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Hi, @Nick!

Since you asked a couple of questions I’ll divide the answers:


isn’t the search magnifying glass part of the Agama Pro theme?

A: Yes, it is.


If it is then can’t it be edited to work with the WooCommerce Product Search plugin?


Assuming I’m understanding this right, can’t ThemeVision add a new feature to their theme to allow users to tweak the way the search works?

A: Yes, it can, in some of the future releases. I will put your request on our TODO list.
Anyway, I cannot guarantee that this option will be in the next update, so I suggest you use the Ivory search plugin, (follow the steps in the previous post to replace the default search function if you want)


(Also, when you press the magnifying glass can’t focus automatically go to the text box? Currently I have to click again into the text box to type.)

Actually that is the way the search box currently works in the Agama Pro theme.

If you replace it with the Ivory search plugin, it has some options to change the Search Form Style, from the Customizing ▸ Ivory Search menu

I hope these answers will help you