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We are working to release a new theme update that supports the WooCommerce changes.

Once the update is published it will appear in your Updates section of your WordPress.

You could simply dismiss the notice but if for some reason you want to update it before we release the theme update, you can update it following these steps:

1. Go to:, and download the latest woocommerce plugin
2. Unzip the downloaded file on your local drive.
3. Override your cart.php file located at next path: agama-pro/woocommerce/cart/cart.php
with the newly downloaded cart.php file which is on the next path: /woocommerce/templates/cart/,using your Cpanel or your FTP client.

Please check next video guide:

If that is too complicated for you, please give me your WP Admin credentials in the private answer(check the “Set as private reply” checkbox below the post) and I will update the template for you.

Best Regards