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X Review 2022 – Top 10 Website & Design Services

The modern market is shifting, requiring businesses to offer online services and physical stalls. This makes it necessary for many businesses to need a website regardless of the size. Websites are also a good marketing platform for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to grow.

In order to showcase products and brands, build credibility with customers, and raise your profile, you need a well-designed website with a good domain name. Failing to make a good choice in finding the best web hosting solution platform will prove costly to you.

This is why Domain. Com is there for you. This web creating and domain name-giver platform is a perfect choice to help you create that professional website for your business. Here is a detailed review of the .com domain.

The Verdict rides the wave when it gets to giving users quality services. This platform is well known for its domain name-providing and web hosting prowess. A cost-benefit analysis of these sites proves how valuable they can be to users. From affordable hosting plans to standard web security features, customers are allowed to purchase any domain names they choose.

This domain site has all the features for an all-in-one solution, including web hosting, domains, design, and e-commerce. However, other .com domain features do not seem to meet many's needs because they are deemed to offer superficial services. For instance, despite its affordability, the e-commerce plan contains few tools for marketing, web design, and SEO.

The .com domain site does not allow the purchasing and reselling of domains. Anyone interested in designing good websites and selling online could benefit less from entirely relying on this platform. You can choose to use other sites for those options, then turn to the .com domain for hosting and domain name purchasing.

Other domains offer specialized service features for an almost similar price to the .com domain. This .com domain has a one-in-all package with some superficial features in some of the services, meaning it can serve less purpose for those seeking to create complex websites.

Therefore, the verdict is simple. Those seeking web domain and hosting, use However, we recommend you shop elsewhere for those intending to create online stores and websites that are sophisticated. Be ready to pay extra nonetheless.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Among other domain registrars, this platform offers affordable pricing to users. In comparison, the .net domains offer higher pricing rates of $12,99 per year minimum than the .com domains, that cost as low as $9.99. However, you can also find other domains priced as low as $2.99 per year. The flexibility in pricing allows you to choose the domain that you can afford and meets your needs.
  • Optional Domain Privacy + Protection
  • This platform offers privacy and protection services to users' data and information. While other domain registrars allow your domain name to be searchable in the WHOIS domain registrar, this platform offers WHOIS domain privacy. This privacy protects your name, address, and contact information data in the WHOIS domain, allowing you to control who can search and see your personal information.
  • The platform also offers additional protection, the domain transfer feature. This additional security feature keeps your site secure by preventing domain hij
  • Extra Cost For Domain Privacy And Protection
  • This domain site offers privacy and protection features at an extra cost. The cost escalates quickly for those with multiple domains who wish to access these security features. The protection and privacy service features cost $8.99 per domain.
  • No Reseller Option
  • The site platform does not allow for the buying and reselling of domains. This is because of the lack of a reselling platform in the registrar of this domain.
  • No Monthly Plan Option
  • The plans of this .com domain are available in 12, 24-, and 36- month options. This option allows customers to minimize their renewals and lock in pricing. However, those seeking monthly plans are unfortunately left out in the cold!
  • Other cons this domain site offers include:
  • Costly domain prices after the first year.
  • A Fairly basic website and online store builder.
  • Few marketing options included - like the absence of email marketing
  • Limited SEO features that only allow you to add to your content tags and

About Company was founded in 1998, seven years after the internet was introduced. The domain platform belongs to the Endurance International Group, with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.

The .com domain is among the close to a hundred web hosting and website building companies owned by the company. Others include BlueHost and FastDomain.

This platform targets customers in small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. .com domain is among the world’s top web hosting and domain name providers, powering 2.3 million-plus websites worldwide.

The domain site is determined to offer customers affordable solutions regardless of their business size. Some of the .com domain services include:

  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting services
  • Web designing
  • Online marketing


As with any other web hosting solution, the .com domain offers the following features to its users.

  1. Domain Name

Having a domain name is the key step in building a website. The domain name allows users to get access to visit your site whenever they type the URL in the address bar. Domain names give your website an address, like “ .” Consider the domain name as an understandable form of your IP address.

The internet uses your domain name to identify your website. Unlike an IP address, which consists of numbers only, the domain name is an easily memorable word code, like “ .” This platform allows you to choose a domain name that meets your brand.

To protect your brand from copycats and squatters, .Com domain recommends users to register more than one domain by allowing You to register misspelled versions and different domain extensions. The domain site lets you know if the domain name exists using the search bar. If the domain is taken, you can find out who owns it.

  1. Website Builder

The .com domain offers three website-building plans that come with an all-fuelled website builder, blog-adding tools, a free SSL certificate, and web hosting features. You need to answer a few questions to access the website building tools, and the platform will automatically do the rest.

After picking a desirable theme, you can manually fill in content from scratch. The platform also allows customization of your site via an easy-to-use editor that enables you to make changes to the website’s colors, placement, and topography.

  1. Hosting Plan

This allows users to have a storage platform for their website files and database on a server. The server will act as a storage point for all your data.

  1. SSL Certificate

Data will be transferred between browsers and servers when users visit your website. Hackers can easily intercept any information sent in plain text and misuse it. SSL Certificates prevent hackers from accessing the relayed information by encrypting the data.

  1. Scalable Bandwidth

Depending on your website’s traffic, the bandwidth you choose will determine how you will manage the traffic. Too little bandwidth results in lags and crushes, while too much bandwidth will cost you extra for services not used. The .com domain offers scalable bandwidth. This allows the freedom to change bandwidth depending on your present business needs.

  1. Unlimited Sub Domains

Domains increase visibility and promote business-client relationships. Creating a professional-looking site will allow customers to grow their trust in your business. this domain enables users/clients to have multiple sub-domain sites for them to reach a broad customer base.

  1. VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a platform used to support data storage, e-commerce features, email server, blog hosting, file transfer, and uninterrupted Forex trading. VPS grants you flexibility and allows you to use any software that can run on VPS. Depending on your need, you can add 20GB to 60GB storage and 512 MB to 2048 MB RAM.

  1. Drag and Drop

When it comes to building a website, the task can be very confusing. This drag and drop feature enables the user easily customize the design layout, embed media, and add content, among other arduous tasks. This feature makes the building process more manageable, allowing faster publishing.

Other features that the .com domain contains include:

  • Unlimited storage.
  • Business email.
  • Free cloud space.
  • Free one year domain registration.

Plan And Pricing

The offers affordable pricing for its features and plans. Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Website Building

These mentioned prices are only billed monthly, with no annual billing, and they cover the discounted rates for the first year. Normal rates for the website building are captured on the company’s website.

  • Starter plan goes for $1.99 a month.

This plan allows you to design a maximum of six pages. It also allows you to make a quick, smooth design from built-in sections and page layouts.

  • Business plan costs $6.99 per month.

This plan allows users to build unlimited website pages and access to additional features of analysis and integration

  • Ecommerce costs $12.99 per month.

This plan comes with inventory management and tracking features, enabling the user to sell online. It also allows using customer discount codes, offers free shipping, sets up store-wide sales, and integrates with PayPal.

An E-commerce plan online store builder allows users to use the various layouts to create an online store.


The .com has integrated several security features into almost all of its hosting plans. However, to get a personal SSL certificate arrangement, consider these costs:


  • domain validated SSL

This plan costs $59.99 monthly and 107.98 in one year.

  • Wildcard SSL

This plan costs a monthly payment of $119.99 and $215.98 in one year

  • Ecommerce SSL

This plan costs $299.99 per month and $539.99 in one year.

Sitelock Cybersecurity

.com domain allows users to purchase this additional security feature. Sitelock cybersecurity protects users’ websites from viruses, malware, spam, and hackers. It also prevents the blacklisting of a site and performs frequent website scans.

  • Essential costs$3.99 per month and are billed annually.
  • Prevent costs $14.99 per month annually.
  • Prevent Plus costs $24.99 per month, billed annually.

Domain Privacy And Protection

This plan package charges the following costs

  • $8.89 – one year
  • $17.98 – two years
  • $26.97 p- three years
  • $35.86 – four years
  • $44.95- five years


All plans under the hosting package feature come with scalable bandwidth, unlimited storage, a free domain for the first year, and a free SSL certificate.

  • Basic plan

The basic plan costs $59.88 in one year, $119.76 for two years, and $179.64 for three years.

  • Deluxe plan

The deluxe plan costs $107.40 for one year, $190.80 for two years, and $250.20 for three years.

  • Ultra plan

The ultra-plan costs $165.40 for a year, $330.00 for two years, and $495.00 for three years.

Google Workspace

  • Business starter

The business starter costs a monthly fee of $6.00 and $72.00 for one year.

  • Business standard

The business standard plan costs $18.00 monthly and $144.00 per year.

  • Business plus

This plan costs $18.00 per month and $216.00 per year.

Microsoft 365

  • Email essentials

This plan costs $6.99 monthly and $83.88 per year

  • Business plus

This plan costs $11.99 monthly and a yearly payment of $143.88

  • Business pro

This plan costs $16.99 per month and 203.88 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All .Com Plans Include A Free Domain Name?

Yes, every .com web hosting plan comes with a free plan for the first year only. After the first year free plan, one is expected to pay the regular registration fee for the domain name.

What Is The Difference Between WordPress Hosting And Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting enables a WordPress installation. However, a WordPress-specific plan offers optimized hosting ability to run WordPress sites.

Does The .Com domain Give You A Good Value For Money?

.com domain offers affordable plans with features and resources that are high performing and market competitive.

Which Domain Plan Is The Best?

The WordPress (WP) essential plan is the best. This is because of its affordable price and features like advanced security and unlimited storage and bandwidth to users. Hosting a WordPress site is way better than other regular shared hosting plans.

Is The Company Right For You?

For anyone seeking web design and hosting options, is your perfect solution. Here are some reasons why this domain site is right for you.

  • User-Friendly And Beginner-Friendly

This domain site is a platform that allows new users and beginners to set up a website easily. The platform has done away with all the technicalities involved in creating a website, making it easy to use yet allowing you to create a professional-looking site.

The .Com domain’s built-in technology and customization features simplify everything and allow you to create a website that matches your business and brand.

  • All in one solution

Domain. Com offers many features in a single platform to allow you to set up and run a website. The users can purchase a hosting plan, website builder, domain, site security, and SSL certificate all in one package. This makes it easy to streamline functions and manage the website,

  • Pays Attention To What Matters

The domain platform offers relevant services to customers. Paying attention to customers is their nature, giving customers what they actually require for their site. They offer the right tools to build, market, and protect your site without selling unnecessary products and add-ons.

  • High Performance And Speed creates high-performance websites that have a perfect page load and uptime record. Downside issues for these websites are a foreign thing. The sites have a reputable loading speed for visitors.

  • Affordable

It requires a sizeable investment to create a site with security and email. However, .com Domain offers a website building platform that is budget-friendly. This platform offers both individual and packaged plans allowing customers the flexibility of choice according to their budget.

  • Customer Support

The .com domain site is equipped with an ever-present world-class support team to serve you anytime. The service team is not restricted to problem-solving tasks. They also provide guidance and support for almost anything users require.