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DrChrono EMR Review 2022 – Top 10 Electronic Medical Records Software

Practices in their beginnings do not need a lot of frills, nor do they need high membership prices or large installation costs upfront. The finest medical software for these practices is affordable, easy to use, and efficient.

Drchono is an internet electronic medical records (EMR) and performance management software package readily available to medical centers at any cost. It misses some of the sophisticated capabilities of more complete systems, but it includes all of the most critical functions while maintaining pricing cheap. A cleanly structured and consumer-friendly design makes dr chono ono simple, especially if you are using it for the first time.

The Verdict
DrChrono DrChrono

DrChrono is suitable for practices that are just getting started and wish to focus on the fundamentals, small practices that want to maintain EMR and RCM services simple, and organizations looking for a cost-effective solution and providing essential services. However, it is not recommended for entities in the healthcare industry that are extensive and need sophisticated features or expect to depend significantly on customer service in the future.

  • Pros
  • Adjustable, Cloud-Based EMR
  • The mobile-friendly EHR program allows you to get your task accomplished immediately. Equipped with an iPad, iPhone, or laptop, medical personnel may renew medications, evaluate lab test reports or analyze a patient's health records without being bound to a desktop.
  • Paperless Health Record System
  • By employing dr chrono's review EMR technology, practitioners may clear their clinics of onerous charts, papers, forms, etc. The solution is electronic, secure and HIPAA certified, avoiding the necessity of paper documents. Providers may instantly upload patient records, photos, and more from their smartphones or laptop.
  • Having several cabinets devoted to the storage of paper health data makes for a more chaotic office atmosphere. It makes your practice susceptible to risk if those records are misplaced. You may reduce the amount of clutter in your office and ensure the safety of your data by using a cloud-based, digital record-keeping solution.
  • Tools For Clini
  • Prescriptions for prohibited drugs can only be dispensed electronically if you choose a more expensive plan.
  • The company's services may not be sufficient for large or sophisticated practices.
  • Using RCM services requires using a healthcare IT package, including the electronic medical record (EMR). Most services only require customers to utilize proprietary software for medical practice management.

About Company

The company was developed in 2009 by Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos in Sunnyvale, California. The founders had first-hand involvement with the challenges of the present healthcare system while trying to aid family members in overcoming critical conditions. As a solution, they were resolved to eliminate the administrative hurdles that sap time, effort, and ambitions from the approach practitioners operate today, creating a system where each professional and patient may flourish.

Dr crono was the first EHR to provide a native app for the iPad and iPhone, serving tens of thousands of practitioners and over 17 million customers. Doctors have selected it as the best mobile HER, and it is also recognized by the US government’s Precision Medicine Initiative as a young company to watch. Medical practices of any size, corporation, or specialty may benefit from the API-enabled solutions since they are completely configurable.

Drchrono thrives on being simple and easy to use. Smaller firms may avoid paying for things they don’t need, thanks to this scheme. Installation and training are included in the low-cost package offered by the firm. It’s possible that even the most cheaply priced medical software programs need significant setup charges that are out of reach for inexperienced practitioners or those on a strict budget.


For practice management software, dr crono has everything you are looking for. While it misses some of the more complex capabilities of more expensive software, this program provides the tools required to run a medical practice efficiently. These are the most important services it offers;

  1. Planning

Confirm appointments with dr crono using a calendar function available in weekday, daily or monthly views. If your firm has several locations, the planner may list several doctors in sections across the calendar. Similarly, the columns may be customized to show test rooms. To quickly change or reassign sessions, the calendar has the drag-and-drop capability. Using color-coded bookings, you can see all the visit details at a glimpse. For example, various types of meetings might have their color scheme.

A new date may be made by clicking on an open time slot in the calendar below the practitioner or location of your choice. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to either search for an existing patient or create a new patient in the system. Current patients’ details will instantly fill, making it simple to book an appointment for someone who already has an existing relationship with them. For new patients, more information is required. Creating a new appointment doesn’t need to leave the calendar’s primary window.

A copy of any permission or registration paperwork linked with the visit will be given to the patient automatically through the patient portal. Patients may be reminded to fill out these papers ahead of time, or they can do so at a booth when they visit the practice. An actual insurance qualification verification against dr crono linked clearing house may be performed after patient information is entered into the scheduler.

  1. Customer Services

Interaction with dr chono customer service is of the highest caliber. You can contact a helpful and experienced professional in a short amount of time. After the conversation, you will be provided a link to a free trial, which will allow you to put the company through its paces which is helpful. Many other suppliers do not provide this amount of access to the product before a demonstration.

If you have concerns about the account, you can contact your specific account manager. They will assist you in resolving any problem, including guiding your queries for technical help in the appropriate direction. In addition, drchono has a ticket system with a turnaround time of one hour for ninety percent of the reported problems. This approach addresses minor concerns, freeing up your account manager to focus on more issues and provide direction.

  1. Implementation and Education

Many systems need more fees for these functions, but not dr crono, including these services as part of the membership fee. Research shows that the organization has the quickest implementation time, with system setup completed in only 60 days.

The company has a managed service that monitors installation and conducts one-on-one training sessions for your personnel when you join up for any price tier. The business will also transfer your previous EMR and practice management data if you require it.

It includes supporting the registration and accreditation of healthcare providers and other parties, such as pharmacies and medical laboratories. If your medical practice requires a customized installation and training phase, they can help you get there.

  1. Reporting

Additionally, the medical practice management software’s invoicing and financial performance features may be accessible using dr crono extensive record collection. Microsoft Excel exports may be used to customize reports in various settings further.

You may, for example, generate a report that lists all of the customers who have not visited the office for a consultation in the most recent twelve months. You may also run a report detailing the number of days claims linked to a specific payer has spent in accounts receivable over the most recent half-year.

When you outsource your billing to the revenue cycle management team at the firm, you will have access to the billing module, which will allow you to monitor the progress that the billing team is making in real-time. You will have complete insight into the day-to-day activities and the financial success of your billing associates, thanks to the fact that drchono’s billers display on the software in the same way that any other member at your medical practice would.

  1. Billing

The information will be sent to the company’s billing module when a physician has validated a patient’s record in the EMR and given their approval. Practitioners can add CPT and ICD-10 codes from the software’s built-in libraries during patient contact.

As a result, certain payments will already be logged for the medical coder to examine. If you have the Apollo Plus package, the billing team will take over at this point; however, you will still be able to track their progress directly inside the program.

The billing module has a live claims stream that displays the claim ID, patient, provider, payer, and total amount invoiced. Once the claim has been acknowledged and paid for by the insurance provider, the report will incorporate the claim’s validity and the overall sum paid.

A crimson exclamation point will display in the Status column if a request has been produced but has not yet been filed. Any payer modifications made to the claim will show up after being paid. The tallies of your charged amounts, authorized sums, and payer modifications are shown on the top line of the live claims stream. You may search the feed using the patient’s name, the player’s name, the provider’s name, or the claim number.

Additionally, the billing module has a patient payment tab, which allows you to handle outstanding patient amounts and copays for patients. Using the billing module, you are provided with the ability to keep track of your accounts receivable and verify that you are paid promptly for your services.

Plans and Pricing

Dr crono provides its customers with four different price plans, beginning with a very affordable monthly charge. A particular account manager, a training staff, and file transfer help are included with each price category. In addition, each price plan consists of an unrestricted number of staff accounts. They include;

  • Prometheus

The Prometheus plan has a starting price of $200 per provider monthly. It consists of a patient portal and mobile application, in addition to patient check-in capabilities through a mobile or at a kiosk located inside the clinic. Prometheus’s extra features include integrating credit cards, tools for task management, limitless email notifications, and 100 reminders sent by phone and text message. You can get up to 150 electronic faxes every month.

  • Hippocrates

The Hippocrates subscription begins for $260 per provider each month, which is still quite affordable compared to the other systems. Hippocrates expands upon Prometheus by including electronic prescription of prohibited drugs, linkages with laboratories, and actual qualification checks for insurance policies. Additionally, it provides a monthly allocation of 400 electronic faxes and 150 phone and SMS set reminders.

  • Apollo

The Apollo subscription has a starting price of $300 per provider monthly, but it may increase to a maximum cost of $500 per provider each month. Apollo allows the usage of an incorporated claims management tool inside the billing module.

Similarly, it boosts the number of notifications sent by phone and text message to 300 per month and the number of electronic faxes sent to 1,000 per month. In addition to that, it incorporates the publication of electronic remittance advice (ERA).

  • Apollo Plus

The outsourced revenue cycle management plan that dr chrono review provides is the Apollo Plus package. The cost of this plan is calculated as a percentage of your provider’s monthly collections and varies according to the number of claims you file, the value of those claims, and the depth of your billing procedures.

You will also have access to sophisticated business intelligence tools when upgrading to Apollo Plus. These capabilities significantly expand the amount of data accessed via the reporting module.

Dr chrono asks practitioners to sign a contract for at least one year in most cases. The specifics of the agreement often depend on the level of the practice. Although a pledge of one year is normal for most customers, the company may demand operations with lower volumes to sign up for a longer length. This condition is far less stringent than some other medical billing providers impose.

The company takes into consideration the following elements to arrive at precise pricing;

  • Collections made each month: The eventual charge will be either a monthly minimum (which will be decided upon throughout the contract bargaining process) or a share of your collections made each month – whichever is larger. Therefore, to provide an accurate estimate, drchono needs information on the monthly revenue generated by your clinic.
  • Correlation between the number of patient contacts and the price of the service.
  • Specialty: Because the billing procedure and particular regulations might differ for each specialty, dr chrono review factors in the degree of difficulty associated with your thing when determining the final percentage.
  • The quotation may also affect the number of healthcare professionals working at the practice or location, including doctors and other professionals.

If you want a quote tailored to your clinic, speak with a sales representative. Once the organization understands your objectives and the size of the work, they will provide you with a specific price that contains a summary of medical billing services and full access to their array of healthcare IT solutions, such as their EMR software and practice management platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr Crono Provide Medical Coding Services?

Yes. It’s all taken care of by drchono: charge entry, medical coding, etc. Because it’s costly to hire trained medical coders and billers in-house, this functionality is beneficial for small and fledgling practices looking to keep expenses under control.

How Much Does the Billing Service from Dr Chono Cost?

Dr chono takes between 4% and 8% of what the practice makes each month for its medical billing solutions.

Is The Company Right for You?

Yes, drchono is suitable, especially for small starting medical practitioners. It’s a scalable platform that combines simplicity and powerful tools. New practices receive the fundamentals they need in their first tier, which then scales up to let them add more features as they develop in size.

Additionally, the company provides a comprehensive RCM solution covering the medical billing process, from charge input to denial management. Several other services don’t take up the process until after the customer has completed charge entry and medical coding. This procedure may be outsourced, which is especially advantageous for startup practices to economize on employee expenses.