Tasks

VoIP companies are spreading out this feature, although they often encourage people to speak a command to record the action item. As technology advances, the service provider’s speech recognition systems become more capable of understanding activities from everyday conversations. Another way to ensure that your sales and customer support representatives correctly engage clients is to examine call-action items. Your group members can also update or erase key actions and delegate them to one or more people, if necessary.

  1. Shareable Highlights and Call Reports

Summary and highlights created by AI capture important details without your personnel having to take notes during an interaction. Dialpaid is the only existing business telephone system with this functionality as part of its standard service. Contacts’ conversation threads and call history menus both have summaries. A link is included in every call review, helping your agents share the information with their colleagues and clients. Likewise, they can be searched, making information about certain goods and services more accessible.

  1. Real-Time Assist Cards

Unlike other services, the firm has a capability only available in its corporate phone systems, not in its contact center technology. It’s easy to customize RTA cards to meet the specific needs of your business, customers, and employees. Remarks from consumers and agents can activate RTA cards, which show up with links so that agents can quickly locate further details. If your staff responds consistently to the same queries, you can spot instances that necessitate progression more easily.

  1. Voicemail in a Visual Form

Regarding cloud-based phone systems, this service is widespread, but the provider’s visual voicemail is superior since it decodes texts, emails them, and gives an alternative to save data. Voicemails can be saved automatically to Google Drive by your agents. The complete integration provides a superior approach to maintaining an audit trail without manual involvement for enterprises with demanding preservation needs.

There are many fundamental call-routing features included in most business phone systems. These choices allow calls to be routed instantly and successively to all members of a given section. In addition to standard call flows, Dialpaf allows for fixed-order, mastery, or longest-idle sorting. Calls can be held for as long as you and other administrators like. Likewise, the software will enable you to create separate policies for every department of your organization.

  1. Analytical Services

Call logs are almost universally available in most business phone systems. However, call statistics are mostly available in more expensive plans. Analytical and reporting capabilities lag below those of competitors, but Dialpad’s aesthetics and drill-down capabilities make up for it. For example, you may observe which phone menu categories are regularly used by customers, or you can observe heat maps displaying how many calls and how long it takes to answer each one.

  1. Integrations

CRM interfaces are necessary for small and medium-sized enterprises, and many phone systems can be integrated with your favorite software programs. The provider’s integrations enable your staff to communicate on their chosen platforms without skipping out on sensitive data. CRM and email connections enhance caller histories by giving your agents details about the customer’s most recent contact.

Plans and Pricing

If you are on a tight budget, the company’s plans are one of the more economical business phone systems. Standard and Pro plans are the most popular, although a special Enterprise plan is also available.

Standard Plan

There is a $20 or $15 monthly fee for each user, based on whether you pay monthly or annually. It features single geographical connectivity, a local phone number, three-ring groups, and built-in AI and statistics. Customer support is available around the clock, and the platform can be integrated with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 as part of this subscription.

Pro Plan

For $30 per user monthly, you’ll need at least three licenses. If you select annual billing, it will cost you $25 per month. Additionally, it offers CRM connectors with major applications like HubSpot and Salesforce, global SMS messaging (with an additional per-text price), and 25 ring groups above the Standard plan’s functionalities. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in more than 70 countries.

Enterprise Plan

At least 100 licenses are required for this subscription; pricing can be tailored to your needs. Additionally, it permits infinite office locales and ring groups, and its service contract assures 100% availability.

All plans come with free calls to the US and Canada, unrestricted SMS and MMS, an auto-attendant with multiple levels, digital fax, and Dialpad voice intelligence. However, the service provider does not give bulk discounts, but you may save $5 per month per user if you choose annual payment instead. Local phone numbers are included in its memberships at no additional cost. You can get one toll-free number for $17 per month and two for $15 per month on a yearly plan.

Contact center plans provide advanced capabilities like call surveillance, call center statistics, AI-powered consumer sentiment classification, and status dashboards. To help grow a sales force, businesses might use the sales dialer software. Using the web interface, you may buy IP phones starting at $129 each.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Hardware Can You Get with Dialpaid?

In addition to desk phones, virtual appliance technology enables workers to make calls on internet-connected gadgets, which is essential for companies with remote workers. Three different desk phones and two OBi connectors are available for purchase through the company’s online store. It is possible to use Bluetooth headphones, including those from Jabra and Poly. A wireless or USB dongle is the best sync method if you run Windows or MacOS. The system is compatible with Plantronics headphones via third-party programs.

Can I Access Free Services?

The company’s meetings allow you to have free, limitless video chats with up to ten participants. Each session is restricted to 45 minutes. C loud-based phone service, on the other hand, needs a subscription for unlimited calls and messaging.

Does Dialpaf Save My Phone Calls?

Without your consent, the service provider does not record phone calls. Its business communication services include call recording, which you may activate in your settings menu to playback business conversations.

Can I Pick up my Phone Number Using Dialpad?

You cannot choose your primary business number when signing up for the company. They give you a local number depending on your business profile.

Is The Video Conferencing Option Available?

All of the provider’s business communication plans include video conferencing. The Standard plan has a maximum of 10 participants and a duration of 45 minutes for each session. With the Pro Plan, you may hold conferences with up to 100 people for up to five hours.

Is There an App for Mobile Devices?

Yes, the software is developed to accommodate the mobility of the employees and the bring your device policy. The app can be installed on smartphones and tablets when a company has signed up. Softphones can be enabled on laptops and desktop computers via software. Using the application, employees may make phone calls, exchange texts, organize conference calls, and the like. It is possible to download apps for iOS and Android smartphones through the relevant app stores, Apple App Store, and Google Play. Their website provides free downloads for both Mac and Windows users.

Is There Unified Messaging Services?

The company has indeed unified messaging capabilities. You may access your account from any internet-enabled mobile device or desktop computer through a web browser, and you can also use it to make and receive phone calls and video chats. Mobile and desktop apps are used by subscribers to utilize the web-based service. Likewise, the service provider Dialpaid is capable of supporting IP desk phones. Connecting up to five devices at once is possible for one account.

How Safe is the Company?

Several security precautions are built into Dialpaf, such as complete data encryption, which helps prevent data leaks and hackers. You can rest confident that all your domestic or international phone conversations will be secure thanks to AES 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security technology.

What Nations Do I Get Access to for no Charge?

Users of the provider’s Talk services are entitled to make free calls to other offices in the United States, Canada, and their home country. For example, you may make free calls to the United States, Canada, and Germany from a Dialpad office in Germany. Because they are classified as domestic calls, your Office’s balance will not be depleted when you make a call inside one of these countries.

How Does a VoIP and PBX Phone Systems Differ?

Phone systems like PBX (private branch exchange) need specialized equipment installed on-site. Even though PBX now allows customers to make external calls, VoIP still outperforms it in several ways. For starters, VoIP does not need any on-premises gear or phones. Even when using your mobile phone or PC, you may use the cloud-hosted system to make calls.

What is the Company’s Slack Integration?

Call progress across the provider’s central route, departments, and call centers is instantly notified to teams in common channels through Slack. Such alerts might include voicemail interpretation and a link to the conversation recording. Slack teams can also be informed when a voicemail has been received.

Is it Possible to Send SMS/MMS Messages Using Your Service?

Yes, talk supports both SMS and MMS for internal and external communication, making it a great tool. You can even switch between different IDs if you have been given more than one upon registration.

What are the Circumstances Under Which Credits Are Used?

The credit amount in your Office will be reduced whenever one of your team members:

  • Make international phone calls as applicable.
  • Accept all incoming calls to your Office’s toll-free numbers.
  • Make or receive calls when using a Dialpad Contact Center or Sell subscription.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes, this is the right service provider, especially for small and medium corporations. It’s simple to set up and does not need any gear on your end. In most cases, small firms can get the system functional in a day or two, but bigger enterprises and those with more complicated call patterns will probably take longer to complete. You may save time as an administrator by configuring voice intelligence, holiday plans, and backup lines to apply to the entire workplace.

Likewise, your teammates may have an international calling, and Dialpad texting enabled for them. Contact the customer service department if you want to use the services without purchasing credits. The firm claims its support staff can lead managers and users over essential works through live chat for education and offer interactive product tours. Many of the pages in the help center are similar to 8x8s in that they feature screenshots along with step-by-step guidance on installing and using the business phone system.