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Hello, ESOuser!

To be able to insert the content to your Frontpage you need to set-up your Frontpage as a Static page.

to do that please follow the guide from the next link:
How to set up a static homepage

The content on the page, you linked above is made with a (free) Elementor Page builder
You can find many good tutorials on Youtube on how to use it.

So, if you like it, you can simply Install the Elementor Page builder plugin, activate it, then Edit your Static FrontPage with the Elementor Page builder and add the desired content to it.

Next, you will need to enable your Slider and Front-page boxes to show on the Static Frontpage. To do that, please,
follow the instructions from the next post:

Also, with the theme, you received a WP Bakery page builder with which you can easily edit your page content.

I recommend that you do not use both Page Builders at the same time, but opt ​​for the one you prefer.

Best Regards

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