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Efax Review 2022 – Top 10 Online Fax Services

Efax is a sophisticated online fax management program that lets you disseminate and receive faxes from your smartphone or computer irrespective of location or when you are using it. Extensive File Sharing makes it possible for you to effortlessly fax documents and trade files that are too large to send over regular mail, including videos, high-quality images, and slideshows.

You have two alternatives for signing faxes when you deploy eFax. You may append your signature on electronic fax by dragging and dropping an already saved signature. Alternatively, you can append your signature on the fax by swiping your finger over the device’s screen.

It’s easy to attach your cloud-based files to your virtual fax and disseminate them using EFax’s integration with major cloud storage providers. Inbound faxes are encrypted and housed on a protected server for optimum security, allowing you to download highly sensitive faxes with confidence.

EFax allows users to transmit files to as many as 20 recipients at once. Additionally, you may use keywords to annotate your faxes, making finding and retrieving them simpler.

The Verdict
eFax eFax

Efax is secure to deploy, particularly compared to a typical fax device. Rather than your data sitting on fax equipment, eFax documents are directed to your inbox. In addition, complex security measures transmit an electronic mail with a link that lets you to use a TLS connection. You can later log in to see the files. Heightened security does not mean you dig deep into your pockets, but you are required to call customer support to start it. Generally, eFax is a secure and easy-to-use platform compared to a typical fax machine.

  • EFax upgrades an obsolete method to use normal internet connections. The advantages of eFax are apparent since they eliminate the need for a traditional phone plan and outdated fax machines.
  • No Need for Separate Hardware or Computer Programs
  • EFax eliminates the need for a separate fax machine and phone connection.
  • Hardware often causes errors and malfunctions. Devoid of a specialized fax device, there will be fewer repair needs, lowered workplace mess, and increased productivity.
  • Raised Mobility
  • Internet faxing employs an email address, an internet-based interface, or a mobile application. Consequently, faxes may be transmitted from anywhere in the globe with a reliable internet connection.
  • It will no longer be necessary for workers who are moving or working from home to spend hours locating a functional fax machine to transmit or get a document. EFax also enables users to transmit and receive numerous documents simultaneously and send a single document to several people.
  • Enhanced Priv
  • Pricey
  • Notwithstanding its attractive capabilities, eFax isn't the cheapest electronic fax service.
  • Poor Invoicing Methods
  • Complaints have been made concerning the company's invoicing methods and difficulties canceling the subscription among other J2 Global-owned fax providers.

About Company

Efax Corporate is an internet-based fax service that allows businesses located within the UK to share faxes from any computer or mobile device. Additionally, users may supervise several groups, interface with multifunction copiers, and preserve their current fax lines.

EFax Corporate allows customers to share faxes from their computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Administrators may manage access levels, group settings, fax accounts, customer billing codes, fax use allocations for several cost centers, and more using the web interface. Individual email addresses are generated from the fax numbers that users already have and may be used to share faxes. Staff efficiency may be improved via PDF conversions, delivery confirmation emails, and the automatic fax resending feature when a number is occupied.

Users can combine the faxing service with a multi-purpose copier through the deployment of an eFax Corporate, making it possible for people to share faxes right from the printer glass. Every fax, either issued or received, is immediately logged into an appraisal trail, along with any delivery approval emails that may have been generated. Activity reports on fax transmissions may also be created at any time. EFax Corporate may be linked to customer relationship management (CRM) and company resource planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, which allows the addition of faxing into already established processes.


  1. Scheduled Delivery

By setting an exact delivery time, senders are sure that their faxes will reach their intended recipients on time.

International document interchange is simplified with the help of eFax services. Scheduling delivery assures that your communication reaches its destination on time.

  1. Electronic Signature

When it comes to legally binding contract agreements, faxing is still the most common means of transmission. Any form you transmit or receive must have the ability to be digitally signed.

Users of eFax services may digitally append their signatures before the fax is transmitted, which helps to verify that the document is legally binding.

  1. Group Faxing

Several faxes may be sent or received simultaneously while deploying internet-based faxing. Taking this one a step further, users may send entire fax, including attachments, to an unlimited number of people using a group faxing function.

Group faxing is simple and usually doesn’t cost more, courtesy of the user-friendly websites and applications from eFax.

  1. International Faxing

Electronic faxing has some benefits, including transporting papers and information globally without accumulating extra costs.

Because you don’t have a PSTN connection, you don’t have to deal with phone companies. In terms of international faxing, there are no additional eFax costs or hassles. You can transmit anything.

  1. Number Blocks

It is frustrating to receive unsolicited mails, and clearing the email inbox of this clutter feels like a job. With all the faxes dropping in your inbox, you risk getting overwhelmed pretty fast.

Luckily, your online faxing account can benefit from a much-requested capability known as number blocking, which eFax makes available. To reduce the amount of spam, you may either make a whitelist of the numbers allowed or a blocklist of the numbers that are expressly forbidden.

  1. Encryption

Choosing a service that allows fax encryption is important to ensuring the safety of your data and papers.

SSL-protected online connections with their graphical user interface (GUI) interface are also available from eFax. And all levels of protection are met at each stage of the process. You may submit your confidential data to the online portal, which will stay protected until the faxing process is completed.

As a result, any faxes you receive will be safe from prying eyes.

  1. Fax Alerts on Mobile

Efax sends fax notifications straight to your smartphone if receiving faxes through email isn’t enough for you.

Text messages may also be used to notify faxes that have arrived and confirmations that they have been received. The TCP/IP protocol enables you to verify that the intended recipient received your fax after it has been sent.

  1. Custom Cover Pages

Cover sheets are critical when transmitting sensitive or complicated material by fax. The confidential information is protected, and people know what to expect when a fax is received.

EFax avails this capability by simply embedding a message into the email and attaching the file. They create a cover page for your message and fax your associated file.

Plans and Pricing

EFax has two premium levels, Pro and Plus, which may be purchased separately. At a monthly fee of $16.95, you may receive 150 pages of inbound faxes and send 150 pages outward with eFax Plus. Incoming and outgoing faxes are included in the $19.95 monthly fee, which covers 200 pages. There is a little discount for annual subscriptions. With the new online interface, you may terminate your account right away.

Here is an overview of their prices.

– EFax Plus: $16.95 monthly

– EFax Pro: $19.95 monthly

In addition, irrespective of the duration of your membership, both levels need a $10 one-time configuration charge. We believe eFax to be the only digital faxing company that charges a setup fee, which is a major disadvantage. If you go over your account’s monthly page limit, you’ll be charged 10 cents for each page beyond that.

Fax services are ideal, they allow you to share unlimited pages. To avoid overage charges, you may utilize all of your allocated fax pages even if you only ever send faxes and under no circumstances get them, thanks to a fax pool.

Compared to rivals, the Plus and Pro memberships are more costly; case in point, for $9.99 a month, HelloFax, for example, provides a pool of 300 pages. Compared to other fax services, MetroFax is the most affordable. For $12.95 each month, you get 1,000 fax sheets to use as you choose. It costs $3.29 a month for 25 total pages to use SRFax, the lowest-paid service we’ve tried.

For new customers, EFax does not provide a free package. However, sending faxes for free is an option with that both Fax. Plus and HelloFax have, but the monthly page limit does not renew automatically. You can send five faxes daily using FaxZero, the best free option we’ve tried. In addition to the cover page, all these faxes may comprise up to three pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eFax legit?

EFax complies with all major regulations, including SOX, PCI, HIPAA, and GLBA.

How can I get eFax for free?

You may discover more about eFax’s free service by visiting their website.

How long is eFax’s free trial?

During the eFax 30-day free trial, you will have access to all of the capabilities included in the eFax plus plan.

Is eFax a reliable service to use?

Since its inception in 1988, eFax has served more than 11 million users. In addition to safe faxing, they also have a lot of storage space.

What is included in eFax’s package?

Email-based fax transmission and receipt are made possible through the use of EFax. Among the features are a simple interface, a toll-free number, digital signs, and protected encryption. Null installation demanded.

What are some of the other options available besides eFax?

FaxZero, Esker, HelloFax, FaxCore, among many others, are some of the options available besides eFax.

Is there a mobile app for eFax?

The eFax app is free, but you must purchase a subscription to use the service.

Efax API: What is it?

You may easily link your CRM, ERP, or HER using the application programming interface (API) provided by the eFax Developer online faxing service.

What services are included in eFax Corporate?

EFax Corporate is a cloud fax solution that any size company can deploy. The eFax Messenger desktop program allows you to digitally revise faxes and the eFax cloud service interfaces with multifunction copiers. Capabilities comprise the platform’s application for all mobile devices.

What kinds of users and company types does eFax Corporate work with?

Organizations of the following sizes are supported by EFax Corporate: mid-size businesses, startups, enterprises, freelancers, non-profits, and government agencies.

In their offering, eFax Corporate supports several languages; what are those languages?

The following languages are supported by eFax Corporate: English.

What type of support alternatives are available with the eFax corporate service?

EFax Corporate provides round-the-clock service through phone and online chat for its customers.

What other applications or services does eFax Corporate integrate with?

EFax Corporate is compatible with the following applications: OptiMantra, Lyniate Corepoint, and MyFax.

What form of coaching is provided by eFax Corporate?

EFax Corporate offers coaching in both written and in-person formats.

What are the most critical aspects of the eFax corporate platform?

The following is a list of the primary capabilities offered by eFax Corporate:

  • Safelists and delisting
  • Fax to Email
  • Archiving and Retention

What kinds of operating systems are supported by eFax Corporate?

EFax Corporate may be used on any of the following systems: Windows, Web App

What kinds of payment methods are accepted by eFax Corporate?

These are the payment options that eFax Corporate accepts: Monthly and yearly subscriptions.

What form of deployment is it?

EFax Corporate’s implementation is cloud-based.

Is The Company Right For You?

EFax is the world’s most popular online fax service, with more than 10 million registered customers. Sending internet fax from your smartphone, PC, or tablet is as easy as pie.

A fax machine is no longer necessary; all it takes is a smartphone application or an email address. Pick a local, toll-free, or global phone number if you like. Up to ten numbers may be associated with one account using eFax.

EFax is very easy to get started with. Choose an area code depending on your region. EFax’s ability to transmit worldwide faxes sets it apart from other online fax providers.

It’s possible to convert your business’s fax number to eFax. It’s worth mentioning that eFax does not provide novelty or bespoke fax numbers.

Faxing is a normal method for getting signatures on papers that need to be sent to a third party. A built-in electronic signature capability allows you to sign papers without printing them.

As long as you have an EFax account, you may save all your faxes online for the rest of your life. By using keywords, you may quickly find the information you need.

Regarding security, the platform doesn’t deliver fax content straight to your inbox. Rather, the incoming faxes are encoded and hosted safely. And you can get any private faxes from here without worrying.

If you are deploying digital cloud storage, you can get the files from there and transmit them through your computer-generated fax.

Compared to those of rivals, eFax charges are pretty steep. And you can save a few dimes and receive two free months if you subscribe to the yearly package rather than the monthly one. Plus, if you go through your month-to-month page allowance, you’ll part with an extra $0.10 per page with each tier.

But generally, eFax is easy to use and loved by many. The application is contemporary, and you’ll reap greatly from first-rate faxes.

EFax fails in regards to worth. There are cheaper alternatives out there, and it is not suitable for consumers who send and receive faxes in large quantities.