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I will try to be clearer…
What you want to do with FrontPage Boxes is not possible.
It is possible to hide them on some pages, but the position will always be the same – above OR below the content. It is not possible to change the position depending on the page.

So that is why I recommend you that instead of classic frontpage boxes, create frontpage boxes using the.

WP Bakery page builder, as explained in the video from the previous post.

Boxes created in this way can be set where you want, regardless of page and position on the page.

No coding skills needed. It’s all WYSIWYG.

Please, check the next video first:
WPBakery page builder Beginners guide

Then try to make the boxes following the next video guide.

I can make frontpage boxes for you, if you give me your login credentials, just let me know on what pages/positions you want to show it.

Best Regards