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Digium Review 2022 – Top 10 Business Phone Systems

Digium Switchvox is a phone system that easily fits into any business and company. The company floods the market with a series of phone system models. The main four models Switchvox Company offers are designed to suit and blend into various business types and sizes.

The company’s phone system models use two specific deployment methods. The first method allows the phone system to be hosted on servers within the premises. Having on-premises servers guarantees total control of the phone system.

Some advantages of the premises phone system deployment method include the ability to choose updated installation dates that suit you and the freedom to add an extra telephone line. However, choosing the on-premise deployment method requires an IT department to help manage the phone system.

The second deployment method allows the phone system to be hosted in the cloud. The cloud-based hosting technique offers more freedom and less technicality. One advantage of this deployment method is cost-effectiveness and low maintenance. Unlike the first deployment method, this requires no internal IT department to handle the system.

The following review sheds more light on the good tidings of this awesome phone system company, Switchvox.

The Verdict
Digium Digium

Digium Switchvox system is a cost-efficient communication solution for companies. Using this company's system, users can save up to 70% of the overall telephony costs.

The company provides affordable packages and a wide range of products and features. Companies can reach out to the company and get a phone system tailored to meet their specific needs. It is worth noting that the company offers a scalable phone system. Users can seamlessly switch between the two main deployment methods, on-premises and cloud-based. The good thing is that users don't lose their settings whenever they switch between plans.

The company offers flexible payment methods and options that work out for all its users. One can pay for the hardware separately from the software's charges. Consequently, customers can also bill the hardware in instalments or add it to their monthly payments for the software subscription.

Switchvox is packed with a lot of features making it slightly expensive to purchase. The software also has a steep learning curve because of its sophisticated user interface. The company has greatly invested in API technology and open-source software. This means that the software offers limited options for integration with third-party apps.

Companies searching for a perfect phone system solution for their needs need not look any further. This review has covered much of the relevant information that shows why Digium is the ideal phone system solution in the market. However, it's prudent to compare the services and prices of other phone system companies in the market before deciding to settle for one.

  • Ease Of Use
  • Switchvox offers an easy-to-use platform regardless of the hosting option you select. However, the on-premises hosting platform is a bit complicated to install. The two hosting options allow the user to operate and run them on an interface based entirely on the web. This provides a perfect opportunity for users to operate the phone system remotely in any location.
  • The company offers users individual direct inward numbers, which are toll-free.
  • All-Inclusive Features
  • The company offers unlimited features. This means that regardless of your chosen plan, you will have complete access to every feature the company provides. Some of these features include click-to-dial, management features, call control, call transfer & forwarding, call hold, intercom and paging, call cascade, call packing, find me, incoming caller notifications, interactive voice response, outgoing caller ID control, send-to-voicemail rules, and personal call rules.
  • The software allows for the monitoring, recordi
  • The system might be complicated to use at first.
  • This phone system offers limited integrations.

About Company

The company was founded in 1999. The company’s initial offerings and service tiers were directed to Linux users. Digium has evolved and expanded its service offerings and is well-known for its Asterisk telephony project. The open-source software has gained the company a favourable reputation among users.

This private company bases its foundation on the belief in creating open communication. Such value has seen the creation of its open-source communication software. The International Organization for Standardization has certified Digium as a valid communication support company.

The company is contestant update and upgrade its services to offer quality products. Fostering collaborations with giant telephone industry companies is an ingenious way the company uses to keep up innovating new technologies and expanding its services. Some of the companies they have collaborated with include IBM and Skype.

The company’s products and services supersede the set international standards. Digium stays true to its mission by ensuring that they transform the communication services of companies by incorporating new technologies and telecommunication innovations.

The company’s IP PBX allows the utilization of advanced unified communication techniques in companies. IP PBX is best suited for educational institutions and government facilities. Schools can use the IP PBX to streamline communications between parents, students, administrators, and teachers.

The cloud-based phone systems are accessible on remote devices like landline phones, computers, and mobile phones.


  1. Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) is the integration of non-real-time with real-time communication services. Some non-real-time communication services include unified messaging services like SMS, fax, email, and integrated voicemails. Real-time communication services include instant chat messaging, video conferencing, speech recognition, call control, telepathy, and presence information.

The company’s unified communications have combined separate communication modes into a single user experience. Among the UC devices offered by the company are Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent.

The company tailors its features to meet the requirements and specifications of clients. The company is determined to help mid-sized businesses gain relevance, grow, and maintain healthy market competition.

The company’s UC solutions enable companies and businesses to maintain effective IT operations and improve customer satisfaction and employee efficiency.

  1. Networking

Networking is a crucial aspect of maintaining assessable business operations. The company is experienced in creating and designing reliable and efficient networks. Customers are able to get tailored networks that match their needs and requirements. The networks the company creates are efficient and have a maximum uptime operation.

The company is also specialized in auditing network infrastructure. Digium Company is also a good advisor for businesses seeking to improve network designs. The company is able to professionally provide a seamless change process for projects.

The company’s team of experts can work in close connection with clients to ensure they come up with a perfect solution for their businesses by creating a secure, flexible and high-performance network.

The company also offers a complete installation of networks for companies according to their requirements. The installation is end-to-end and includes everything from endpoint rollout to cabled infrastructure. The company’s network solution services cover

  • Fibre Optic Networks

Fibre optic communications transmit light signals by utilizing optical transmitters, fibres, and receivers. This type of communication guarantees secure transmissions between networks separately hosted networks.

  • Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system (SCS) consists of connectivity and cabling products integrating building management systems like safety alarms with voice, video, and data services.

  • Wireless Networks.

This covers all computer networks that make interactions based on wave signals

  1. Virtualization

The virtualization feature allows clients to use one physical machine to run many virtual machines. The connected virtual devices are able to share the same resources in their remote locations. The virtual machines can run multiple applications and operating systems using the physical machine.

Virtualizing creates a virtual network of computer operations, including operating systems, storage devices, hardware platforms, and computer network resources.

Other services the company offer include:

  • ICT security
  • Instant messaging
  • Recording and monitoring
  • Conference and video calling
  • Developer APIs
  • Interactive voice response tools

Plans And Pricing

This company has priced their tiers according to the hosting options: cloud-based or on-premises. The company charges a one-time upfront cost for the on-premises hosting option and monthly user fees for the cloud-based hosted solution.

Cloud-Hosted System

The cloud-hosted system offers two service plans to choose from the unlimited plan and metered plan. These two plans are charged based on the number of users available and the length of the contract. The detailed breakdown is as follows:

  • Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan offers unlimited domestic calls to customers. This plan can be billed monthly for a $35 monthly payment per user. Customers can also make annual, monthly billing that is charged $33 per user.

The company can be lenient with prices for customers who opt for a three-year contract. You can get low prices ranging between $20 and $27 per month per user.

  • Metered Plan

The metered plan charges customers for each outbound and inbound calling minute. This plan is charged monthly, annually, and in a three-year contract. Monthly charges are $14.99 per user.

Opting for an annual subscription will cost you $13.99 per month per user. The three-year contract slashes the prices to $12.99 per user per month. It is worth noting that the calling rates range between 2.3 and 3 cents per minute.

On-Premises System

The on-premises system requires an upfront fee that is charged once. However, prices in this hosting system plan vary depending on the type of equipment in use. The pricing for the Switchvox appliance and Switchvox software includes a maintenance cost of one year.

  • Switchvox Appliance

The prices start as low as $695 and $90 per user.

  • Switchvox Software

The prices start from $1,000 and $90 per user.

The company’s IP phones have a price range between $139 and $329 for each phone. Companies and users using the cloud-hosting plan can use rented phones. The rented phones have a monthly charge of $10 to $25. Customers in a three-year contract plan are given free phones or charged a small fee ranging from $4 to $9 for each phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Switchvox Cloud?

Switchvox Cloud is a cloud-based service offered by the company. Switchvox also provides the same UC (Unified Communication) features. Alongside its flexibility, the plan also offers hands-free hosting benefits.

What Areas Are Covered By The Switchvox Cloud Services?

The company currently offers its services in the lower 48 states of the US.

Can I still use my own phone numbers?

Yes! The company allows you to maintain your numbers. Clients are permitted to transfer their numbers into the company’s cloud services. The company supports LNP (Local Number Portability). This allows for easily importing a local number from any carrier into the cloud service.

Do You Offer Toll-Free Numbers?

Yes! The company provides 8xx and 800 toll-free numbers.

How Many DID Numbers Can I Have?

The company does not limit a client’s number of DID numbers. Clients can associate their SIP trunk with unlimited DID numbers. The cloud service plan defines one DID per user. However, one can purchase additional numbers.

Does The Company Recommend Any Broadband Service Provider In Particular When Using Switchvox Cloud?

No! Clients are not limited to any particular broadband internet service provider (ISP). However, clients are advised to choose and use broadband internet service providers that guarantee reliable and sufficient speeds to access the cloud-based services smoothly.

What Happens If My Internet Connection Goes Down?

This phone system runs and operates on web services. Should your internet connection go down. This means that you won’t be able to access the services. All SIP phones will run low until the internet connection is restored.

Can I Fax Using Switchvox Cloud?

Yes! The company offers unlimited faxing services. Users can send a fax to email or use an email to fax.

Does The Company Provide Power Over Ethernet (POE) Hardware For Phone Connections?

No! The company does not provide any phone hardware. To access such features using a phone, one must use the company’s phones that can be rented or purchased. Clients can also use networking resellers and other online sources to purchase desired networking hardware.

Can I Use Chat In Swithvox Cloud?

Yes! The company’s phone system has features that support chat functions between employees.

How much internet bandwidth do I need?

To seamlessly assess the web functions of the system, you need 100kbps bandwidth. To maintain a simultaneous or concurrent calls, you need internet speeds beyond 100kbps. The IPS provider you opt for should be able to provide a consistent, reliable bandwidth.

Is The Software Right For You?

Digium solutions are the perfect choice for anyone seeking comprehensive phone service solutions. The company is dedicated to offering professional services that include project management, system configurations, consultancy, installation, design, maintenance, Moves, Adds & Changes (MACs), and technical support. The company has a team of skilled staff that can meet the specific needs of clients to satisfaction.

The company always keeps up with trends about new and emerging technologies and readily incorporates them into its services. The company has received a good reputation from consumers and does not shy off from partnering with tech giants in order to offer quality services to businesses.

The company guides companies into making the right decisions by providing solutions that are affordable, user-friendly, and specifically tailored to meet the size and needs of companies. The company delivers its services through managed services or traditional ICT offerings.

Switchvox is a perfect match for any business type. This is because the company offers on-premise and cloud-based hosting solutions and offers users its unlimited features.