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Dive Into the World of WordPress: These Are the Most Effective Online Courses

Free courses in the field of digital marketing: SEO optimization, social media marketing, graphic and web design… their importance is immeasurable in the IT world.

Given that WordPress is the most popular open-source platform for creating websites, we decided to present you with some of the best free WordPress courses for web design. The importance of additional learning and following the novelties in digital marketing is huge, so we’ll move immediately to the topic of the article.

Where to Find Best WordPress Web Design Courses?

We know that WordPress is software for creating and running websites. You don’t need any previous knowledge of programming to work on it because the coding part has already been done for you by experienced web developers. It’s up to you to learn how to use the software to make a likable and useful website. Of course, additionally and essentially, to purchase purposeful web hosting for the website after you succeed in creating it.

What’s a website without hosting, right? It won’t be visible for your readers or potential customers (if you own a business). For a WordPress based website, MySQL is the most compatible hosting type because WordPress uses MySQL database to organize and store all the important data. By choosing the highest quality of these MySQL hosting services, rated and recommended for you via this link, you’ll assure unlimited databases and resources, excellent extra features, and a monthly cost that’s within the range of affordable ones.

In addition to the option of classic, paid online courses, for all of you who like learning assistance and like studying on your own, we offer another option. Here’s a list of free online WordPress courses. See which are the best and where you can find them…


Udemy, one of the leading platforms for online courses is certainly expected to be on our list. Although it offers a huge number of courses, both free and paid, we’ll present two which, in our humble opinion, are very important.

WordPress courses on the Udemy platform:

Create a WordPress Website Step by Step

If you know how to use a computer and send an email, you’ll also know how to easily create a website. So claims the instructor of this course which consists of 10 lessons that last of about an hour in total. It’s adapted for beginners and claims that you’ll learn and make a functional website within an hour.

Make an Online Store/WordPress – eCommerce Website

You also don’t need anything more than a computer and the Internet to take this course. It differs from the previous one in that it’s prepared for eCommerce and for all of you who want to learn how to make an online store. Later you can choose a desirable plugin for your store. It lasts a little over an hour and consists of 26 lessons. And judging by the rating, this is the best free WordPress course for learning how to create an eCommerce website.

WordPress 4 Essential Training  (Lynda)

Like Udemy, Lynda is a source of great courses in a variety of areas. The reason why we think that this course is especially worth mentioning is its adaptation for beginners. At 5 hours and 30 minutes, the course goes through the basics of working in WordPress in great detail. If you’re a beginner and want to learn more than the pure making of a website, this course is a good opportunity.

Lynda is a platform that offers its courses to customers for a monthly fee. However, the first month of registration is free, which is more than enough to complete this course. And maybe some more in the remaining 29 days and 18 hours.

Joy of WP

The Joy of WP platform offers two completely free WordPress learning series: WP A to Z and How to WordPress. The first series is longer and lasts about four and a half hours, while the second is a shorter lesson lasting one hour. Each video lesson is focused on a specific topic, so you can choose which ones to watch and which ones not. If you sign up, you’ll learn through the guides how to get started, then about links, topics, plugins, blogs, hosting, and the like.

Website in a Weekend (LaunchParty)

LaunchParty is one of the newer platforms and a real “refreshment“ among beginner courses. It’s designed as a 3-day challenge called Website in a Weekend. What sets it apart from previous courses is that it teaches you about running an entire website through the Elementor plugin. 

And to make the course even easier for beginners, they have prepared 600+ free Elementor templates that you can download in any color. In this way, you’ll learn how to use all the possibilities offered by Elementor, in order to visually make the website as beautiful as possible. “And all in 3 days!“

WordPress Training by Yoast Academy

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, so it’s no wonder they created a WordPress course as well. From whom can you learn better if not from a professional?

With their four quick and easy video lessons, they teach the basics of WordPress as well as an introduction to WordPress SEO. This course for beginners is free, while more advanced lessons are paid.


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to turn a website into an e-shop. That’s why LearnWoo, which comes from the same creator, is a great source of lessons on making eCommerce sites. At the same time, there are materials for all levels of WordPress users on this platform.

Although some lessons are to be paid, there are about 60 free video lessons on the website, which you can also watch through their YouTube channel.

WordPress Quick Start Course

Another name for this website is WP Apprentice. It’s a platform that charges for their courses. However, it also has a special offer. For the email address that you leave them, you’ll get the 10 best lessons of their beginner course. This allows you to master the basics of WordPress in an hour.

WordPress Tutorials by WP101

This is the site that was among the first to offer WordPress courses to its users. Unlike other platforms such as Udemy and Lynda, the WP101 is designed exclusively for WordPress users. We didn’t single out any course separately, because they are mostly paid.

However, similar to the previous cases, this website also offers something for free. Before you decide to give them money for a course (or not), you have seven free high-quality video lessons available. Of course, these lessons are intended for beginners and deal with the basics.

WordPress Lessons

While not being exactly a course like the others, this is the official WordPress guide, launched by its creators. The guide is composed of several texts, which explain in detail the basics of this platform. Even if you already know how to use WordPress, or you’re a little above the beginner level, this is a great way to remind yourself of some things and learn more. Because, who knows WordPress better than its founders?


The WPBeginner doesn’t fall into the category of a course, but it contains too much useful material to be omitted from this list. All information and texts on its website are completely free because their motto is that every primary education should be free. They also have a video section and a YouTube channel, which is an additional source of lessons.

The thousands of texts on the site are both an advantage and a small disadvantage. That is why it isn’t always easy to surf through it, so it will be best to know what you’re looking for if you access this platform.


As we could see in the article, despite the fact that a large number of websites charge for their courses, it’s always possible to find free lessons. A great example of this is the Website in a Weekend course where you can learn a lot in three days. For beginners, there’s a large selection of materials that can help them with learning and if that doesn’t meet your needs, you can continue learning.

It will be up to you to decide whether to continue the research yourself or to opt for paid courses and seek learning assistance.


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