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Hello, DSchwartz408!

You can use some of the online image sharing services to share the screenshot. I personally prefer the Lihghtshot.
Next, In order to visit, your website I need your valid Website address.

Next time don’t waste your time, just ask us 🙂

If you want to remove a breadcrumb, sitewide you can do it from the Customizing->Breadcrumb ->General menu.

Also, there is the “Agama options” meta box on every post/page from where you can disable the breadcrumb on the particular post/page only.
Besides this option, there are many other great options you can try.

The word “FIND ME” is not a part of the theme. I need your website address (or screenshot ) to see where it appears, then I will be able to help you with that too.

I suppose that is the page title.
If that is correct, you can disable it from Customizing->General->Pages menu.