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Hello, Ahmed!

We are working on implementing a function for theme demo importing but until we finish it,
the only way is to manually download XML demo file and import it to your website.

Since the theme version 1.4.6 we no longer offer the WP Bakery Builder with which we created a demo web content, so in order to create your website, you will also need to download the WP page builder plugin from the following address:
WP Bakery Page builder

After you downloaded, installed and activated the WP Bakery page builder,
import demo content (XML file ) from Tools -> Import.

Demo Content:!E0MiSAqT!RAh4WJ3IIZThyb1uiBOfCOcFp24fTBngOyHAGdLDznM

Home page Slider!xhFQjSrA!8ZviTrv-BQ_Wx0oM2pF1HKZ_DLjgoXdEqD4F7JvfimU

Import the downloaded file into your Layer slider plugin sliders.

then Insert the Layer slider into your Frontpage.

Please check this Video Guide.

If you do not know how to import demo data, you can give us your website URL & admin user/pass in private reply and we will import the demo content for you.

Best Regards