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Hello, Taotejen!

Sorry for the late reply. We are not in the office at the weekend.
I will do my best to answer your questions…

1. When you purchase a theme, you receive two files: Agama-Pro (currently 1.4.6.) and Agama-Pro child theme.

The Agama-Blue is the child theme of the Agama(Free) theme. And you can freely download it from the next address:
So, if you want to use an Agama-Pro-child theme, you need to install the Agama-Pro theme first, then Agama-Pro-child.

2. Unfortunately, the option to import a demo content is still under construction, so it is necessary to make the content on your site by yourself. If you want to import some content from our demo site, I can do it for you. In that case, I will need your WP admin Credentials in a private reply. (Check the “set as a private reply” checkbox below the post). And of course, in that case, also you will need to explain me in more detail which pages you would like to import.

As for the documentation, our knowledge base is a good point to start with.
Also, many good tutorials can be found on youtube.
Here is some of them:
How To Make A WordPress Website Within One Hour (using the free Elementor page builder)

How To Design A Beautiful Homepage Using Elementor For WordPress

The reason we moved to the Elementor Page Builder (from version 1.4.6) is that, in our personal opinion, Elementor Page Builder is currently the best available site builder for the WordPress.

If you prefer WP Bakery page builder, you can download it from the following link:!4JgmAKwY!mwxs6ve6wu1XspvALzw3OWHPqVKRBJEcWJZ0WF1xOvU

Elementor Page builder does not come with the theme.
We recommend you to install a free version of the plugin, which works perfectly with our theme, via Dashboard-> Plugins-> Add new … then search for the “Elementor”

3. In order to have the Web-Shop, you will need to Install the “Woocommerce” plugin (you can download it from your dashboard too).
Please check next links:
Woocommerce Tutorial
How to Use WooCommerce Plugin 2018 | Complete WordPress Woocommerce Tutorial

WooCommerce Tutorial

I hope that I have helped you to solve some questions … if you have more, feel free to contact us

Best Regards