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Hello there!

We are working on implementing a function for theme demo importing but until we finish it,
the only way is to manually download XML demo file and import it to your website.

Since the theme version 1.4.6 we no longer offer the WP Bakery Builder with which we created a demo web content, so in order to create your website, you will also need to download the WP page builder plugin from the following address:

After you downloaded, installed and activated the WP Bakery page builder,
please download the ziped folder from the next address,!9RAHWIaB!xQNQoqeSJe1Zhq0Tzvws53pOn4M9KOLNZOpB0T5r0nM

then unzip it on your local HD and import the XML file from Tools -> Import

In the folder, you will also find the Layer slider and Revolution slider templates which are used on the demo site.

Best Regards