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Efilecabinet Review 2022 – Top 10 Document Management Software

Efilecabinet is an electronic document management system. This system is packed with many features to help with compliance, organization and managing documents and files for your business.

This digital document management software can track documents easily and manage projects. The software has a well-designed user interface (UI) and more integrations that allow electronic signature and bulk sharing. Among the best file organizer, the system also allows you to interact with your documents offline via an app.

The following review captures the amazing capabilities of the software, including its features and plans pricing.

The Verdict
eFileCabinet eFileCabinet

Efilecabinet is a company software that offers solutions to many problems of small businesses. This digital document management system’s capability to organize, securely automate and offer cloud storage options makes it top the list of best file management software.

Small businesses can use the electronic cabinet platform to manage their documents effectively and at an affordable rate that fits well within their budget.

  • Friendly Interface
  • This online file cabinet system has a unique interface resembling a Microsoft or Outlook email inbox. The interface is operated in the same technique as the email. On the left side of the screen of this digital filling system is a folder tree.
  • The folder tree can be customized, allowing the user to organize their documents. All your documents can be seen and annotated in a preview window.
  • Scalable Plans
  • This digital filing system presents to all types and scales of businesses the needed features to manage their documents and files. The comprehensive software is customizable to fit various demands at an affordable price.
  • This accounting document management software plans are cost-friendly. It is important to note that you can scale or upgrade from one plan to another. The software’s ability to grow with your business makes it the perfect choice for many.
  • Easy Operations
  • The interface of this digital filing system for business software is a life saver. Even though it m
  • Limited Features In The Basic Plan
  • This paperless management system offers a very affordable option with its Basic plan package. However, despite the affordability, the basic plan option is limited in features. To have access to better electronic file cabinet features, you will have to opt for the Advantage plan or the higher plan packages.
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • This digital filing system for business has a modern, minimalist, and sleek interface. However, new users require more time to master the techniques of handling the multiple windows and icons of the software.
  • This should not worry you much because the learning curve is not as steep as you might think. The bottom line is that some of the new users will require a little training to understand the system’s less-intuitive aspects. Once you get a hint of how to operate the system, the workflow will be smooth.

About Company

Efilecabinet has served many businesses since 2001 by offering advanced document management stem. This digital filing system has helped both clients and small to enterprise-level businesses. The software’s unique features and affordable plans have proven useful to many.

eFile Cabinet is a document management software. This software features among the best file organizer in the market. This document management system can be customized and used in any type and size of business. This software helps businesses reduce the handling of paperwork within their operations and streamline their work process to increase productivity.

This paperless document management software can be accessed via a desktop app or web browser. The software offers businesses top-class document management options through on-premise and cloud platforms.

This online file cabinet system is packed with amazing document management features. These features help businesses with workflow automation tools and intelligent organization options. The software can facilitate secure file sharing, OCR, email importing, and signature requests.

This electronic filing system helps businesses shift from manual files to electronic files. This digital document management technology reduces overhead, eliminates inefficient business operation tasks, and simplifies compliance. This allows businesses to be more productive.

This electronic document management system is useful in many industries like accounting, human resources, technology, financial services, healthcare, insurance, real estate, construction, and property management.


This digital filing system for business is loaded with many document management features that help you better handle and manage your documents and spare your workforce a the nightmare that comes with manual paper handling.

Here is a list of features of this paperless document management software.

  1. File Versioning

The benefits of the file versioning feature are its ability to ensure consistency, keep everything in one location, eliminate misfiled or lost documents, maintain the consistent structure of folders, reduce clutter and keep the versions of recently edited files at arm’s reach.

This best file organizer feature ensures businesses don’t have duplicated files and allows the same file to be searched using different versions, including its recent user-edited history.

  1. Full-Text Search

Searching for files in a database is tedious and overwhelming, especially when you have no clue about the file name. The full-text feature allows you to quickly locate any file from the electronic file cabinet document management system without knowledge of the file name or what the file contains.

The feature helps eradicate misfiling and losing of documents thanks to its ability to support the fast-tracking of documents and boost file organization.

  1. Zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Businesses handle a lot of paperwork in their daily operations. Over time the filed papers and documents become a problem to handle, making the manual document handling labor-intensive.

The Zonal Optical Character feature is a perfect solution for paper-dependent businesses. This feature allows automation of data entry, file storage, and retrieval. Zonal OCR is a completely automated document organizer feature for digital files.

Zonal OCR also supports the full-text search feature of files. This presents the advantage of time-saving, consistent data & information storage and performing repetitive tasks requiring no specialty.

  1. Templates

The template feature allows you to automatically replicate your preferred filing cabinet structure to new clients. The templates have different formats for storing customer information in the electronic filing cabinet to suit your preference. This saves you the time to recreate the filing cabinet system type from scratch. Instead, you choose from the existing templates and apply.

This feature saves you the hustle of performing repetitive, redundant, time-consuming tasks of manually creating cabinet-style designs. This allows employees to be productive in the field of expertise.

  1. SecureDrawer Web Portal

This is a top-ranked web portal by CPA Practice Advisor. AecureDrawer web portal is a security feature that allows you to send and share documents without exporting them off the volt. It is a preferred business’ web portal because it adheres to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and bank-grade encryption.

SecureDrawer has a custom-branded YRL that allows it to grow with your business. The customized URL improves your domain and page rank by increasing your web presence and creating traffic to your domain.

  1. Role-based User Permissions

This digital filing system for business allows you to keep everything in a single location. However, this can present danger when access to this data and cabinet information is kept open to everyone. Role-based permission feature is there to help you manage who is allowed to see the information.

Role-based user permission guarantees the security and privacy of your documents and information. When it comes to external auditing, this feature helps with compliance as it gives access to documents to only authorized parties.

Data breaches in companies are often internal. This is why this feature is so vital to help you control access to documents by the employees and track the information stored in the cabinets.

  1. Automated Retention and Deletion

The online document management system can automatically delete documents after a specific period depending on the settings. The software allows you the freedom to set your preferred retention time of documents. When that time elapses, documents dating back past it will automatically be removed/ deleted

The automated retention and deletion feature helps keep documents organized, reduces clutter, and maintains a manageable database. This feature is very useful for human resources managers.

  1. Mobile application

This paperless document management software offers a mobile app that is user-friendly. The mobile apps provide the user quick access to frequently used documents using any device.

The app’s homepage displays favorite-marked files and those you have recently interacted with. In addition to this, the app contains a menu tab that has a search bar. The search bar allows you to locate any document within the database/ system and a link to show you all the folders, drawers, and cabinets.

  1. Check-in and check out

The check-in and check-out feature ensures that one version of a document is not edited parallel by two users. The editing of a document concurrently by two users will make the system create many branches of the same document.

To ensure the system updates all edits in a single version of the document, the system gives access to only one user at a time. If one logs in into the account, no one else can gain the access till the other logs out.

  1. Metadata

The metadata feature allows for easy search of files by attaching keywords to them. This feature allows you to fix tags to files. Once the files are tagged, they are now organized into the larger file cabinet of the software. The given tags are used to identify the document with the same metadata while performing a search within the system.

  1. Audit

The audit is a security and administrative tool showing activities performed within the document management system. The tool keeps track of all user actions along with time and date.

This audit feature guarantees accountability of every user and ensures the system is safe and protected from malicious activities. For those required to meet certain standards for data security, audit tools can also be used for regulatory compliance.

  1. APIs

The efilecabinet software offers APIs in all their plans except the basic plan. The APIs are vital in the creation of integrations with third-party software. Integrating third-party software into your business may give your business a broader platform of features to work with.

Plans and Pricing

This electronic file cabinet system offers several plans for small and mid-size businesses. However, the plans differ in features and storage space and require an annual subscription. However, it is worth noting that efilecabinet does not offer free trial services.

The online filing cabinet plans are also available in monthly subscription though at a higher cost than the yearly subscription plan. Here are the summarised details of the various plans and their cost.

Basic Plan

The basic plan offers a storage space of 25GB. To enjoy this plan, you will have to pay $15 per user for those within the annual billing package. The basic plan package subscribers are allowed access to file-sharing features without any DM functions.

Advantage Plan

This plan calls for a monthly subscription of $55 and allows a minimum of 3 users. The Advantage plan price builds on the offerings of the Basic plan. This plan presents perfect document management options for customers and an expanded storage space of 1TB.

These features include workflow automation, pre-set and custom templates, user check-in and check-out, e-signature tools, profile tagging, secure file sharing, mobile access and audit trail features. The advantage plan will cost $66 in general for the monthly subscribers.

Business Plan

This plan charges each user a monthly subscription of $99 for the annual subscribers. Efile Cabinet often markets this plan as Rubex because of its value. The business plan package offers a storage space of 5TB.

In addition to all the features included in the Advantage plan package, the business package also offers an array of other features. They include admin & manager approvals, data-specific file routing, and onboarding tools.

The business package also offers add-on features like Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition capture and workflow automation tools. For those within the monthly subscription plan, each user will be required to pay $119 per month to access the Business package.


Those within the yearly subscription plan have to pay a monthly cost of $199 for each user to access the unlimited package. The unlimited plan offers all the features included in the Business plan. There is no limit when accessing storage space for the business plan. Enjoy unlimited storage!

The subscription plan cost of the business package also covers the add-on features like workflow automation tools and Zonal OCR. Monthly plan subscribers are charged $238 per month for each user.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Document Management System (DMS)?

A document management system (DMS) is an automated way of capturing, organizing, tagging, digitizing, securing, completing, and approving tasks with your documents and files.

How Does The Document Management System Work?

The document management systems differ in the automation and intelligent organization tools. One good example is Rubex, which is equipped with features like full-text search, audit trails, signature, and encrypted file sharing.

How Much Does A Document Management System Cost?

The document management system has different plans that vary in subscription costs. You can explore the four plans, Basic, Advantage, business, and unlimited, and see which works best for you. However, the plans start from as low as $55 per month.

When Should I Use A Document Management System?

You can use DMS to do away with paperwork-intensive processes in your business. A document management system allows you to effectively run your business and have a paperless office.

DMS allows you have an electronic store of documents that are secure and easy to handle and find. DMS is very valuable for businesses struggling with paperwork.

Is It Easy To Migrate My Files In And Out Of This Paperless Document Management Software?

Yes, we have several experts that can help you move your data from one system to another. The good thing about our software is that the documents will always remain in the format they were saved with.

Is The Company Right For You?

Yes, this electronic filing system is suitable for you because it presents your business and company with the following advantages:

̶ Keeps everything in one place to avoid scattered information.

̶ Reduce inefficiency by saving time.

̶ Eliminates the tendency of file misplacement or loss.

̶ Gives you the flexibility of working from anywhere.

̶ Improves customer service and guarantees customer retention.

̶ Provides consistent file structure and information storage.

̶ Allows sharing of files securely regardless of file size.

̶ Spares you the nagging work of doing unskilled repetitive tasks by automating redundant processes.

̶ Prevents internal data breaches by allowing control of access to documents.

̶ Saves you money by performing many operating costs for your business.

̶ Maximize your business performance.

̶ Protect your business and data with secure encryption and data backup.

̶ Grow with your business through innovative features.